Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Drive by Shopping

Today I went to the bank.  My bank branch is at our local mall, just a few blocks east of me.  It's a terrible mall, dingy and dark and dreary and dull. (Isn't alliteration fun?) Only half full, most of the retailers in the mall are independent shop owners, but a few franchises have moved in too.  Here you can buy groceries, get a tan, buy your prescription drugs, do your banking and find a realtor to help you buy or sell a home.  I don't do a lot of shopping there.  It's the kind of place I go if I run out of milk or cash, I might buy stamp or browse in the consignment clothing shop.  Yes!  Consignment Clothing Shop!

The shop has changed owners a few times over the years, which is sort of apt for a business named Carousel Consignment,  and the current owner decided to go upscale, which is both good and not so good.  You know the clothing will be quality and in good condition and there will even be new things in the store but the prices went upscale too.  Still, they are cheaper than new clothes on sale so it's worth having a peek.  I like to have a look once every couple of months and I will probably come away with something if I go in and spend enough time to try things on and I tried on many things today.  It wasn't terribly difficult to  decide that tomato red jeggings are not for me, the pretty purple dress was just a wee bit too tight, the cropped jacket nice but not my style so I won't wear it, the sun dress didn't flatter me it just sort of sat there and the pretty plum coloured skirt was too short.  As in, I won't be bending over at all today short.

But I did come away with a blouse and a pair of shoes.  The shoes are nearly new, possibly only ever worn indoors once.  They are Rockport and very comfortable, meant for walking or standing in all day.  Sensible shoes, yes, but I prefer sensible shoes.  And I love loafers.  The colour is a bit odd.  It looks brown with a bit of a purple undertone in some light and dark taupe at other times.  This doesn't worry me a bit.  If the colour turns out to be awkward leather shoes are quite easily dyed.

My Russian cousin, who has modeled on this blog in the past, has gone home.  Luckily my other cousin, who is a foot model from Brazil, kindly flew in to model the shoes for us.  She apologises for the sock lines still etched in her feet.

Since foot models only show their feet, she declined to model the blouse so here it is on a hanger.
It's not a designer name.  You don't find a lot of that here and if you do find it most likely it is career wear.  I avoid career wear.  I avoided it even when I had a career.   So it's a fast fashion blouse but still at a very acceptable price. And I didn't have any blue in my wardrobe. What's that, you ask?  Am I being sarcastic?  Okay, I know there is a picture of my closet on this blog so I have to confess, you caught me on that one, actually I have mostly blue in my wardrobe.  I'm on the hunt for items in purple or red but don't seem to find much that I like.  Instead, I find tomato red jeggings.  They were a designer label.  They fit perfectly.  But they were so wrong for me it was nearly funny.

I'm rather proud of myself for being choosey.  There was a time when, excited by a bargain and not sure of my own style, I would have come home with everything.  For now, I'm tired of experimenting.  I have my opinions about what flatters me and what doesn't and I know what I feel comfortable in and will actually wear.  Would Rhoda wear that blouse?  Perhaps.  The shoes?  I doubt it.  But Shawna would.


  1. i´m always happy when i find sensible shoes that are not black! so i like yours - in old europe we call the color "isabelle". (the spain queen isabelle swore to not change her chemise until the last moor is expelled from spain - it was a long battle and in the end the chemise had the color of your shoes)
    is´t it great to have found your own stile? to have only the "right" colors in your closet? like this new blouse of you. cant wait to see you in it. perhaps with that blue scarf.......

    1. I put the scarf on my head and it is barely visible in my Monday post. Black is my neutral for winter but I switch over to brown and navy for spring and summer. I suppose if I just went with brown all year I could have a more paired down wardrobe. But then I might not have as much fun. So, my shoes are sweaty, dirty chemise coloured! Haha!

  2. If you're not going to wear it, it's not a bargain! I have definitely been guilty of buying because something is cheap, only to end up giving it away later, so I am trying to be more discerning too. The blouse is lovely, and my feet demand comfortable shoes these days too... xxx

    1. My feet have always preferred comfortable shoes, but I suppose I did wear up to 3" heels at one time. I find I don't really have a need or desire to be over 6' tall, stick out my bum and be unable to walk properly, so no high heels for me!


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