Saturday, 1 March 2014

Closet Musings

Yesterday was fun and exhausting.  I have to treat myself to days like that but I also pay for them.  Today I am in bed and as I lie here I am looking at my closet.

It's a walk through closet, between my bedroom and the bathroom.  I think the space could be utilized better and would love a better arrangement of shelves and dowels for hanging things.  Also I would love to paint it.  The stark white always feels a bit like a slap in the face.  It could be worse of course.  It could be a colour I hate.  There aren't many colours I hate but one of them is a popular one right now-mint green.  Mint green how I loathe thee.  Mint green makes me want to run screaming.  I have probably mentioned this.  So, I am most thankful that my closet is not painted mint green and nor is anything else in my home.

I want to paint my closet purple. A smokey plum shade.  That would make me happy and I deserve to be happy.  I want to look at smokey purple walls every day.

If I google search 'smokey plum' I get a lot of eye shadow and nail polish images.  This eye shadow is a beautiful colour and there is a link to the site where I found the image in case you simply must buy this eye shadow.

If this colour doesn't go into my closet it has to go somewhere.  Maybe the powder room!  It's quite possible that purple is my favourite colour.  But choosing a favourite colour is a bit like choosing a favourite child.   After all I do love blue and perhaps a nice blue would look great in my closet too, rather like the background colour of my blog. 

You are dying to know what my closet looks like, right?  Okay here it is.

This photo is taken in the doorway from the bedroom and doesn't quite capture what would be another foot of space on the left.  My belts are hanging on the dowel and my handbags are on the shelf above. There are some baskets on the floor which may be employed to hold the handbags and sweaters and reduce the visual clutter as well as make it easier to get things down from the shelf.  I have a potential outfit in the making there on the left.  Yes, that is a tie-dyed dress you see and orange cowboy boots.  I do not wear them together and the boots are always under jeans or a long skirt.  That's as bold as I get.  I also hang up potential outfits on my scarf rack on the door like this.

 See all that blinding white paint?  Something has to be done about it!

Another idea I have is to install curtains across from ceiling to floor because  covering the clothing and shoes would reduce the look of clutter.  I tend to leave the door from the bedroom to the closet open all the time.  The layout is rather like there is a closet within a short hallway that leads to the bathroom but the closet doesn't have doors.  It's time to begin thinking of the least expensive, most attractive way to get a ceiling suspended curtain rod with a span of, I'm guessing, eight feet.  Yeah, I know.  I will actually measure it before I buy anything.  This could look very elegant.

Ceiling mount curtain rods would be required and floor length ready made drapes.  That seems quite doable.  Just don't ask me if I have settled on a colour to paint the walls.  In the time it took me to write this blog I have decided that smokey plum is perfect for the powder room and the closet should be something else.  Deep blue or mink brown perhaps.  The drapes should be velvet.  Yes they should!  I'm in bed, remember.  I could be dreaming.


  1. I like the idea of smoky plum and velvet curtains! That sounds very rich and rather sumptuous. Oh to have a large area for clothes, etc, I have a wardrobe and a hanging rail, and it's not enough, there are bits and pieces of mine all over the house...
    Now, get wearing those cowboy boots, they're cool! xxx

  2. I live alone, so I have more closet space than I need. One of my spare closets contains books. If I acquired a man, which I am in no hurry to do, I would have to share that closet so it really would need a more efficient and effective organising system. I wore the cowboy boots last night when I popped out to the grocery store. They came from a thrift shop of course, and I think they might be men's as they are a bit wide for my foot but they are nicely broken in.

  3. for a trained one like me it´s easy to see why you love some colors and some not :-) mint green is not in your own coloring, near to your face it would make you look like you have eaten something wrong...
    do you have a sewing machine or one of your friends? i found when in need for large curtains buying the fabric and shirring band from the roll is much cheaper. and the sewing is easy, only strait lines. put lead band in the hems, it hangs much better then.

    1. If I were to be dressed in mint green I would have the most fierce angry face! LOL Yes, I do have a sewing machine and curtains would be quite simple for me to sew. I had been considering that option. I had been considering that option for a few of my windows too, only it might take me a long time to get through as I am only just managing my own laundry, shopping and some basic cooking. I need help with housework and sometimes help with the shopping. I will have to get my dad to install the curtain rods for me. This project will take me quite awhile.

  4. I LOVE you orange boots. It will be interesting to see what you do with your closet ... keep up updated.


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