Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I'm Just Me, Living a Life

When I first assembled the beginnings of this blog, the Blogger programme wanted me to indicate what category of blog this is.  I didn't select one because I couldn't put it into a category.  It's not a fashion blog, not completely a personal style blog, a little bit but not quite a lifestyle blog, it's just a random blog and I'm not alone in creating this type.  I consider it the blog of a woman living her life the best she can and taking others along for the ride.  The makers of Blogger forgot to include such a category. 

Many of the blogs I read and the blogging friends I have made are about personal style and one aspect of my life, in living with this chronic illness I am always mentioning, is finding ways to remember self care, to feel good about myself, to feel it is worth getting up every day, and that involves personal grooming and putting on clothing that goes beyond pyjamas or sweatpants.  If I am in pyjamas or sweatpants I am going to be spending the day or most of the day in bed.  Even if it's a day of mostly sitting and reading, writing, or drawing, I put on clothes that make me feel good, that I would be happy to be seen in, but are also comfortable, both physically and emotionally for me.   I will skip on accessories except for the earrings I always ware.  Empty ear holes make me crazy.

On at home, tired days, I am less fussed about things being absolutely flattering to my waistline and more concerned with comfort.

I have joined the nightgown as day wear club I think, though I am not quite certain, and I have aimed for elevated and chic nightgown dressing with a stay at home casual vibe.   I picked up this thin as cheesecloth dress or nightgown, not really knowing which it was meant to be and thinking it didn't matter much anyhow as I could happily sleep in it or wear it in the day time.  Daytime wear does require some layering and I have many ideas on how to play with that. Today, I've got a blue and white skirt under it, giving it a sort of reversed slkirt and slip look.  Because it is white, and I have layered a white cotton crocheted top over it, I am linking up to Share In Style over at Mis Papelicos.

Sophie Update:

The vet took urine samples and there is no sign of infection but some indication of inflammation so she is on anti-inflammatory medication and we will see how that goes.  She seems comfortable and so far there is no sign of pee in any inappropriate place. 


  1. Hello my dear, sorry for not commenting more lately - feelin' blue myself. There are plenty of blogs like yours - written by "real people" (aren't we all kind-of-sort-of "real" in a way? :) about their real life, without one particular subject. The diary or journal kind of blogs about everyday life and thoughts. I am surprised Blogger has no such a topic. The subject is - "me and my life" I suppose. My very first blog was just like that. I had no idea back then what blogs even were (it was early 2000s), I just loved the idea of having my own space to write, sort of a public journal... My other blogs were more or less thematic, but everyday life somehow manages to get into them as well. :) Sometimes, I want a place where I am just me and write about anything without particular order or expectation again - I started thinking such thoughts. :)

    Your cat is such a sweetie, I wish her get well! You look comfy and fresh in your whites, and I love the layered look.

    How is creative life lately? Any new paintings or stories? Summer heat does not inspire me in my creative life much. I am into interior design these days - can't wait to practice. Have been debating to dedicate one post to my home, haven't decided on that yet.

  2. I'm sorry you have the blues. That might be a really good time to do something creative if you aren't already, writing or drawing or even playing just with colours and mood.
    If you are one of those Americans with super cheap long distance rates you could call me. E-mail for my number if you want.

    I have been too tired to really do anything of any substance. When I'm tired it's just blog writing and doodling and I can't even read a novel. I have been getting random ideas for decorating my home though and making note. That seems to be what I am interested in lately, though I am also contemplating some jewelry making. Lots of thoughts, little action. I just want to get my bedroom finished-lol.
    I'd love to see posts about decorating and working on your home, or even ideas that inspire you.
    Big Hugses!

  3. Hi Shawna, I hope your day of rest brings you much needed comfort. You look cozy in this gown. I, too, enjoy wearing gowns as day dresses when I'm just enjoying the comforts of home. Home...that word alone brings such relaxing thoughts.

    1. I am fortunate to be mainly a home body and introvert, since a life of being home a great deal is forced on me. I do not mind relaxing in a nightgown such as this one at all!

  4. Let me know what name you come up with as the category for your blog so I can use it to describe mine. We're soul-sisters, online at least.

    I'd wear this gown in or out. I lounge in similar apparel every day. No need to put a label on it, just relax and enjoy.

    1. The best thing about blogging is getting to know people and sharing a bit of myself. I think it requires a random sort of blog to do that. I have a very private side of me but I am also a very open and honest person. Your blog has a special place in my heart because it is the blog that most made me want to try blogging again after a few past abandoned attempts.

  5. i think the outfit photos on most blogs are the mortar which holds together diary kinds of text - some very personally and thoughtful, some less. i don´t read the style/fashion blogs with only outfit pics and a description of the items and why/where they worn etc. this does´t interest me. instead i´m interested in learning about life - how do other handle the obstacles or have fun, country specialities, personalities. i´m far away from mainstream with my own life - and knowing others who are not mainstream too was relieving.
    your boho-flapper-look is just lovely! chic but comfortable. summer-y. kind of dress i would happily wear as housedress too :-)
    glad that sophie is o.k. - give her a cuddle from me!

  6. I don't visit a blog specifically for outfit photos but I like to see the person behind the words, it feels like I'm having a real conversation, if that makes sense?
    I struggled with the categories on Bloglovin' - my blog is just a sort of on-line diary, my fashion is 40 years old and lifestyle sounds terribly poncey!
    Love your nightie, it looks lovely and feminine on you. I can imagine the fun you'll have dressing it up.
    Good news about Sophie, give her a belly tickle from me. xxxxx

  7. Good news about Sophie! I always find nightgowns that I think are pretty enough to wear as outerwear. I love your layering, it looks both cute and cozy!

  8. I am so glad that you make an effort to look good. I absolutely adore that white night gown. I know that when I let go my outside, my innerself is not feeling very well, if you know what I mean.
    What a fabulous place the bloggosphere is to meet people like you who make us go up a notch.
    Tons of love and thank you for being part of the Share-in-Style family Shawner
    Tos of love

  9. Hi Shawna!
    I purchased so many night gowns for day wear, but i didn't get myself to wear one yet- I guess i'm not the type or i didn't get the right item, Lol but really it's not important! I love what you did with your night gown, very pretty -
    I don't know who i am as far as blogger, not a fashion blogger for sure! I live my life too, sometimes i have a lot to say and sometimes not, that 's life right?
    I'm with Beate i'm not interested in fashion bloggers with no substance - I like personality and down to heart people -



  10. CAT! OMG, my blog is pretty much the same thing, lol. It is very important to take care of yourself, you are correct! I think wearing something comfy and hanging out with a furry loved one is awesome!

  11. My blog doesn't fit anywhere either ... I have declared myself genre-less.
    Comfort in clothing is number 1 to me ... no matter what I am ... or aren't .... doing ;0)

  12. Yes, my blog doesn't fit neatly into a category either - and judging by the number of people who feel the same way, it's obviously pretty meaningless anyway! Just carry on writing and showing us whatever you choose, Shawna, it's what the best bloggers do - share themselves.
    Gorgeous nightie - you just need a vintage slip underneath and you could wear it as a cool summer dress! xxx

  13. Poor Sophie!!!
    Luckily, when I joined Blogger, 9 long years ago, it was much simpler and didn't demand things like categories. Id have to describe mine as a miscellany of things- I do books, craft, outfits, faith, nostalgia, memories, working life, holidays and the odd photo-I think my blog header describes it best! X


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