Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Self Inflicted Manicure

 Before I begin one of my usual rambles and assault your eyes with more of my art, I must say thank you to all you lovelies who helped to make my birthday so lovely.  The sweet comments and birthday wishes were all such a treat and I am so very fond of you all.  Hugs to everyone!  I've just had a glass of wine so bound to get all mushy.  So I'm going to bed and I won't post this until tomorrow.  Saving you from excessive mush.  You're welcome.


I don't know why I bother to paint my nails with nice pink nail polish because I am only going to get them all spotted and splotched with acrylic paint in brilliant colours, reds, yellows, greens blues and magenta!  I keep  my nails very short and despite being attracted to bright colours on other people and in many other things, I like my fingernails soft and neutral in a shell pink usually.  Apparently the universe is trying to direct me in another direction.  Something like this perhaps.

Aside from on my finger nails, the table and the floor, I got some paint onto a canvas.  More than one canvas actually.  There has been a painting frenzy going on.  These may or may not be keepers.  I paint over things often unless I really love them but I must have some sort of bond with these ones because they've actually got names.  Flowers and portraits are fairly obvious but I don't usually name my abstracts.  I confess that sometimes I look at an abstract painting and it has a name I just don't see and I inwardly roll my eyes.  I know I know, I'm a total bitch.  In my desire to spare friends and family from having to inwardly (or outwardly) roll their eyes too, I rarely attach a name.

Bah, what nonsense.  It's time to name things because naming is fun.

Pagan Ritual (this made an appearance in my recent home tour post)

The Sunlight Pierces Me....(on the left)

(and on the right)...I've Got My Spine, I've Got My Orange Crush


And although they are probably all works in progress because I tend to reach a certain point, stop, look at them for a month and then add something,  I feel happy when I am painting, thinking about painting, looking at paintings and thinking about what else they need.  So I thought I'd share my little bits of happiness.

Now, enjoy a little R.E.M.


  1. Shawna, you are seriously talented. I'd swoon over these in our local art gallery, the colours make me so happy. I bloody love that R.E.M track so much, haven't heard it in ages.
    Glad you had a fantastic birthday, being 47 is fabulous - I'm almost exactly 6 months ahead of you! xxxxx

  2. Thank you, Vix! I'm thrilled that you think so. I love R.E.M and when I was painting the lyrics -spine/orange crush kept going through my head.
    I have had a lovely birthday, rather extended so I feel quite spoiled.

  3. What lovely paintings! My fave is the sunflowers! And...those nails...totally impressed! Cheers, T.

    1. Thanks T. The nails aren't mine-I just picked them out as something I should try. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one.

    I love your paintings, and I love your titles! I always feel cheated when paintings are just called Untitled. How boring and unimaginative. Yours tell a story with pictures and words.

    1. Thank you, Val. I always feel that an abstract painting stops being what I think it is and becomes what the viewer thinks it is. So I feel that it is too imposing to name them. What if I named it Cat and what you see is Dog? Sunflowers are a bit more obvious. ;-)

  5. aahh - the colors!!!!!
    so gorgeous how you paint! and i think too (like val) that paintings and other art need names. the names have not to please someone but i think titles are a not unimportant part of the whole object.
    i´m glad you enjoyed your b-day! and thank you for the REM track - somehow it switched under the radar of the GEMA which usually blocks such videos for german users. anyway - great song that is and your painting with that name seems to glow from an inner fire.......
    have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Beate, I am taking titles more seriously now. That video blocking seems to work both ways, as I've noticed I cannot play music videos from Greman blogs either. I'm glad this one was sneaky. LOL

      I hope that I too glow from an inner fire. That sounds very appealing to me!

  6. Hey don't mock mush! I love mush! :)

    I am a fan of your paintings as well - colors are so rich and vibrant, shapes are bold - yo are wonderfully talented, dear friend! Keep growing and never stop! ( I wish someone would tell me that every day other than Justin :) or rather in addition to Justin! :). I think encouragement is very much NEEDED to people and never underestimate the significance of gratitude, affection and encouragement. You may call it a much - it's a free-ish country. :)

    I will buy one of your paintings some day. I love original art, and I love your art. So be thinking what you are ready to separate from, OK?

    The nails are great. The songs is also great, I liked it but Bagirka didn't - it's one of my cats, the hater of music from computer. :)

    LOve xxxxx

    1. I love mush too. I am very mushy. You are a talented musher. You make people feel good with compliments and you don't make generalised ones, so you always sound sincere. You are right, I am thriving in my creative world right now because I have people telling me to keep going and that what I am doing is worthwhile. That is new for me and I love it. I am getting bolder-so some stories might appear on my blog soon. You never know!

      I think you are very creative and talented and it shows in how you dress yourself. Your outfits are amazing and you are a walking work of art. Don't underestimate a husband who tells you that you are talented and creative and encourages you. That is a treasure. I would be thrilled to see more of your creative work and be able to offer such supportive comments too.

      I would be absolutely clueless about how to sell my art but although I have to get used to the idea of parting with something, I think I would also be thrilled to sell something.

      My cat isn't too fond of music coming from the computer either, since she is usually sleeping right next to it.
      xoxoxoxoxo Mush and love coming at you!

    2. You touched me, Shawna! This is an amazing, AMAZING part of Bloglandia where you girls are supportive endlessly. That's why I am here every day despite that there are some things to do. Other than blogging I mean. :) Well I guess that's what I need now, right?

      Justin is the rarest soul... He is so much more than I've ever dreamt of...

      I know - it's a wild idea to me too that someone would want to pay me for my creative writing (articles are different thing).

      I can't wait for your stories on the blog. I am working on adding my creative writing too, not clear yet what form it will take though. Just waiting for clarity, it'll come. :)

      Hugses xxxxx

  7. And all I can draw are stick figures. I'm jealous.

    1. Dear dear Glenda! It is just not true! Please forget what you've just said and just draw and paint - if that inspires you. We all are creative by nature. And you are a VERY creative person! Indeed! :)

    2. I agree with Natalia, Glenda. You are obviously creative and there are so many ways to express creativity. I also notice that you are open minded and thoughtful and I think those qualities really support creativity.

  8. Damn it, I missed your Birthday!!!! SOrrryy!!!
    Happy belated Birthday! Stay awesome!!! And healthy! And be rich! :D
    The sunflower painting makes me happy! :D

    1. Thank you, Keit. I like the sounds of that be rich part. Maybe I can sell the sunflower painting for a million dollars. :D

  9. Your use of colour is inspired, Shawna, and I love the titles of your paintings!
    Far better to create art on canvas than paint your nails, I reckon (I only manage the latter....) xxx


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