Friday, 23 May 2014

Bad Photos and Nice Shoes

The weather cooled a little so I wore a skirt and sweater-yay, favourite outfit.
The skirt is thrift, the sweater new, the shoes new and the glass bead necklace thrift.  I took a close up to show off the necklace, which I love and forgot there was a spray bottle of cat vomit cleaner behind me.  Well, this is a reality blog.  There is also the reality of my hair flips, shiny scrubbed morning face, and general goofy look.

Then it felt even colder so I changed my skirt to a longer, warmer one.  It's navy with a white stripe but it doesn't show up well in pictures.  At least not the kind of hasty and terrible pictures I take, with my out of focus face. It's meant to be a maxi skirt but it can actually be hiked up and worn like a strapless dress or sort of scrunched up to make it a less maxi and more midi.  As a maxi it's a bit too mermaid style for my taste and I am not a strapless dress person, but like this I am quite comfortable.

The writer's club of two meets every last Friday of the month.  I always look forward to this as I love my dear friend and of course the chance to talk about and share writing is not something I have with many people.  I presented her with a second short story.  It connects to my previous story which she loved and made me feel quite full of confidence.  This story, since it contains scenes of gay love and sex, which I hope I wrote with good taste and compassion, is not a story I will share with my parents.  They don't really know what to make of my writing but this story would leave them speechless.

Almost as fun as writing, is shopping so Sheila and I did some.  She needed me to convince her to buy the most gorgeous leather cross body bag, which she had wanted for ages but had felt guilty buying.  We looked at it and a whole bunch of others but she kept going back to the one she really liked.  I'm so happy she bought it for herself.   Sheila has very good taste.  Of course she does; we like mostly the same things and she likes my stories.  Clearly her taste is excellent.

More glass beads, yay!

Please tell me that either the awesomeness of my shoes or the blinding whiteness of my legs will detract from my weird hair.

I made an appointment for a haircut next Tuesday.  That's a somewhat scary thing when trying to actually grow my hair but if I don't get the mushroom dealt with properly I will be attacking it myself and that could be a disaster!

**  I've belatedly linked up to Sheila's Shoe Shine
Have  lovely weekend!  I hope it is full of sunshine.


  1. I enjoyed your diary style post, your outfits and your good spirit! All the outfits are just excellent - very much you, and very finished looking. My favorite is probably the second one, though it's hard to pick. Maybe it's you on that photo who makes the outfit! Such a happy and confident smile (not that we always have to be happy or confident). Blue is really good on you! Your new shoes are so versatile - excellent choice! I also love how your necklace adds to both outfits and really compliments and polishes them.

    A writing friend is a treasure, especially the one who gets your stories! It's a great thing that you convinced her to buy that purse. If it's love, then it's worth it! :-)

    Have a great weekend, and a wonderful hair appointment, Shawna! xxxxxx

    1. Thanks, Natalia. I think you are right and the second skirt is the better one of the two, but lucky me I have both. I am usually happy, maybe not always confident, but don't particularly like being the subject of photos so sometimes my smile gets a little bit forced.

      My writing friend is indeed a treasure. She is a very good representative of my target audience and she always gets what I wanted to convey so she makes me feel I was successful. She definitely deserved that purse; I only wish I could have bought it for her!

  2. That second jumper close up shows the multi colour which I read as brown in the other shot. I like your flippy hair, but of course it's not about me :-) I'm glad you have a writing partner. I don't really get any feedback for my stuff, except you guys! I love glass beads too. Clearly you have good taste as well!

  3. I like my flippy hair too but in some places it's too thick. I am aiming for a layered bob which on me will definitely be flippy because I don't have curls I have waves which I refer to as my flips.
    Feedback is kind of scary. There are some sites I am investigating where you can publish your work and then you would get feedback. I'll give you some links later when I track then down again.

  4. Hahaha, I looove your hair! I love how crazy it is! :D And the beaded necklace and bracelet are sooo beautiful. My grandma had a necklace like that, I used to steal it and wear it when she wasn't looking :D
    I love the sweater skirt combo, it's just so comfortable and quite fashionable too! The first look with the floral skirt is my favorite! ^_^

    1. Crazy hair, yep that's kind of what I have. Uncooperative is another word. It took me forty years to stop fighting it. You just compared me with your grandma but I forgive you and still love you. Good thing you are just that adorable.
      I don't know if sweater/skirt combos are fashionable but I've always loved them so I've probably worn them when they were in and when they were out. I think I grew up seeing my mother wearing her own version of them too.

  5. I REALLY like yur shoes in the last photo! I need a pair like that! And as for your other looks, I too love a sweater/skirt combo, but I NEVER get to wear them in Singapore. It is just too hot all of the time!

    I appreciate not wanting to share all of your writing with you family-- it isn't worth stifling creativity for the comfort of others.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  6. Hi Shawna, I love reading your posts, they always make me smile. You look lovely in both outfits, love the floral skirt, second jumper and necklace!!!!

  7. Reality blog - that's a good description! I like that better than Personal Style Blog, or Fashion Blog. Although I think your personal style here is fabulous!

    I like your hair. I wish mine would do little flips - it only does that after a few days of not washing it, and then it does other funny things, too. I'm also trying to grow mine out, at least a little bit more. So hard to be patient!

  8. really love the last outfit!!!!!
    the colors and the proportions.....
    don´t know what you have with your hair - it´s completely fine! don´t criticize it too much - it might be offended and just leave you one night ;-)

  9. My hair is fantastic on some days and horrible on others. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I just got a haircut yesterday that feels very me, so for now I'm happy.


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