Monday, 24 February 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Teacher

When I make changes they often look sudden and drastic to people.  That's because I  mull over things privately for a very long time and because I am quite chatty with the people close to me this confuses them.  How is it that I never talked to them about my thoughts?  Because this is the first they've heard of it, my sudden change must be impulsive, they decide.  But that isn't actually how it works.  Yes, I am chatty with the people I'm close to and I do seem to reveal quite a bit of detail about my thoughts but believe me there is twice as much going on in my head compared with what comes out my mouth.  Pity me.  Imagine living with such a brain!

The past few years have brought me many changes, and quite drastic ones.  I am a visual and expressive person so I am compelled to express myself with my clothes.  What I put on matters to me in that it must feel right not only in terms of comfort but in terms of who I am.  For twenty years I was an elementary school teacher and that was a very big part of my self definition.  So I dressed the part.  Or at least my version of the part.  My most comfortable go to outfit was an above the knee denim skirt with opaque black tights, a tunic or sweater of some type and some shoes I personally deemed stylish yet comfortable.  That was likely to be a low heeled mary jane.  This outfit felt right and had many variations on it.   I taught in schools where all my colleagues wore jeans and I taught in schools were they all wore chanel suits.  I stayed true to my own style.   I can play and referee a soccer game for ten year olds dressed like that.  I can sit on the floor with kindergarten students to explore their new favourite book.  I was so comfortable in this outfit I did not even feel the need to change out of it when I got home at the end of the day and was known to put it on even during the weekend.

Life changes happened.  I am no loner a teacher and slowly, over the past few years I have been shedding my teacher wardrobe, but having to learn and experiment a little along the way.  I live a life of mostly being at home and easily go days seeing nobody.  I do have days where I am dressed like this:
See how happy I look to be dressed thusly?  This is one step up from pyjamas and I will likely spend at least half of this day in bed.

Then there are the days where I feel okay, I will probably read, write, paint, talk to my mum on the phone, do a bit of cooking or some laundry.  I hardly need to be dressed any differently for that, though most in my situation would probably put on jeans and a tee shirt.  Sometimes I do.  But I don't want to be limited to that so I dress up a bit if I am going out anywhere.  Even grocery shopping.  Sometimes I even wear  skirt but a pretty blouse or sweater with my jeans and a pair of boots I love will work for me too.  I rarely have the need to get really dressed up and in a small town people often don't, even when going out to a nice restaurant for dinner.  So I will go out in this:
After having considered these:
I'm still looking a bit teacherish.  Especially with the slightly rumpled cardigan.  The cardigan was less for warmth and more indicative of my unfamiliarity with such a body conscious dress.  I love lose flowing layers but they don't do my body shape many favours.  Perhaps approaching menopause will  help as I become too hot for layers!

I have abandoned all my denim skirts as I attempt to say goodbye to the teacher.  With most of them it was easy. One is in my donation pile still whimpering at me to come and rescue it.  I may need my friends to stage an intervention.  Wait, what am I thinking? My friends dress like this:


  1. I think that shade of electric blue, and the fitted shape of the dress are extremely flattering on you, you look great and have a fabulous figure! Maybe you could retain one denim skirt, just for old times' sake. If it stays in your wardrobe without being worn for 6 months, then you might feel more ready to finally say goodbye. That said, I confess I have a couple of pairs of smart trousers which were quite expensive and I wore for work (in a previous existence) and although I never wear them now, I keep them out of some bizarre nostalgia. They must symbolise something I am not quite ready to let go of, yet, even though the professional version of me is long gone. xxx

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I have troubles dressing my figure because I favour loose and draped clothes and tend to look like a blob. I can't stand structured things. I want to live in some sort of tunic dress and leggings all the time. You are right. I should hang onto that one last denim skirt.

  3. i can "Imagine living with such a brain!"
    if i don´t talk about they wonder - but if i let them know whats going on inside my head they search for the number of the asylum ;-)

    pastcaring is right - the blue dress is gorgeous on you! curvy gals like you and me look better with a defined waist. so comfy the voluminous, drapey fashion is, it only looks good with a small bosom. I solve the problem by emphasizing the waist, but my tops sit loosely around the shoulders and arms - kimono sleeves etc. - for comfort. this also draws the attention away from the boobs :-)

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - it made me blush!

  4. Hi Beate, thank you for the complement on my dress. I realise, due to receiving compliments, that the colour suits me, but it is very bright for me and I think that is also why I needed to put a black cardigan on top of it. If I could get that dress in several different muted colours I would probably live in it. I have to admit it is supremely comfortable. I am learning how to choose the right sort of soft and draped clothes, as you mentioned and I think particularly it is fabric I need to pay attention to. I could wear more fitted things or tops with seams to give them shape so long as it is a nice jersey fabric or a very soft type of fabric.

    The images on your blog are beautiful but I cannot read the text and have not figured out how to get it translated. Any ideas about that?

    1. google has an extra translation program - in the "apps". copy&paste the parts i don´t understand is the way i do. but it works not perfect. it has problems with whole sentences, so you have to guess a little.......
      why i not write in english? don´t want. i had to learn english - still learning to be exactly - to find my way in the internet. the both languages are not so different so that i think it´s a good way for the english speaking people to broaden they´r horizon if they interested :-)

  5. I think it's extremely hard to break out from a certain shell you have been living in, for years and years on. In the past I was just like you :D I dressed the part and my part was "dress boring so you don't draw attention". And as I started blogging I slowly break out from this stupid comfort zone. I think it's wonderful and praise worthy that you're emerging from the "teacher shell" ^_^ You go girl!

  6. Hi Keit! Thanks for visiting and commenting. It is definitely hard to break dressing habits. I am trying to figure out how to combine what works for my personality and my body. The two don't always match well and I tend to lean towards dressing my personality instead of dressing my body. Then I see photos of myself and think oh that didn't work so well. I think you dress with wonderful style and yes it would get attention in some environments but it totally suits you.

  7. Shawna, That blue dress looks amazing on you ... and you look happy in it. You also look super cute in the "friends" outfit ... jeans and a tee always have a place in our wardrobes. I agree with pastcaring that you should keep one of your denimn skirts.

    1. Thank you! It's good to know I look "super cute" in my slob look. The blue dress is a colour I know suits me and yet it feels a bit loud to me. It is a very comfortable dress though and I like to be comfortable. I also like to go out for dinner and that was the reason for wearing the dress. :-)

    2. Wear more of that blue ... it will eventually quieten down the more you wear it!!! ;-)


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