Friday, 28 February 2014

Out and About in a Small Town.

I had a wonderful outing today and as a special treat, my cousin, whom you may recall is a Russian super model, stopped by and agreed to show you what I wore today. She's giving some particularly good model face, I think.

It wasn't raining today so it was a good day to wear one of my long skirts which would otherwise get a bit damp on the bottom this time of year.  Since summertime is always with me in the most personal way, I tend to forgo a coat when I am gallivanting around town.  I'm in and out of a car and shops so much anyhow, there isn't much need.  Much to my amazement this outfit, and the skirt in particular, elicited compliments from three different strangers today.  I realised that in the several hours I was out and about town I did not see another women in a dress or a skirt.  I might be in danger of becoming the town eccentric!
I am besotted with the details in this skirt.  So much so that I actually own two of these skirts and the only difference between them is the colours are reversed.  This is not a good photo, but I took this picture about fifteen minutes before heading out to meet my dear friend Sheila for coffee and I was as yet uncaffeinated.  I soon made up for that.  Our cafe of choice was on the other side of town and chosen more for its tolerance of our lengthy stay than for anything remarkable about its coffee.  It was once an independent cafe but is now owned by the franchise Serious Coffee.  The new franchise kept the same decor and the small section at back where used books are for sale.  The growing awareness of the need for gluten free food options meant I was even able to indulge in a treat with my coffee and happily nibbled on a lemon poppy seed cake while I also proceeded to chat endlessly and excessively to my dear friend.  Sheila is one of those quiet people much loved by talkers though her ability to listen is only one of her many endearing qualities.  I would love to share a photo with you however the lovely Sheila does not like having her picture taken and unlike me, does not have a Russian super model cousin willing to stand in for her.   Yes, poor, dear, sweet Sheila actually spent a couple of hours with me while we drank coffee and I nattered away in a similar way to my natterings here.

As you can see, the cafe has a lovely glowing orange ambiance.  Real life people are none too pleased if I aim my camera at them, so I was kind enough not to and thus it appears to be a cafe with nowhere to actually sit down.
We sat in a more open area than we would normally choose, but a large group of men (not to be confused with a group of large men) had taken over the cosy corner and it appeared they did not want anyone else to join them.  I think it was the annual meeting of the Water Buffalo Lodge.

After our coffee and a brief dispersal, Sheila and I met up with another friend for lunch.  During that brief intermission, I wandered downtown and snapped a few photos, enjoying watching the faces of people who were not certain if I was photographing them or not.  I was not.  Today I was enjoying signs.
And a pretty little window box display of heather and evergreen branches.
After lunch we popped into the art gallery and then the thrift shop.  My thrift shop purchases of the day were a pretty blue silk scarf and some books.  This will surprise nobody who knows me.

Addendum:  Goodness I was tired when I wrote this.  I've had to edit it a few times as I keep spotting errors.  Perhaps perfection eludes me, but that's a damn fine scarf!


  1. Well, that sounds like a rather lovely day! Friends, chat, coffee, lunch, a wander round town, photos, thrifting. Perfect. And I just love your outfit. Obviously, since it's no secret I love a maxi; and the warm colours, elegant lines and gorgeous detail just add the the overall beautiful effect! xxx

    1. Thank you! You always look most fabulous in your clothes and have the confidence to carry off striking outfits.

  2. no wonder that you got compliments for your outfit :-)
    not only is it beautiful, it flatters you perfectly! long skirts seem the right choice - i think.
    i like them too, but i´m to fidgety for. tripping over the hem. getting caught at furniture or bushes...... i´m not a lady ;-)
    the new scarf is a beauty. perfect blue color. please show it worn!

    1. Thank you! It's not an outfit I would wear gardening, walking on the beach or tramping through the bushes. But now I am a lady of leisure; a lifestyle forced upon me. I must admit I have to hold the skirt up when I go up the stairs to my apartment. Otherwise it is quite easy to move about in and I have a very brisk stride when I walk. I will model the scarf soon, but last night would have had to model it in my pyjamas.

  3. That is a gorgeous outfit and the skirt is really lovely. I used to only wear skirts and dresses however with my job being in and out of my car I now only wear trousers.

    Glad you had a good day and your photos are gorgeous.

  4. I just love this your Russian supermodel cousin! I hope we'll see her more often! :)
    You look wonderful in your outfit! Very pretty skirt, and you have a beautiful figure!! Just wow!
    I love coffee and I love signs, and I took so many pictures of signs - the whole collection. It was a fun day, and I am glad that you wrote about it - it's like we were there with you too! :)


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