Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Elf Stylings

It's one of those days which I call tired days.  A brilliant label, I know.  How did I ever think of it?   I have a lot of them as it's part of the illness I live with and they are a bit unpredictable.  Or rather, I should say they are to be expected if I go about doing anything that remotely resembles having a life.  Tired days are not as bad as a crash.  A crash is when I don't shower for a week and wear only pyjamas or sweatpants and hardly get out of bed.  Tired days are mental and physical slowness, limbs of lead and staying mostly sedentary because doing anything, even making a meal, wears me out immediately.  I have developed a style of dressing for these days, meant to combine comfort and pyjama like ease with a bit of creativity and self expression which gives me at least the illusion that I am living a life. I call this style of dressing Elf Style.

I love jersey and knits and gravitate towards leggings with knit tunics or dresses on the tired days.  I have mostly gray and black options but one or two in some cheerful colours.  I wear sweater dresses or tee shirt dresses, leggings, cardigans, socks and even scarves all depending on how warm or cold I am.  The layers will be shed and then later donned again throughout the day.  On elf costume days I give no thought to my hair or my face.  PRBF is to be expected
(pale resting bitch face) along with real actual bed head, no special styling products required. 

for your viewing pleasure I have photographed some variations on the theme, and yes those are leg warmers you see.  Leg warmers!?  You say, with both an exclamation and a question in the tone of your voice.  Yes, I say.  I like them.  I am too tired to explain why, though the normal me would write you an essay on why I like them.  I am a big fan of fingerless gloves and am most frustrated in my efforts to find some lately.  My only pair are small with purple and black stripes but I have fantasies of elbow length black ones.  They would be perfect with my wintery elf style.

        I will leave you with some of today's elf stylings and yes, somewhere in there you will even find a smile.   Let's begin with Well Bundled Elf.                     

This elf is not pregnant, I assure you; it's just an odd hip angle.


  1. I love leg warmers!!!! :D Honestly, if there's anything I hate about fashion, it's people walking around with bare legs during Winter....seriously?
    I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell these days. Hope you get back on track soon! In the meantime I suggest watching some Tv Shows, I think you might like :D
    "Boardwalk Empire" and "Rome" are one of my favorites! ^^

  2. Hi Keit, thanks for your sweet comments. I have a friend who loved Boardwalk Empire so perhaps I would too. I have never heard of Rome but I will take a look. I often have my laptop in bed with me and then I can write, read blogs or find entertainment online. I tend to forget to watch tv shows, though I always hear of something that I think sounds good and intend to watch.

  3. lol! We all have those days! You look nice and comfy though! I think I tend to wear jersey dresses as well when I am tired, I like the softness of the fabric.

    1. Yes, it's great to dress in something that feels like pyjamas!

  4. It's always a relief to have go-to clothes for days when getting dressed needs to be quick and easy. Soft, stretchy and comfortable are good choices in difficult circumstances! I like your elf stylings, and you have leg warmers, I didn't even know you could still buy them, how cool! xxxx

  5. I was very excited when I found leg warmers for sale. They are a bit odd as they have zippers. I Think I shall knit some. I'm good at knitting rectangles so I'm sure I could do legwarmers. :-)

  6. looks very comfy!
    could be me on my "reading day", except - not in black. i dumped most of my blacks years ago. at the moment my loungewear consists of warm reds and purples. better for my mood. and another difference - mostly wool because old house with no central heating ya´know.
    and legwarmers! YES! i wear them to bed in winter because i don´t like socks, my toes need freedom while i´m sleeping :-)


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