Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tired But Still Wearing Things

I used up all adrenaline reserves this weekend so I could attend my two favourite events of the four day long festival.  Sunday night was a concert in the park featuring a local cover band I really enjoy.  They play classic rock-funk hits from the seventies and early eighties.  It's very danceable and the vocalists have fantastic voices.  My friend's husband plays trombone in the band and the band leader, vocalist and trumpet player was my mortgage broker.    I love a small town!

Needing to fake it till I make it always seems to lead me to wearing my energy colours so I put on head to toe purple for the concert in the park.  Pink and purple are my energy colours, blue and black are home and red is strength.  Orange is something I haven't figured out yet.

I added the fun flower earrings I'd bought the previous day.

Monday night I had dinner at mum and dad's along with my son.  We watched the fireworks from their balcony and then I staggered home to bed.  It had been a hot day but I would be in the shade all evening and sitting outside at night so I added leggings and took along a cardigan, not shown in the picture.

Today is a stay home and recoup day.  It's hot and will continue to be hot for weeks, so light and loose is the aim, colourful is my desire and layers are my preference no matter how hot.  Two pieces thin enough to sneeze through do the job.

Hopefully I will get caught up in my blog reading this week.  Sophie is not completely on the mend yet, as the Vet called to say there was blood in the urine sample so there is a special diet that is recommended.  Somehow a sensitive bladder is associated with some sort of cat anxiety disorder.  Animals are just as complex as humans.  She is believed to have an anxiety or stress disorder, though her life is very unstressful.  Knowing that this can happen to humans means it makes sense to me that it can happen to animals too, though I didn't quite grasp the way it is connected to sensitive bladder walls.  Somehow it is.

Well on with life.  Sophie and I have some sofa holding down to get done.


  1. Looking lovely in purple, Shawna, and rocking the hippy vibe with the tie-dye leggings! That band sounds like fun, I'm pleased you had the energy to go and see them (and hopefully to dance a little too!)
    I'm also glad to see that little crochet layer is coming in handy, perhaps you need other similar pieces for summer layering purposes?
    Hope Sophie feels better soon; one of my previous cats once had cystitis, and I remember being very surprised that it could be a feline ailment too. And presumably just as unpleasant for them as for we humans! xxx

  2. Oh poor Sophie ... hope she feels better soon ... maybe she gets stressed when she senses that you aren't feeling well ... you never know.

  3. I hope your cat gets better soon. Sounds like a fun festival. I love those types of events. I like your third look. The greenish color captures my attention.

  4. Poor Sophie! (Sophie is the name of our brindle boxer. She has mild separation anxiety disorder ... could it be the name? Nawwwww.) Hang in there, mum. You look gorgeous in your outfits for various levels of energy! In the purple, especially ... boy, do you look ready to get down, and boogie-oogie-oogie! Very sweet for the other occasions, even just couch lounging. Hang in, and stay cool during the heat.
    So glad you had fun!

  5. I'm sensing more layering going on. Am I right?
    Looove the new earrings, and orange is fantastic with purple!
    I'm with Glenda, although all your looks are fab, the third one is just a bit special. The colours on the green dress beautifully tie in with the coloured one.
    Sorry to hear about Sophie. Special diets can do wonders. Our cat has been on one all his life.
    Now reeeeest! XO JJ

  6. the purple outfit is my fav - that color is so wonderful deep. the lacy pink and colorful tiedye are cool too and you look really happy in all of them.
    poor sophie, i hope the diet will help her. give her some cuddles from me!

  7. Loving the purple outfit, its so your colour, you exude confidence and joy.
    Sorry to hear about Sophie, hopefully she'll be better in no time. Cats are odd creatures, they get stressed so easily. Give her a big reassuring cuddle from me. xxx

  8. Does your sofa like to wander off sometimes too? I often need to hold mine down around 6:00, right after the evenings dishes are done. Good thing the couch has a regular schedule otherwise I might be found there earlier in the day!

    I truly love your layering. In fact, I just got an idea of what to wear on this special day today. I'm taking a friend in for a colonoscopy this morning!! haha

    I wore a ton of purple yesterday. Don't you just love it. And I love the orange with it too. My favorite color combination!

  9. I'm behind in my blog reading, too. I didn't know Sophie was sick - poor thing. Even with a quiet life it's possible to be anxious.

    I love how you're so aware of your colors and what they mean for you. I've never really thought about it, except in business I always felt it was better to wear blues and greens rather than reds or pinks. For me blue and green are male, so better for most business dealings (I also have genders for numbers and letters - is that weird?). Now I'll have to start thinking about how I feel with certain colors for general mood...

  10. You already know I love the purple outfit!! Harem pants?? It is a dull day here and for some reason I am in black and grey but I have Purple shoes and jacket to lift it all! Poor wee Sophie, hope she is on the mend, at least you two can chill out together on the couch.

  11. I can see why purple is your power colour ... You look AMAZING in that purple outfit and you look easily 10 years younger!!!

    Hope Sophie is doing better!!!


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