Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Shopping Rules for a Cross Eyed Rectangular Pirate Wench

 Shopping is usually enjoyable for me but there are definitely a few exceptions.  I like successful shopping which means I am actually one of those people who likes doing the grocery shopping.  I am always successful at coming home with food.  I like shopping for clothes and shoes when there is no pressing need because then it's much more relaxed and all about the pleasant surprise of getting something good.  It's less fun to shop for something I need, like a bra.  Bras and jeans are the worst and yet they are staples of my wardrobe so I have to shop for them once in awhile.  It took me years to figure out what my proper bra size is.  Despite reading the statistics that most women are wearing the wrong bra size and knowing that surely I was likely among them, I continued to buy bras that were too small and jeans that were too big.  From this experience I have added two personal rules for shopping.

1. If you think you have just tried on the perfect bra size, try the next size up just in case.

2.  Jeans have to take some effort to get on because they are going to stretch out after an hour's wear.  Seriously, they are.  Buy them tight, but not camel toe tight.

 The other rules I need- or shall we call them guidelines-are rather specific to the kinds of places where I shop.  I do a lot of shopping second hand.  My wardrobe is largely second hand filled out with things from Target or the brand name discount store, Winners.  Target is good for basics like tee shirts, belts, hosiery, and I have one or to sweaters from there as well.  Winners can be great for a good deal but I must also remember that the items in stock are there because they didn't sell in their original store.  That means they might be just a bit odd, fit poorly or be seconds.  Sometimes that's okay but I have to remember to examine the clothes carefully for that.  So here are more of my rules based on my shopping venues.

3.  Inspect the items carefully and assume there is some kind of flaw or damage.  They were donated or cast off by another retailer.  There is a good chance there is something wrong with them.

4.  Just because it's relatively cheap doesn't mean you need it.

Rule number four is one I really have to work on.  Need is actually nearly irrelevant because I barely need anything.  I recently read a set of shopping rules which suggested mostly shopping to fill your wardrobe gaps.  Gaps?  I don't have gaps unless you count my lack of red shoes.  My lifestyle requires perhaps two pairs of jeans a week's worth of tops and one nice dress if I have to go somewhere fancy.  But that's no fun!  Shopping for second hand clothes allows me to play dress up and have fun with clothes because a skirt for $5 does not break my bank.  The flip side of that is that I am prone to coming home with something that is good enough, or just okay,  or will be the fifth black skirt in my closet.  This is one of those special three sided coins though, so the other flip side is that at these prices I can afford to experiment and I can also afford to buy something that is good enough until I find a better version.  Rule number four is the one I scoff at the most.

I like the idea of five rules so I'm adding one more.  This one is about what to do after the shopping.  I bought the clothes because they made me happy, but I am prone to leaving them in the closet waiting for the right moment to wear them.  I know that is nonsense but I'm having some troubles allowing myself to wear something nice just for sitting around at home.  When I am home of course I don't wear the shoes and usually forgo the jewelery except earrings, which I am never without.  I want to change this habit and one of the best ways to follow through on something is to tell others you are going to do it.  So today I am announcing that it is my goal to put on the clothes that make me happy and to share them on my blog even if I am not going out.

5.  I deserve to wear my favourite clothes every day.

It took me a little while to figure out how I wanted to wear this outfit.  Trial and error left me hating the look of it with a regular belt around my waist.  I would like to try a wide one of contrasting colour but I don't own one.  I do, however, own a plethora of scarves so I tied one around my waist and was quite satisfied.

The skirt is thrifted, the tee shirt is Walmart or Target, the shoes, are brand new SAS thrifted for me by my mother.  She was so pleased with herself because she even applied her senior's discount.   They are so comfortable I am likely to seek out more of that brand.  The bangles are all thrifted as well.

Is this one of my somewhat frumpy looks?  Why yes it is but I am happy that way.  I can't inflict too much of my sexiness on the world or It would cause trouble and I'm much to considerate for that. And yes, that is a label on the scarf that needs to be trimmed off.  I'm right on that!

As you know, I really needed another red bag.  I found this one at the thrift shop for a few dollars.  It's a little bit beaten up but I love the rustic look it has.  The strap not showing is the part of it that has the most wear.

Here is a close up of the bangles.  My arm was shaking so it's a bit out of focus.

The pirate cat is already in her life raft.  She must have seen the rats leaving the ship so I had better go too!

Do drop by and tell me what your shopping rules are.  There are a few more life rafts around and about so you will be perfectly safe.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Come Walk With Me at Marina Park

It was such a beautiful evening I had to risk a walk.  This is a town where a distance that would take half an hour or more to walk, can be travelled by car in five minutes or less.  I drove the short distance to save myself an hour of walking, knowing that just a walk in the park would already be overextending myself.  I grabbed my camera and my poor unpopular military jacket and off I went.  Of course I paused to demonstrate my modelling skills first.

I seem to be doing the cross-eyed thing again.  It makes me laugh though.  I think I end up staring at the camera lens waiting for the damn timer to go off.

The Comox Marina Park is land that essentially did not exist when I was a little girl.  It was created by dredging the bay and although it is a beautiful park I have mixed feelings about the process as it changed the beach from a rocky one to a muddy one.  The Courtney River empties into the Comox Bay and brings with it a great deal of silt.  That silt used to wash well out into the bay but now it accumulates on the shore due to the creation of land and a breakwater which impede that flow.  With the dredging and the creating of land where it hadn't existed before, not only did the town gain a park, but an individual managed to prosper by somehow acquiring the rights to build condominiums on some of that land.  I guess if you know the right people and grease the right palms you get to do magical things like create land that wasn't there before and then sell it to people.

Anyhow, controversies aside, the park is much used in summer, for various events, and is a popular place for children to play and dog owners to toss frisbees.  There is a commercial fishing wharf there as well was a town owned marina and a private marina.  There are pubs in the area and a promenade that goes out over the breakwater and is very popular for an evening stroll.

These flowering cherries are at the top of the hill leading down to the park.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the bright yellow flowers against the dark water even though this plant is considered a weed.  I know it as wild mustard but am not familiar with any other name for it.

This is a Ceanothus, also known as California Lilac, growing low and espaliered against a large rock.  The blue flowers are often filled with bees and I once had a large specimen in my garden that vibrated with their buzzing every afternoon.

And here is Euphorbia polychroma, growing between some rocks.   It glows beautifully in the evening sun.

To the east is the commercial fishing wharf.  The fishermen often sell their catch of the day right from their boats.  To the west is the marina for pleasure craft.

 I walked out along the boardwalk that covers the breakwater.

At the end of the boardwalk you can look back across the marina at where the town meets the shore. This is actually looking in the direction of my own home.

Sometimes a pile of junk is as colourful as the flowers and foliage.

There was a large planting of  Spirea japonica, which will be covered with pink flowers in summer, and with bees too!

Oriental poppies are always one of my favourites in the garden.  I love the little hairs catching the light here.

I don't have the photography skills to capture the blue of the muscari and not lose the detail in the white narcissus.

A white plastic cup caught my eye under a tree and I was going to put it in the garbage bin until I noticed that someone had filled it with water and placed a red tulip inside it.  I  left it alone, wondering if it had any significance for the person who placed it there and imagining a child marking the grave site of a small bird.  It's something I would have done as a child.

I have to admit I am not a fan of totem poles nor most native art, but it is very un-PC of me to say so.


As I left the park two last things caught my eye.  The first was like a little hobbit hole in the cedar hedge I walked past.

And the last was a pink rhododendron flower glowing in the midst of it's glossy green foliage.

Thank you for joining me on this walk.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dressing my Body Shape: It's More of a Guideline ( Warning: This is a big one)


                               Body Shape Guidelines for Pirates

So what guidelines am I talking about?  Nothing at all to do with Pirates, but style ones of course, how to dress and what not to wear and all that confusing stuff.  A few years ago I realised that disliking how I looked in photos was contributing greatly to a very negative body image and that I needed to do something about that.  I seemed to look  so much better in the mirror than I did in a photo, so that I could leave the house feeling I looked good and then see a photo taken of me that day and cringe. Sometimes I wanted to cry.  It was that bad.  But I had to figure out what was going on.  Did I simply need to do a better job of embracing my body and loving myself?  Or were there things I was doing that interfered with looking my best?

Pouring over the internet and looking at celebrities, style blogs, websites by professional stylists, comparing paparazzi photos of celebrities with the re-touched photos I learned a little something about what happens when we are photographed.  I learned three things.  One is that I probably always will look a little better in the mirror (and in real life) than I do in photos because the camera really does add pounds.  Mainly it does this by putting everything into a two dimensional perspective, by the photograph being taken at less than flattering angles or lighting that creates highlights and shadows where you don't want them.  Of course the famous people being professionally photographed don't have to worry about any of those things.  I am taller than average and thus frequently the photographs taken of me are by someone shorter who is essentially taking the shot at an upwards angle.  If you wish to gain ten pounds, take photos of yourself from that angle.  It's very effective.

The second thing I learned is that my body is pretty normal and the images we see in media are highly altered.  This sounds like a no-brainer at this point and we all know this but I had not realised how extremely they are altered.  Learning this helped me stop comparing myself to them.  A photo of me is never going to look like a photo of Nicole Kidman or Julia Roberts unless it's a paparazzi shot.   Armed with this knowledge I am now able to view images of models, celebrities and fashion magazines without it messing with my self esteem in the slightest.

These images are found all over the internet from many sources and are probably not new to you.

The third thing I learned, and this is where the guidelines come into play, is that while I understood colours and knew what worked best for me, I was not doing a good job with shapes.  I was wearing things that made me look dumpy and if this mattered to me I would have to change that.  For the most part it did matter.  So I set out to figure out what types of clothes would flatter my body best and how to reconcile that with my personal taste.  Sometimes a compromise has to be made in that regard.  I am attracted to flowing shapeless things and although that supposedly works on a rectangle body shape it doesn't work on one with a substantial bust.  The effect I get is to make my whole torso look both shapeless and the same size as my chest and that is the biggest part of me. 

Knowing what needs to be done and actually accomplishing it are two different things.  I set out to figure out my body shape because other than the colours I choose to wear, this is the area in which I have the most control and the greatest ability to look my best.  But figuring out what my body shape is was not as easy as it sounds.  Most people don't fit really neatly into one of the identified shapes, and it also depends on which expert you consult as to how many shapes there are.  Trinny and Susannah give us twelve, and while I find their guide is perhaps the most comprehensive, in the end it didn't get me any further.  Most shape guides use either a fruit metaphor or something geometric.  A shadow figure is used to show us what each of these shapes looks like, and then there is often an offering of celebrities who have this shape.

I don't feel so inadequate at not being able to figure out my own shape now that I realise the so called experts cannot even agree on what shape to label various celebrities.  I have seen Kate Winslet identified as an hourglass, a pear and even an oval, for example, and she isn't the only one for whom there isn't agreement.  It gets more amusing when you read forums where people are arguing over whether Jessica Alba is an hourglass, a rectangle or a spoon.  It's a good reminder to take all this with a very large pinch of salt.  A spoon of salt even!   Some body shape calculators where you plug in your measurements tell me I am a rectangle and some tell me I am an hourglass and some tell me I am an inverted triangle.  This is all with putting in the same measurements!  I do not have a boyish or a straight up and down shape, but my waist is not as small as for an hourglass.  It easily disappears in all but very fitted clothes. 

Stylists and other 'experts' cannot seem to agree on the rules for dressing the different shapes and  as I decided to investigate the dressing of a rectangular body I found many contradictions.  I have read that I should never draw attention to my waist, or rather the waist I don't have, and I have also read that I should make an effort to fake one by using belts.  In real life I've found the waist belt sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.   I am a bit bustier than the average rectangle apparently so a shift dress does not work on me at all, since it gets pushed out by my chest and makes me look quite blocky, but a shift dress is often recommended for a rectangle whereas the sheath is apparently a big no no.  I look much better in a sheath.  I have read the advice to wear long lean jackets, and to avoid them but use short boxy ones instead.  I don't think either looks good on me actually.  Amusingly, or at least to me, I have read both that I should carry rectangular shaped bags and that I should not.

Below is our brave model, demonstrating her body shape and making note of what could almost be an hour glass shape, but for the waist that has thickened with age, dammit.  In profile the top heaviness shows up, with larger bust, thicker neck, not much bum there for twerking. The model is not comfortable sharing her profile image so I did not press her.  How do we dress this shape so that it doesn't just look thick and lumpy?  What do we call this shape so we can reference that when figuring out what to wear?  Even though we aren't fond of rules, are there any guidelines that would help?  Should I invest in a bustle? These were the things I set out to find. 

These are some of the sources I investigated.

Was all this a waste of time?  In the end, I have to conclude that it wasn't.  It did help because it taught me why certain styles work and some don't and I can pick and choose from the guidelines that seem to work for me.  That's good because I don't like rigid rules anyhow and I still want the freedom to break a rule now and then.  What it amounts to is having the knowledge I need to make my own personal set of rules, or guideline as I would prefer to call it.   So, having decided that I am a slightly curvy rectangular vase lollipop  and feeling quite pleased with the contrariness of that, I feel confident that I know what styles will be most flattering, which will be okay and which will make me cringe when I see myself in a photo.  I still don't always get it perfectly right, but my main goal is to not look like a big blog and I am much better at achieving that now.

Doing my best to follow the guidelines in these pictures, showing examples of my more casual styles, I have mixed feelings at discovering I look better with an uncluttered neckline.  That means no scarves.   Perhaps it's time to sew them all into a lovely curtain for my bedroom.
If you actually read all of this or if you read it all and are still awake, I really owe you a glass of wine or two and a really nice dinner.  Do drop in.  I'm uncorking the wine right now.

Friday, 25 April 2014

I Love Soft Clothes

While they are quite comfortable, these jeans are perhaps not my most flattering pair.  They are supposed to be boyfriend jeans but boyfriends don't usually have my shape so they are just baggy in some places and tight in others.  They are probably not doing me any favours but they aren't horrendous either.  They were not at all expensive and I should maybe not hang onto them but they are so comfortable and soft.  Maybe I should just not go out in them.  They are loose in the thigh but tight in the calf, which I suspect is largely due to them being meant for someone shorter and so the leg opening would be closer to the ankle.  On me they are attempting to be clam diggers.  Maybe clam diggers are okay.  I have two pairs of them.  Keep, donate, only wear around the house-your thoughts?

Today I wore another super soft item, my military inspired jacket which is much silkier than any real military clothes would be.  I really wanted to wear the jacket with a skirt or dress but couldn't get my act together and get out the door in time.  I love the little white sweater, the jacket and my purple scarf, but the jeans, I am not sure about.  I think I like all the individual pieces more than the  ensemble.  And using fancy words like ensemble don't make it look any better.

Someone (I cannot remember who so if it was you, do step forward and take credit) left a comment on a blog once saying it is nice sometimes to see someone's mistakes or mediocre outfits and not always the stuff that worked best.  Perhaps there is some value in going through the thought process with someone else to see why they rejected an outfit.  I have lots of rejects.  This could be my specialty.  I could be the blog representative of What Not To Wear!

Last thoughts:
My shoes always look darker than they actually are in the photos.  These shoes are a sort of taupe/brown with a bit of a purple undertone, not the dark brown or black they look here.
Yay-Val I finally got the alignment fixed.  Clearly I was drunk when I tried before.  Yes, that must be what it was.

Happy Weekend, everyone.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

An Award and a Random Photo or Two or Three or Four

 Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

 Much thanks to the very chic Jan of Fort Smith Stylista who nominated me for this award and whose blog I always enjoy reading.  Not only does Jan share pictures of her own personal style, her beautiful hair and her favourite skirt pattern, she writes her blog with thought and care, sharing my own love of words but utilizing them much better than I do, with the same care you can see she puts into her personal appearance.   Despite having a full blogroll and many comments on her own blog to keep her busy, Jan has been an early supporter of my fledgling efforts, leaving encouraging and supportive comments as often as she can.

The Rules
1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days (1 week) – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be ALL on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, etc.

3. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period.

4. The Nominee shall make these rules, or amended rules keeping to the spirit of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, known to each reader s/he nominates.

5. The Nominee must finish this sentence and post: ”A Great reader is…”


Okay, this is me, so you know I'm going to "finish the sentence" with a paragraph.

A great reader is, for me at this point, someone who takes the time to leave a response because I am a very new blogger and such support and encouragement is so umm, well, supportive and encouraging.  I love how we can celebrate our differences and similarities this way, the feeling of sisterhood that is not so easily found in this world, and the fact that because this is the internet women all over the world are within reach.

Having spent a lot of time as an invisible blog reader, I am aware I may possibly have, in fact the stats show that I do have, readers who never leave comments.  In my mind they too are great readers because they show up and are counted, which encourages me to keep going.  I think of myself as a writer and artist well ahead of a photographer or style blogger and my blog topics are a bit random.  And yet people show up to visit.  I meet new people all the time as I discover new blogs and as someone new takes the time to leave a comment for me.  It is very much appreciated.

These are the people who consistently offer their comments and support.  I have not counted how many of them there are and the list is growing so following the rules gets more difficult daily!  Thank you to all mentioned here and anyone who has more recently begun leaving me comments or started following my blog.

Beate of  Bahnwaerterhaeuschen
Jo of Angles Have Red Hair
Keit of Beauty In Insanity
Aya of Couturgatory

Jan of Fort Smith Stylista
Thank you so much to Jan for nominating me for this award.  I'm giving it back but not without much gratitude.

Kelly of Grunge Queen
Sarah of Sideburns and Bangs
Curtise of So Past Caring
Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style Files
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Random Photos Bit

I was out doing some basic shopping and suddenly I needed to buy an elephant.   I have a small elephant collection, meaning both the collection is small and so are the elephants.  This little sweetheart is one of those charity things where the money goes to women's shelters and to be honest I don't know how much of it goes but I really wanted the elephant anyhow.  She needs a name but I haven't come up with it yet.

And speaking of collections, I added another cat to my outdoor cat collection.

It's the crouching kitty on the right that looks a bit like a demented rat.

And the indoor cat, Sophie, out for her evening balcony sniffing routine.  She is currently quite peeved with me and giving me the evil eye from outside as I type this.  I scolded her and said no to a bit of naughtiness and she obeyed me, as she always does.  This annoys her greatly but she knows she is only princess and I am the queen.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Something Other than Pyjamas

I've been having a bit of a relapse within a relapse these past couple of weeks, mostly in bed, trying to save up some energy to get a few things done.  With the help of my ever supportive mother, who often drives me around when I can't manage it, I had the opportunity to put on some real clothes and get out to face the world.  The weather has been more ugly than not, so I was aiming for stylish comfort, warmth but not winterish. 

Taking photos helps me see myself better than mirrors do and I am learning, though slowly, to stop drowning myself in clothes that are too big.  I am also realising that I am going to have to get some tops tailored to fit better because I have to buy XL to fit my bust but then it is usually too baggy elsewhere.  It's with tee shirts that this is the most challenging because they are not actually something one takes for tailoring and yet I love a long sleeved and colourful tee shirt.  Heck I even love short sleeved ones.  I wear them a lot but do have troubles with fit.  I can get them, I prefer styles that are a bit fitted and not just a big square. 

So, I realise that my beloved colourful hoodie and the tee shirt I am wearing underneath are a bit too big for me.  Actually the skirt is a size too big too, but that is more easily disguised by just wearing it lower on my hips.  I wear this skirt a lot as it is my favourite style and I love jersey fabric.  I would like a whole closet full of these in different colours and prints but I'm not particularly good with sewing stretchy fabric.
 The weird blurr in the corner is clearly my goofy cat.  I think her tail is caught under my skirt.

 Also thanks to my wonderful mother, I had another chance to shower and dress, because she made a lovely dinner on the weekend and invited my son and myself over to assist with the devouring of it.  I had an outfit all picked out but it turned out to be too cold to wear it.  The shoes are not as dark as they look in this photo.  My bare legs were much too cold and I only have opaque black or brown tights so I had to change out of this outfit and that lead to a maxi skirt experiment.  I was able to wear thick leggings under the maxi skirt so I was much warmer.  It is more of my much loved jersey fabric, which is really like wearing sweatpants only pretending to be more glamourous in a skirt.

And the pixie is growing....  Hooray!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Purses and Handbags and Totes, OH MY!

I've always loved bags and been enthralled with them as far back as early childhood.  Around the age of four or five I was given a small, white, wicker basket purse as a birthday gift.  It was one of my most precious belongings and I loved to put little things into it and carry it around.  I recall feeling particularly fabulous when I carried it while also wearing hot pink lacy knee socks.  A few years after that came the little navy, red and white bag I have mentioned in another post.  I also recall having saved up two dollars with which to purchase a red vinyl shoulder bag complete with toy cosmetics which was featured in the Sears Christmas Wish Book.  I was so disappointed to be told that they'd run out of stock and I couldn't buy one, but I very happily got myself the grown up equivalent, a locally made red leather satchel shown here but no cosmetics, real or otherwise were included.


At the age of ten my very stylish grandmother decided it was the right time to give me a real purse.  For Christmas I received a beautiful brown leather shoulder bag which several months later I lost while on a family summer vacation.  I am still mourning that bag.  It looked somewhat like this one.
Two years after that clutches were in style, particularly a foldover clutch with a handle.  Mine was brown leather with a faux tortoise shell handle and a gift from the same grandmother.  All the girls at my school wanted this style.  We carried these clutches tucked under the armpit and this was perhaps my first experience with something fashionable being a bit of a bother.

                            This bag is a similar idea.  Source

                             As is this one.  Source

With memories of my clutch purse from 1980 still fresh in my 47 year old mind, I am not much tempted by the current mania for them.  Yes, they look stylish when dangled from the fingertips of fashion editors dashing about the city streets, but I need a handbag that holds onto me as much as I hold onto it.  This makes totes with long straps, shoulder bags and cross body bags my preferred style.  While I've bought bags in secondhand and consignment shops, in the end it has always been a matter of settling for something just because it's less expensive and it's second hand.  I've stopped doing that.  All the bags I have now were bought new.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy one used if it is the right type for me, but I no longer waste money on a bag that isn't right for me just because it's a good one and in the thrift shop, though I still find myself picking a bag up and walking around the store with it really having to talk myself out of it.

Impulsive Shawna:  'But self, this is leather and looks nice and is so well made.'

Sensible Shawna:  'My dear impulsive one, the style is weird and awkward.' 

Impulsive Shawna:  'But it's only ten dollars and it's LEA-THER!'

Sensible Shawna:  'It's weird.  Why do you think someone gave it up?'

Impulsive Shawna:  'Damn you for being right. Don't get used to it.'

I will be the first to admit that I have more bags than I need.  I know many people who carry only one bag year round and have had that bag for years.  While I don't quite go so far as to have bags matching a variety of outfits, I usually have black and brown just as I have both black and brown boots and shoes.  I have a small yellow bag I sometimes use in summer and my beloved red satchel which definitely does not go with everything in my wardrobe.  I have a couple of vintage clutches inherited from my great aunt but I never really go anywhere fancy enough to use them.  And I have a much loved, colourful fabric bag which mostly get used in summer with more casual clothes.  I can't claim a need for another bag using any stretch of the imagination, but I suspect if I fell in love with one I wouldn't rule it out.

These are my current bags in the photos below.

When shopping for bags I hold out for real leather.  I have tried faux leather bags and always found, no matter the price I paid, that they didn't wear as well as leather or look as good as they aged.  There is one bag left in my collection that is vinyl and it is actually holding up really well, though I constantly have to patch up the lining.  I am on the lookout to replace it with a leather version but have yet to see the right thing and of course want it to be on sale.


Brown bag with braided strap, Roots Canada, Calamity Jane bag
Yellow bag, Fossil, purchased at Winners
Multi-coloured patch work cotton bag -source unknown to me

Black tote, Elana Solano, purchased at Winners
Red satchel, yo reinare, purchased in Victoria, BC   website here
Brown cross body bag, Lucky Brand, purchased at Winners

Evening bags vintage and inherited, fabric bag made by ex-mother in law

Black vinyl cross body bag by Buffalo