Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bringing the Eighties Back

I love making things and I think that for most people making things in some form or other is very satisfying.  We might craft, garden, cook or bake, build models or furniture, sew, knit or crochet, and because we live in a culture and environment where we no longer have to do these things, or are solely occupied by the basic tasks of survival, they are removed from the realm of drudgery and are often enjoyable and deeply satisfying.  I still have ambitions of making far more than I actually get around to or am good at but everything I do make, whether it is a painting or pancakes, pleases me somehow in some way.  I am certain it is good for the psyche.

Today I am taking great pleasure in the smallest of creations.  I wanted long, black fingerless gloves.  Rooting around in my basket of gloves, scarves and hats, I found a pair which I had picked up on sale at Target, intending to turn into fingerless but I'd put them away and forgotten about them.  I spread them on the counter, snipped off the tips of each finger and thumb and then tried them on to see how accurately I had judged where to snip.  Some were still a little too long so I snipped some more.  Then I took No-Fray liquid purchased from the sewing shop, and which is basically clear, waterproof glue and I dabbed it around the cut edges.  It hardens slightly when it dries but isn't noticeable enough to bother me.  Then I stitched around each finger opening to keep the threads extra secure.  What a fast and simple bit of creating and now I have the item I wanted.  It's quite satisfying though perhaps not as much as if I learned to knit my own fingerless gloves. Right now I am more of a scarf knitter and only just learning to make hats.
 This is before I sewed around the edges of the finger openings. I left my glove fingers long, following the same philosophy I use when cutting hair: You can always cut more off but you can't put any back on.
Simple creation number two is for those of you who long for leg warmers.  Do you need to warm your ankles or hide your cankles?  Have I got an easy project for you.  Also, it must be noted, that if you ever wish to make your legs appear twice as fat as they are, just take a photo at a downward angle.  It's guaranteed to make you say, 'whose legs are those?'  Now, don't say I never help you with your photography!

First you need a sweater made of pure wool.  I love the colours and patterns in men's sweaters and they can be found in the thrift shops if your man doesn't want to give up any of his.  Wash it in hot water and then put it through the dryer, which will felt the wool and you don't have to worry about any unravelling.  Cut the sleeves off the sweater  and trim the cut end so that it is straight across, perhaps using lines in  the pattern as a guide.  As easy as that you have boot socks or leg warmers and they can be worn as shown below.  If you have very slender legs, which I do not, you may find that the cuff end of the sleeve will fit around your calf and you can cut the sleeve shorter and have the cuffed end at the top of your boots.  This gives the look of nice socks peeking out of the boots without all the bulk of actually having your foot encased in a thick sock.
You can make the leg warmers/boot socks as long or as short as you would like them to be, scrunch them down or pull them higher up your legs.  I have left mine quite long for now and it's a bit too much to stuff all of them into my boots when I've got the cuff end up, as in these two photos below.  I may trim them shorter eventually. I will probably have to choose between having leg warmers or boot socks.  It's all looking a bit sausagey in the bottom picture.  Never mind, sausages are delicious and so are my legs!
The leftover body of the sweater is great for another project.  Sew a cushion cover or  make a skirt.  I've not yet decided what I will do with mine. I'm off to iron my skirt, now.  Hah!  Just kidding.  I try to avoid ironing.  Actually I'm going to bed with a book.


  1. Both gloves and leg warmers look great. What's next?! xxx

    1. I never know what's next. I don't plan these things!

  2. great idea!
    did i ever say that you have very nice legs? YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL LEGS MY DEAR!

  3. Such cute ideas! I may have to try this with the sweater sometime soon, it is still cold enough by me -___-

    1. It's still a bit cold here too. No snow, and some days feel like spring but others don't.


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