Sunday, 10 August 2014

Feeling Pink and Punchy

 A big thank you to Ally for sending these gloves on tour.  Check our her blog here if you haven't already, for a fun and insightful journey of personal style and what it means to be feminine.

When you are privileged enough to take part in the rounds of a pair of boxing gloves, and not just any boxing gloves but THE pink boxing gloves, then you might want to put on your fanciest pink duds to go with them.   Pile them on, for pink boxing gloves are power and softness in one, the strength of female friendship, support and acceptance all represented by pink. Tolerance, trust and a sense of belonging to a community all travel the globe with these pink gloves.

Coordinating my outfit with these gloves was not a challenge at all, particularly at this time of year.  My summer wardrobe if full of pink.  Of all the colours typically on offer for summer, pink rarely offends me. I am not particularly drawn to the ice cream colours or neons summer fashion offers up but most shades of pink look good on me so it is a safe pick.  Pink is also one of my happy colours, along with purple, and the softer version of my power colour, red.   I had many pink flowers in my garden too, back in that other life when I had a garden.  Although I object to pink as it is overused in the toy department, or as some sort of symbolism of the female,  I don't blame this on the colour itself.

The pink of the gloves has a blue undertone, making it a mauve pink so I selected the outfit accordingly. The dress is actually in the mending pile but the repair is a small one and  I need to purchase the right thread colour, so it has been pulled for photo shoot duty today.  Usually it is three glasses of wine that will get me punchy, but a fabulous dress and some matching gloves will do it too.  Come on over and join me for a glass of wine punch and we can get punchy together.  I just need to figure out how to pour it with these gloves on!


  1. Well, it looks like it's going to be a bit tricky picking up that glass of vino with those boxing gloves. But you'll find a stylish way to pull it off no doubt.
    I'll come over and get punchy with you, and it only takes me two glasses of the stuff. Yes, I'm a lightweight. But I swing a pretty heavy punch!

    Great hat by the way. It really suits you.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. It's your balcony! I haven't seen it before. I love your play on "punch"! Pink is definitely a flattering colour. Although you do look a little like someone is trying to stop you scratching your eczema or biting your nails :-D

  3. you rock this boxing gloves - shawna!
    once in a while i go over to ally´s blog, reading her adventures in womanhood. she´s a brave girl!
    wine on your balcony sounds pretty great - i would help you pour :-)
    love that hat!!!!

  4. I am sooo coming over for that wine of yours, can I have the whole bottle? :D
    Hahah, these gloves are so bad ass and girly, I love the hat, so playful and cute! I have a lot of pink clothes too, it's the best color :D

  5. Straws, we will use straws!! Love the outside photo, what a lovely spot in the sunshine.

  6. Well I'm not going to mess with you while you're wearing them ... looking punchy and dangerous ;0)

  7. Yay! I love what you did with the gloves. Even more, I deeply appreciate that you grasp the metaphor of the gloves and describe it so well. Your words are perfect. And your clothes are perfect. Come to think of it, you're perfect!

  8. P.S. I love the rotary phone in your picture! I have one myself I bought at an antique store. It's good to connect to our past.

    P.P.S., I wrote about you today on my blog!

  9. You look lovely in all your shades of pink, Shawna!

  10. Pretty in pink, and that hat is so lovely! It looks as though your balcony is a pleasant sunny space to spend some time with a glass or several of wine - I'll be right over! xxx

  11. You are so great...I'd love to get punchy with you!

  12. You don't pour with the gloves on, get a very long straw! no-one will mess with you or chastise while you wear those awesome boxing gloves, aren't they fabulous though! x x x

  13. I love those gloves, I know exactly what I would do with them, lol!
    I love pink too, well, it's obvious isn't? I had pink hair for a while!
    Nice little spot you have there to have a drink or 2 -

    Have a nice day Shawna

  14. Hey Shawna, Gorgeous showcasing of the Traveling Pink Gloves. Especially love the hat!!!

  15. What a fun post, you look great! I love pink too and it suits you so well!

  16. Too cool! I need a pair of these! The fact they are pink is akin to frosting on the cupcake! ;) Hugs, Shawna! T.

  17. I will have this gloves too!!! They are awesome!! :)
    Every girl is a little bit "pink" and your pink outfits looks wonderful. Love the layering.
    The hat is so lovely you have to wear hats more often.. so cute :)

    have a wonderful day dear

  18. You look lovely in pink, and I love seeing this outfit - so creative! On the last photo, you look like an artist gardener (Beatrix Potter perhaps?) who is having a restful afternoon after a day of work. :) xxx


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