Friday, 21 February 2014

B is for Bundled Bulky Babushka

Today was a getting out day, an outing with my camera in tow followed by lunch with my parents at a favourite little cafe.  It was cold, though sunny and bright, so in order to get ready for the outing I knew I needed to dress warmly.  My Russian fashion model cousin, Shawnya McCombrenova kindly volunteered to model today's outfit as I am generally quite uncomfortable in front of a camera.

I wore one of my favourite skirts today, a favourite because it is brown ( yes I love brown ) it is comfortable and it is thrifted.  I piled on the layers and toped them off with a warm sweater, also thrifted.  I added a jaunty scarf and thought that this just might be enough.

But then I looked out the window and noticed the ice and realised that more layers were definitely needed.  So I added a big leather coat, also thrifted, gloves and a wooly hat.

 I drove first to the estuary where there is a bird watching stand built by our local and viewing stand loving Rotarians.  There is a dusting of snow on the mountains though there has been very little of it this year so our water supply will be restricted this summer and the local skiing businesses have suffered.

As I made my way to the beach, along the main street of town which was not yet clogged up with the usual Friday traffic, I passed mums pushing strollers, seniors' walking groups striding briskly, and a few people making their way to the office or to open up their shops.  Fitness enthusiasts were gathering as I parked my car beachside.  Some wore neon and black fitness gear, others were as bundled up as I was wearing many layers of whatever they had in their closets.  There is a steep sandbank which has a long flight of steps and these have become a popular local exercise spot.  People climb up and down these steep steps at various paces and with differing levels of comfort, I'm sure.  The steps are much steeper than they look in this photo.  The red blob in the photo is an elderly man determinedly but slowly making his way up.

I walked slowly along the beach taking pictures of the same things I always take pictures of.  I am fascinated by the jewel tones of the seaweed, and the texture of driftwood and gnarly old roots that have washed up on shore.  The sand is marked all over with the treads of boots and sneakers that have walked here before me.  

Don't forget to look up, I reminded myself, thinking that I must look sort of peculiar shuffling along camera always aimed at the ground. 

  It was a lovely day and I happily went about snapping pictures until it was time to meet mum and dad for lunch.  I had intended to bring the camera and take pictures of the charming little cafe but by then I was hungry and was thinking only about coffee and a bagel, which turned into two coffees, a gluten free bagel-sandwich and half a macaroon.  I must remember that there is half a wrapped up macaroon still in my bag.


  1. Your part of the world is stunning! I wish I lived near the beach but I can only there year once a year. How lovely to be able to walk about near the water at a whim! Actually, I love being bundled up on the sand, with a book and hot coffee. So cozy and relaxing and just, perfect. Also, love your outfit. Blue and brown go really well and that scarf is so pretty.

  2. Hi Sonia, thanks for dropping by. I have to admit I am very lucky to live where I do. It was too cold to sit on the beach, even while bundled, because there was a wind, but sometimes that is just what I do. I like to sit with a coffee and write in my journal. This time I did that while sitting in the car looking out at the water.
    I almost never wear monochromatic outfits because I love colour combinations. Blue and brown is one of my favourites and I wear it a lot. I also love to combine blue and green and green and purple. I also love scarves.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. You look so cosy, layered up against the weather but in lovely warm colours (teal is great on you). I do love an entirely thrifted outfit, makes me feel good!
    What a wonderful place to live; I live far inland and would adore to live by the sea at some point in my life. Those steep steps look amazing, and the light on the sea is so beautiful. xxx

  4. I have nearly always lived by the sea. I spent three years away from it and was quite miserable, though I realise how fortunate I am to be able to live here, and misery is not necessarily affordable. I am actually stuck here, so there is a certain irony in that, but it is a lovely place to be stuck.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous. Well done on walking down those stairs!!! Hope you enjoyed the other half of your macaroon!

    1. Oh I did not have to go up or down those stairs. I am sure I could easily manage down at least once, but up would probably kill me. Most of the people who use those stairs do so out of a desire for exercise rather than need. The beach can be accessed without those stairs but the town built them because people were always climbing the sand cliffs which is quite dangerous. Yes, the other half of the macaroon was even more delicious than the first!

  6. Shawnya McCombrenova!!!!! I love it!!!!! :)))))
    I love the colors - gorgeous combo of teal and brown! You actually look quite like Russians do when it is cold outside! I don't miss those times. Much nicer to be where you are. It is such a wonderful place. I will have to visit. I just have to. I don't like steps though. We lived on the beach in a small cabin for three years, and we had to walk up and down 200 steps every day, sometimes many times a day. It was an amazing and unique experience, and I would love to live on the beach some day, but no steps please. :) And I just can't live inland anymore. I have a sea soul. :)
    I love your writing, Shawna! Or should I say Shawnya? :)


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