Wednesday, 18 June 2014

You Are All Individuals!

I am quite fond of The Life of Brian, and if it is even possible to have a favourite scene, given that the whole movie is probably my favourite scene, I might choose this one as a favourite.

When I am not entertaining myself by thinking of colours and value contrasts, or worms for that matter, I like to ponder this concept of individuality and uniqueness.   In the western world we live in a culture that values this concept, and most of us take pride in our own uniqueness and we love expressions like 'marching to the beat of her own drum'.

In the reality of life most of us work to find the right balance of our individuality and of fitting in.  Because sometimes we are compelled to fit in, to be a 'team player' to wear a uniform or follow a dress code.  There are times in our lives, the teen years being typical, where we may want to fit in and look like we belong and sometimes this can happen in adulthood too, if we find ourselves in an environment where certain ways of dressing are the norm and we do not wish to stand out.   This can happen in smaller and more isolated environments because not too many people wish to be the town weirdo.  Sometimes we need to present a united front and individuality takes a back seat, as they say.

If you live in a larger community there is more social acceptance for being different because there is a larger proportion of people who differ from others.  It's just a matter of numbers.  You would be hard pressed to be THE eccentric of London or New York, whereas in my small town the woman I used to see frequently (I do wonder what happened to her and where she has gone) who styled herself in long flowing velvet dresses with capes and laced up granny boots, wore her dark hair down to her waist, and used deep red lipstick to contrast with her very white skin, THAT woman stood out. 

What does it mean to proclaim that we are all individuals?  Well simply, it means we can think for ourselves just as Brian instructed us to.  Although he is not the Messiah, and is just a very naughty boy, he is quite right.

Many of us are followers, dressed in dirty white linen and shouting the same words over and over.  A few of us stand out as unique, which you can clearly see by looking at Brian and noticing how different he looks from all the others in his town.  Some of us achieve unwanted or undeserved fame and every once in awhile it is good to blend in with your group and belong or to pick which group you will blend in with so as not to mistaken for a  Despicable Roman.  Clear so far?

If you wish to truly stand out, give yourself a distinctive name such as Biggus Dickus and if you have lovely long legs, show them off.

And if all else fails, and following these rules for thinking like an individual is too difficult, then try this simple bit of advice.


  1. Great, thought-provoking post! To me, wearing my individuality is one of the best ways I show myself I honor and care for myself. :) T.

  2. I love the last song (although the setting is a bit offensive). The last time I sang it was at the funeral of a Scottish friend of mine's hubby ~ he loved this song so they sang him out of the church with this song.


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