Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spaghetti Squash

 I love to cook.  I also love to eat.  I have a specialised diet which is gluten free and low carbohydrate and I find cooking that way is easy.  Baking is another story.  One of my favourite vegetables is the spaghetti squash and I have experimented with different ways to prepare it.  Some people simply cook it and serve it in place of pasta, which certainly works.  I was playing around with some of the ingredients I have on hand and came up with a nice cheesey, garlicky dish that tastes even better the next day.

I'm not terribly precise in my measurements when cooking.  I use what I have and tend to be approximate.  I may still experiment a little with this dish and would like to find out what happens when I add more eggs, perhaps even four instead of two.

I used a large squash.  I washed it and cut it in half, scooped out the inside part with the seeds and membranes and then placed it upside down on a baking pan covered in parchment paper and a drizzle of olive oil.  I baked it like that for about an hour at 350 degrees F

The squash looks like this when baked:

Let it cool until it is comfortable to touch and then use a fork to scrape out the flesh.  It will come out in spaghetti like strands.

The first bowl I got out was too small.  I used more bowls than I really needed here for the sake of showing this in simple steps.  In a large bowl I added the following ingredients:
500g 4% cottage cheese
500g shredded parmesan cheese (I would probably use more but that's all I had left)
2 tsp powdered garlic (I ran out of fresh cloves)
salt and pepper -just shook it in and didn't really measure
two large eggs slightly beaten

I mixed these ingredients together and then added the squash.  I used two foks to mix it all until well combined, rather like tossing a salad.  Then I spread it in a buttered dish.  My dish happens to be approximately 9x13"

I baked it for 45 min at 350 degrees F and it came out looking like this.

I would put some buttered crumbs on top and stick it under a broiler for a minute or two only I had no crumbs on hand this time around and I wasn't going to serve this to anyone else other than myself so no need to be fancy.  It needs to sit for about ten minutes to set but you would still serve it with a spoon.  It doesn't get solid enough to slice it.  From experience I find this dish tastes better the next day, though of course needs reheating.  it goes well with anything sort of Italian or Mediterranean in flavour.  You can also top it with cooked meat and tomato sauce and pop it back in the oven to meld those ingredients together making it more like a casserole.  I was aiming to make this sort of cheesey-custardy and want to try it with more egg another time.

If you want a simpler dish, Take the baked squash and toss it with butter, garlic, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese and serve it that way.


  1. Oh yummy! If I wasn't so lazy I would totally make that, looks delicious! :D

  2. Keit, cook the spaghetti squash in a microwave and toss it with butter, parmesan and garlic. That's the quick and easy version. :-)

  3. Love any sort of roasted squash, so that sounds perfectly delicious! xxx

    1. My other favourite is buttercup squash. It's fairly dry in texture and looks a bit like a green turban. More squash recipes in my repertoire so I'm sure they will show up here.

  4. Sounds delicious. I love all kinds of squash.


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