Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beautiful Spirits

Beautiful Spirits are never crushed.  They might be shoved down, they  might grow up with Communism, religious domination, great loss or pain, poverty or abuse in any part of the world, or perhaps they live a relatively easy life until later in adulthood some one or some event tries to break them.  But you cannot break a Beautiful Spirit though you may try. 

I am privileged to know several Beautiful Spirits and this blog is named for a once private joke between myself and on them.  The world lost him at this time last year and although the ones he left behind feel the pain of his loss, they are also filled with a deep love that cannot be lost.  It's that love we must hold on to.  Just because he is gone does not mean that love is lost.  Forgetting that would be to forget the beauty of his spirit and that spirit lives on in us.

Rest In Peace, dearest Shawn.



  1. Oh that's so sad but YES love must make him live on. X

  2. That love has a way of growing even more rich when they're gone in some ways too, doesn't it? A deeper admiration for who they were and still are.

  3. What a beautiful tribute. He must have been pretty amazing.

  4. Such a beautiful piece of writing, Shawna - compassionate and insightful, and very intimate. I remember your story about your beloved friend. I am sure that such special relationships in life shape who we are, and yes, love is there forever.


  5. You have written such a profound piece, how sad to love a beloved friend, love can't be lost, it's an energy which is infinite, I say 'I love you forever' because I believe it, it does last forever x x x

  6. I think you could take that title as well, my beautifully spirited girl:-)


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