Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hair, it's Always an Issue

I think I am growing my hair out, well I know I am, I just don't know exactly how I want it to grow to.  I have worn my hair very long, very short and pretty much most lengths in between.  There are pros and cons to all of them.  I've been through the growing out process many times before, and I know there are nasty horrible awkward stages to come.  I even feel really guilty because I just found a great stylist who cut my hair two months ago and now I won't be going back for awhile and he will wonder if I didn't like him.

I used to cut my own hair.  I am not too bad at it, but my hair is very fine and copious so  that can get a bit tricky.  I promised my family I would get a proper hair cut.  Mostly I made this promise because I am prone to hacking all my hair off in the middle of the night and it really doesn't suit me.  Unfortunately I am not afraid to take the scissors to my head.  Fortunately  I have the courage and at least a bit of ability to cope with the little transitional trims that will be needed as I let my hair grow towards a different style.  This means keeping the back quite short for awhile as I head towards something that resembles a layered bob.  This alone will take about six more months. 

After that I am not sure what my plan is.  I also know there is a good chance that I will not like it when it grows out any more than I like it now.  You see, in my nearly 47 years of living, let's round that off to 42 and assume that for the first five years of my life I didn't pay too much attention to my hair, I have learned that it's really my head that I don't like, not my hair.   I can't change my head. 

I'm a low maintenance sort of woman.  I don't like to fuss with my hair and I am hopeless with a curling iron or flat iron.  My idea of using the blow dryer is to hang my head upside down and dry all my hair by aiming a hot blast of air at it from that angle and then finishing it off right side up.  My ideal hairstyle is bedhead. 

This is the before photo, with  slept on and unstyled hair- and a bit flat looking on one side of my head but I am prone to running my hands through it while I think so it's just amazing it's not sticking up.  It's  getting to bowl cut stage.  I'm not looking forward to that but I've got hair bands at the ready.  There is no makeup here; I'm ripe for submission to one of those makeover shows. 
But look, I'm wearing a blouse with a print.  That's rare for me.  I got paint on the sleeve today.  But at least it is blue paint.
I'm never going to stop looking like a teacher, am I?  Or possibly a librarian?  Not that teachers and librarians aren't some of the best people around, but who says "some day when I grow up I hope I look just like a teacher"?

Okay, now I'm off to bed to let my pillow style my hair. 


  1. I don't think you have to know exactly what you want your hair to look like when it's longer, just leave it and see what happens! Perhaps a visit to your nice hairdresser for a consultation and trim would be nice, to ease your feelings of discomfort about not returning quickly, and to hatch a plan for your hair's future! xxx

    1. Hi Curtise, thanks for reading and responding to my dull post. :-) I think I will go in a month's time even if it's just for the back of my hair. One must avoid the mullet! I once had a hairdresser who told me, the best way to grow out your hair is to not get it cut. Amusingly true advice!

  2. I love bedhead! And I think it would suit you very well! But I think this your haircut looks good even without styling (that means, your stylist is real good!). I would too go to him and ask for his vision. They are artists! I always trust my hairdresser.

    I love changes very much, but when I got bored with my pixie last time (a couple of years ago) and tried to grow it, it ended up chopped off again. :)) I just grew it naturally, but I visited Erica (my hairdresser), and she just would freshen the ends up and color my hair (I love color), and then because my hair is naturally a bit wavy, I would dry it and use my fingers to kind of "squish" the hair (that is probably a wrong word, I am not sure what is the right one) to have this sort of lazy/natural/messy little curls... and that was it! I liked it for a while, but then I came back to pixie - the easiest haircut I've had, no even need for squishing!! :)

  3. I have chopped and grown and chopped and grown many times in my life. I've had and abandoned many pixies. On one hand it is quite low maintenance, but on the other I'm tired of waking up with a faux hawk. Also, I am sort of convinced that I have a small head and would look better with bigger/more hair. I think the word you want is 'scrunched'. I too have slightly wavy hair at some lengths, and scrunching is about the limit of my ability to style it. The layered bob was the most low maintenance for me but I got it into my head that it looked a bit old lady so I cut it off. Now I'm kind of wanting it back.

  4. i had every hairstyle from big long 80´s perm to 3mm shaving. different kind of bobs between long haired times. but since ca. my 30. birthday (15 years now) my hair is long. i find it the most comfortable style. no hairdresser (cut off the ends by myself). just wash and go, even don´t own a hairdryer. if i have a bad hair day i wear a bun or two. if i go outdoors for more then one day i can wear the once braided hair the whole time without thinking about. and if the stars standing right and the hair has a good moment i have the most beautiful adornment free house :-)

  5. When my hair is long it is very heavy and slippery. It is really difficult to put it up and it doesn't stay well. To keep a french braid in I have to braid my hair while it is wet. I doesn't get dry by the end of the day if I do that. So in the end I find long hair more work. I envy people who can wear it long and just put it up whenever they want to. I think your hair look lovely the way you wear it. :-)


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