Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Lovely Surprise

I was awakened today by my intercom ringing, only in my confusion at being freshly awakened, I managed to pick up the receiver and drop it, thus hanging up.  The intercom comes through the phone, so I didn't even realise at the time that it was not a regular phone call.  A few minutes later there was a knock on my door.  This was not early in the morning by any means, as I'd had a poor night and was sleeping late in the day to make up for it.  With my hair sticking up all over and dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, I opened the door to what I had already established via peep-hole was my neighbour from the first floor.  I opened the door, still in a bit of a fog and she said, in her usual low toned, monotonous deadpan, "Here's some mail for you, love.  It was the lady with the mail at the door, that's what it was.  She caught me in my pyjamas too."  It was 10:30am.  The delivery wasn't regular mail but an over-sized envelope and as soon as I saw it I knew it contained the art print I had purchased from the delightful and talented Joni of An Artful Closet.

The print, one of Joni's calligrams is part of my new bedroom re-decoration project and I will show it once it is framed and hung.  You can find Joni's art here and in her Etsy Shop.

The package also contained a surprise.  Before I get to that surprise, let me just show you what I had dressed in, an outfit picked out the night before and donned just prior to opening the package.

Multiple layers of blue, greens and cream.  The blue skirt looks brighter in this photo and is more of a denim blue colour in reality.  My necklace of blue and green sea glass picks up all of the various shades of green I have mixed here and my earrings are blue glass beads with silver wire wrapping.

I opened the package, and not only did it contain the art I had bought and a sweet card from Joni, but there was an additional surprise, this lovely scarf which went perfectly with what I was wearing!

The scarf is a very long and narrow rectangle which gives so many styling options and I immediately tested out a few.  Because it had warmed up and I needed to go out, I ended up taking off the little sweater and wrapping the scarf around my shoulders shawl style instead.  I am not certain that I fixed that funny bit of hair before I went out.

I love the scarf on top of the sweater too, but although the temperature has dropped a few degrees it was too warm to wear that many layers when I went out today.   The scarf clearly  has magical powers as I even received a compliment today while I was in the grocery store.  A man on an electric scooter, who seemed to be   speaking to everyone he passed and sharing all of his thoughts out loud,  commented when I walked past, "Now that's the best looking woman I've seen in a long time."


  1. You are having fun!
    Your layers look perfect, and as you say, Joni's scarf is the finishing touch. I'm not surprised you received a compliment for all to hear!
    Can't wait to see the calligram, and your bedroom;-) You can lure unsuspecting men into your room. Come and see my calligram! :-D
    Hugs, JJ

  2. exiting morning!
    joni is so lovely! and has really a sense what suits you. this scarf will fit in most of your new looks, i´m sure.
    when is the vernissage of your redesigned bedroom? :-)

  3. Hi Shawna

    Great surprise !
    I love what she sent you
    I love what you wear , great layers
    I love the comment of that man at supermarket
    Life always has nice surprises for us!

  4. What a lovely gift from the gorgeous Joni, that scarf is very William Morris-esque and you've styled it beautifully.
    Looking great in that outfit and its obviously got pulling power - the man in the electric scooter wasn't wrong. x

  5. What a sweet comment from your neighbor!! I just knew this scarf went with your things and as I was waiting for you to receive your package and watching your postings I felt even more excited for you to have it. I just love that it's such a soft cotton. I bought it and tried it with my clothes but just never could pull it together. I'm so happy you can enjoy it!

    Can't wait to see your bedroom restylings!! I fully expect to see Mr. Calligram sprawled out on your bed all sexily in his shorts. ;)

  6. Lagenlooking good, Shawna! Great colours, so pretty. And Joni's calligrams are wonderful, I'm looking forward to seeing which you chose. I am so proud to have a personalised one which she did for me (it's on my sidebar - it's ME!) She's a sweetheart for adding that lovely scarf too. xxx

  7. What a nice surprise!! And what a beautiful scarf. You look lovely in layers, as always!

  8. What a beautiful gift! and absolutely perfect with your outfit, it's a nice wake up call when you receive something beautiful and I adore the compliment you received too, I would have been chuffed and gushed and probably would have frightened the poor man off x x x

  9. What a great surprise from Joni - lovely scarf, and I of course can't wait to see her art and your rearranged/redecorated bedroom! You seem so harmonious and at peace with yourself in all your layers, I am not surprised that you received such a wonderful compliment from that man. You are a beautiful and unique looking woman! I expect many more compliments to come. :)

    Love xxxx

  10. That's great ... I love surprises ... well good surprises like that one anyway :0)

  11. You look great in that outfit with your new purchases from the very talented Joni. Look forward to seeing your print too. And the scarf is fab, I agree with Vix, the pattern looks William Morris inspired. xx

  12. Gorgeous outfit and the scarf just finishes it off beautifully.

    Can't wait to see your bedroom restyling.


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