Friday, 19 September 2014

Excerpt From Sophie's Journal

Mum and I really like to hang out together and sometimes we play together too.  Today she took some photos so I could use them to show you a little bit of what our day was like.

Mum doesn't have a lot of fur so she gets cold.  The temperatures have dropped a bit, or so I'm told.  I haven't really noticed but Mum has.  She needed more of her removable fur layers today.

We posed together for this photo but Mum cut me off.  She looks tired though so I'll forgive her this time.  After she took this photo she decided she didn't have enough fur layers so she got more.  She might not be so cold if she didn't insist on leaving her feet bare.  I try to spread my fur around our home so Mum can use it too.  After all, I have more than I need.

Many times a day Mum goes to the bathroom and I always go with her.  She says it's not polite of me to say she goes many times but I don't see what the problem is.  I like to play in the tub with the water and Mum does other things.

Mum turns on the tap to a trickle of water and I sometimes like to smack it and also to drink it.  It gets my head soaking wet, Mum says, but I never notice.  She dries me off with a towel sometimes.  Mum likes to play in water too, I've noticed.

We did some art today and Mum did a bit of work in her art journal.  She doesn't seem to like it when I help, though I do try my best.  I dip my paw into the water, the stuff she swirls that stick around in, so I can test it for her, and I sit on her paintings to help hold them down on the table.  Today mum worked on these two pages, which she says are still in progress.  She put them on her easel to dry but I could have helped her with that.  If I slept on them I could dry them in no time.

Nearby where we do art, there is a shelf and on it mum has many things that interest me.  These dangling things are good to bat at and I happen to know they are not very good craft fair junk she bought for too much money.  I heard her say so.

Sometimes Mum tears up papers and uses them to make other things.  I love it when we play with the papers and lying on them or pushing them off the table is lots of fun.

There are so many great things for me to lie on around our home.  Here are some more.

I love lying on the library table and Mum always has books and papers for me to lie on.  Sometimes there are so many of them it's like I'm in a nest.  Sometimes I think there are too many so I shove some off.  Mum is always taking off and putting on and taking off again her many extra fur layers.  She often puts those on the library table too and those are also great for lying on.

Because Mum did lots of writing today she had papers all over the coffee table so I walked around and investigated those, sat on them and tested them out for comfort.  Mum didn't like that too much and she said something about still using them.

So I investigated these...

And then I had a little nap on a magazine Mum wasn't using.

I was worried Mum might be getting cold so I snuggled close to warm her up.

I kept her company and made her cosy while she worked on something she calls a blog.

Thanks for visiting and letting me show you my day.  I have a pretty good life and I enjoyed sharing it with you.  Have a great weekend full of naps and treats.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us Sophie!!!! I know your Mom really enjoys your company.

  2. What a crafty cat Sophie is! She's been watching you and has figured out how to use your camera and computer while you've been taking a nap.

    Love the part about helping with drying your paintings. How helpful is that! And look there, she's exposed your chain smoking habit by showing your readers all the matches you've been playing with. Shame!

  3. Dear Sophie,
    You are a great writer! It seems to me you have a lovely life.
    Thanks for sharing some of your photos with us.
    I live in Australia in Canberra where the Spring is just starting.
    I feel all full of beans and run up and down the hallway many times a day.
    I love to sit outside in my verandah watching the birds. We have many magpies who have taken up residence in our trees who I like to watch. Our budgies in the cage outside are alright for birds. We play catch sometimes but they don't really like it for some reason.
    Well...yawn...the sun is hitting the pillow on the daybed just nap calls. Write again soon.
    Much love,
    Smart-Blue (Smabs to my friends ;-)

  4. hi sophie!
    you are such a cute cat with a very talented mum! especially love her paintings - can you please tell her that they don´t need anything more, they are perfect! fresh, lively, full of energy!
    of cause she has much more talents then painting - you and me know. her writing, decoration skills and arranging the removable fur speak for them self.
    so please give her a hug from me!

  5. Sophie, you are a CHARMING narrator, please write more!! I am glad you love your Mum so much. You are beautiful. I used to have a Sophie cat who was tabby like you but she was silver and black with a white tip on her tail and paws. Her tail was thinner too. I miss her. X

  6. Sophie, I think you have a very good life indeed!!

  7. You are two cuties, you and your Mom, in your removable and unremovable fur! You are so kind, Sophie, for helping your Mum writing and making art... I know that you are such a busy cat and have lots of cat's things to do, like playing with water or taking naps, but you still find time to be helpful. I know your Mum appreciates that!

    It looks like it'll be a cool day today... keep your Mum warm with all the extra fur around the house! :)

    Hugses! xxxxx

  8. Cute. "...something she calls a blog."

  9. HAhahaa, oh Sophie you crazy kitty! How come she likes playing with water? I want a cat that likes water, every time I bring mine for a bath, they behave like I'm exorcising them! Also, the fur part, sooo true! I have cat hairs in my shoes for God's sake!

  10. Ha, Sophie is an observant and thoughtful narrator, and oh so helpful too!
    She is beautiful in her fur, and you are delightful in blue and green, Shawna. xxx

  11. Sophie's a real charmer! Loving the blue paired with green. It's one of my fave color combos! T.

  12. Sophie is a great writer, she's obviously inherited that from her Mum.
    She's very beautiful and dressed perfectly for the Autumn. I think her mum needs some socks on, I'm worried about her catching a chill. xxx

  13. Oh Sophie! you are the cutest and most caring of kitties! will you teach my filthy lot to embrace the joys of bathing and not treat us like we are the meanest of humans! and Shawna, like you I'm almost always barefoot - and I LOVE your outfit, gorgeous colours and layers x x x

  14. What a beautiful furry baby! I love the one of her on the table, just plopped. This was a very cute read :)


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