Sunday, 3 August 2014


Perhaps it's because I am living life backwards.  Perhaps it is because I am such a cliche and really coming into my own in my forties, albeit LATE forties.  As you know I must ponder a great deal before I act, even though some of that pondering goes unmentioned, leading me to appear charmingly impulsive.  In some, though thankfully not all, areas of my life I have been very cautious and reserved, being what others wanted me to be or what I thought was required for a certain situation.  No more!  I'm doing things my way now.  Perhaps that has something to do with realising what my real limitations are and what, on the other hand, I am quite free to do.

Because I don't have the money to spend on designer items, nor access to much other than fast fashion that ends up in the thrift shop, I am beginning to think of sewing.  Yes, I have previously stated that I dislike sewing, and it's true that I always have.  My skills are certainly rusty and I have a new machine I don't know how to properly use, having oddly misplaced my much loved vintage Bernina.  But perhaps, I will soon venture into the land of sewing because now I know what I want to make.  Perhaps it was not sewing I disliked so much as what I was sewing.

Taking small steps, I have recently done a bit of upcycling, taking thrift shop dresses that were weird and turning them into skirts.   The short skirt here was a strapless mini dress. I removed the top, sewed up the raw edges at the waistband  et voila!  So nothing really adventurous yet; I'm just dipping my toes in the water.

This attempt to belt the waist lasted about five minutes.  The belt came off and I wore the tunic loose.  Just can't seem to tolerate something belted at my waist.

Funny how a swipe of tinted lip balm makes me look like I am wearing full makeup.  I could definitely get to like the convenience of that!

In my dress made into a skirt, off I went to The Filberg Festival with mum.  Located nn the beautiful grounds of the Filberg Family estate the festival takes place on the first weekend in August every year and involves a juried show of arts, crafts and lots of food and entertainment.  This beautiful park-like setting is on the water and the grounds and gardens are maintained by volunteers.  Fortunately a good portion of it is under the shade of magnificent trees though there are some wide open and very hot and sunny areas as well, typically where the food and music is to be found.

I couldn't resist a photo of this adorable family with three hatted wee ones.

This lovely woman, might look like a model but she's my mum!  I snapped many candid photos and in the process discovered that mum is constantly moving her head about.  This was my least blurry result.  I think I have inherited that head flitting thing because I really noticed it when I got my first pair of varifocals.  I had to learn to move my head differently so my eyes could adjust to the lenses.

My camera lens is always drawn to trees and in the park there are so many beautiful scenes of sunlight shining through the leaves.

My photos do not do justice to the festival, as they show neither the vast quantity of booths, entertainment and food, nor the open sunny areas.  It was hot and we stuck to the shade, my eye was constantly drawn to the trees, and I admit I hesitated to take photos of the vendor's wares in case they thought I was wanting to copy their ideas or of children playing in the children's entertainment areas.  There were some amazingly creative pieces of sculpture from found objects, jewelery, clothing, paintings, pottery and very unique art forms.  Much of it is quite expensive.  The clothing is very much my style, natural fibres, creative forms, gorgeous colours, but I cannot bring myself to pay over a hundred dollars for one piece even if it is beautiful.  

These two ladies were standing outside their clothing booth and allowed me to take a photo of them when I admired their outfits.  I told them I wanted to put the photo on my blog, which is in no way at all a famous one.

I'm including some photos which are not mine, to show the Filberg Heritage Lodge and grounds at non-fesitval times.  I was married here, way back in another lifetime.





This carving above is a good example of how I feel when I get out of bed in the morning!

Well, there you have it.  That was my Saturday.  Mum and I did the very quick tour of the festival and that took us three hours.  That was the maximum that I could manage and I am spending today recovering.  I go out tonight, again, but much less walking will be involved.  Theoretically there will be dancing but I cannot yet imagine having the energy to manage that.


  1. Fun photos. Looks like a good time and brilliant weather.

    I love the woman in the purple dress with the felted flower.

    I'm writing you from an airport lounge now : )


  2. The Lodge and the grounds look beautiful!! What a place. I love your skirt - great colors and so easy to wear in hot summer days (or nights :). Your Mum is a beauty! I imagine the two of you turn a few heads when walk together - tall, slender, stylish, good looking ladies!

    Shawna, 3 hours in heat is a lot for me too! And I looove taking my time to recover from adventures. There are many other adventures of the inner kind to do. And we don't even need any festival or any sort of public events to do them. :)

    We went out last night as well - I saw an improv comedy for the first time in my life. Fun! :) I am having my left over seafood paella and sipping cold chardonnay as I type. :) Cheers! xxx

  3. Ooh yes, get your sewing mojo working, Shawna, who knows what might happen! The little striped skirt is very cute.
    The festival looks great fun, what a beautiful location. I think sunlight filtered through leaves is one of the loveliest things ever! xxx

  4. You will be sewing fabulous one off designer masterpieces in no time :0)

  5. Oh maaan, now I wish I was there, it looks so awesome! The two ladies are like medieval fairies! Whoa, you mom is a piece of cake! :D
    And yay for sewing, I always admire people who can create something with their own hands, mine are two lefties!

  6. 3 hours festival in the heatwave would kill me for the rest of the day!
    but it looks fabulous from the comfort of my couch :-)
    i´m happy that you start sewing now. altering 2.hand clothes are a good beginning, mistakes don´t cost a fortune.....
    have fun with!

  7. What a wonderful festival - I can't get enough of them. Love that there's so many tress to give shade and how well dressed the revellers are, your Mum being no exception, she's gorgeous!
    Sewing is good for the soul, the skirt looks brilliant and with your trusty machine you can transform the most mundane into something so you. xxxx

  8. How fun! I love your outfit and all the photos you took! I hope you take to sewing. It's something I've always wanted to try, but never have the patience for!

  9. I think sewing is all about confidence and a can-do approach anyway, see, you saw what you wanted and bam! your made your dress into a gorgeous skirt - (my sewing is at best, amateur/woeful, but I like it) your day out looks amazing, a beautiful day and lot's to see and those 2 gals are fabulous as is your Mum! loooove the sculpture! and of course you get up like that in the morning! I'd expect nothing less! x x x

  10. What a great spot for a festival, I enjoy just about anything held outdoors. Now I want a front on, head not moving photo of your mum please.

  11. Hi Shawna!
    I started sewing,but i'm very amateur indeed, but it's fun- I'm thinking of taking a course - Love the festivals, lots here of festivals here too in Montreal - Mom looks gorgeous! Love what you did with the dress, it's a good start, keep at it!



  12. Oooh the festival looks super!!! Well done on the sewing. I'd really like to do some and learn to it properly, it is just an issue of time.

    I approve of hatted pictures, hurrah for kiddie hata! Xx


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