Saturday, 15 February 2014

Where to Begin....

I am not really much good at this blogging thing, and yet am for some reason compelled to do it.  The proof of that is that this is the third blog I've created.  Actually it might be the fourth since I participated in a joint blog but that's a long story and I'm not going to tell it right now.  The complicated duality of my nature compels me to be both social and reclusive.  Like a turtle I stick my head out and then I pull it back in for awhile.

I don't think my blog has a theme which means I cannot really imagine an audience for it.  A significant part of my life is about living with a chronic illness, one that has changed my life significantly.  I am not dying of it though, I am living with it.  While I live with it I read, write, paint, doodle, snuggle with my cat and enjoy the fire in my fireplace.  When I venture out, I'm probably going to the thrift shop where I tend to buy many of  my clothes, much of my home decor and tons of books.

So today I am sticking my head out just a little bit and creating this blog.  I am not terribly tech savvy so I'm sure I will stumble around quite a bit with the management of this Google Account.  I am not sure what my posting schedule will be like but I suspect it will be a bit erratic.

So here I am, feeling as uncertain as I look.


  1. Hey Shawna, We all have to start somewhere. Although I called my blog ... True Scrap Addict it really is just a journal with all different kinds of subjects. The most important thing is that you enjoy your blog and whoever pops past it is their choice. I am definitely going to be visiting you on a regular basis!!! Lynn (from Johannesburg, South Africa)

  2. In four short months, you've achieved a lot! As I look through your posts, I see imagination, effort, creativity and joy. Keep up the good work!

    1. I actually have to try to reign myself in and not post daily. I don't want people to start hating me! LOL Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!


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