Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Inside Shawna's Brain: Tuesday Edition

I have just recently woken up.  Well, about an hour ago I suppose as there was time for lying in bed feeling shocked at a new day, doing some stretches, showering and drying my hair and dressing.  And I have just made a coffee.  I sometimes have tea in the morning.  My rule is tea before ten but it is now just ten so it's coffee.  This is a good time to mention to Vix that I don't make tea in a cafetiere though such a cafetiere for tea does actually exist.  Often, even prior to coffee, by brain is buzzing with thoughts and even relatively coherent ones, thoughts that actually go together and combine to take the rough shape of an essay with a theme.  Other days, no, they just sort of stack up and progress in a not terribly linear way.

Thoughts Go Something Like This

1.  Ouch.  Well at least that highly tortuous armpit massage seems to actually be helping release my shoulder but now I have a mysterious pain in my upper back.  Friggin' body.

2.  Oh, there is definitely more movement in my shoulder now though.  I can do this.  And this.

3.  This one feels good.

4.  Shower.  Shave my legs?  Nah I'll wear jeans today.  And that blue wool hoodie I havne't worn yet.  Blue-haha nearly everything I have seems to be blue.  I like blue.  Is blue boring?  I like that sweater.  I like it a lot.  Show it on the blog?  Nah, kind of a dull outfit and you wont' accessorise today.  You never do.

5.  Cat earrings.  Yes, today is a day for cute copper cat earrings.  Does that count as accessorising?  Well maybe but doesn't count as 'pulled together' or chic or anything for a blog post.

6.  It's not a style blog.  True, but we don't want to bore people. 

7.  Food, do I want some?  No not yet.  Oh God the kitchen looks like Hurricane Shawna hit it.  I suppose she did.  Too tired to deal with it.  That shower took up some serious energy.  Must sit down.

8.  Sophie: what a funny little one she is.  She ran out of food overnight while I slept and has placed her little furry rabbit by her food dish.  Was she sharing the last of her resources with her baby or was she lining up her next meal-rabbit?

9. Where is my notebook?  I need to work out some plot issues.  Too tired. 

10.  I want to go to the store for more art supplies.  No, too tired.

11.  What is the weird smell?

12.  Grow hair grow.

13.  Reading blog comments:  Cool eight of them!  Comments are so fun.  I want to respond at length to everyone.  I wonder who comes back to read my comments and who doesn't?

14.  Which blogs did I leave comments on that I should go back and check?

15.  I should like being tall?  Nope, never have.  Yes, I can reach things off the top shelf and strangers in the grocery store will ask me to.  It doesn't make up for clothing that is too short, towering over other people and feeling too noticeable,  people asking if I am 6 feet (I am 5'9"), being 6'2" in heels and towering even more, and NO not all clothing looks good on tall people.  I look really silly in very short dresses, like I have put on child's clothes.  Those skater dresses-ha!  Ridiculous look on me.  And there's that thing about pants that are too short looking silly.  Where's the flood?

16.  Stop ranting about your height.  It's not that important.  Why do you dislike it when people envy it?  Because you want to point out that the grass is always greener.  And because you are envying their green grass.

17.  Ach!   Too much cohesive thinking. 

18.  It seems like a good day for knitting and watching that BBC detective show.

19.  The hurricane seems to have travelled into other rooms.

20.  Coffee


  1. Ah, I see that your brain works quite like mine!!! So many thoughts, so little time!!

  2. LMAO you sound like me! I actually wrote a poem called "Me and my mind in a minute" and it was very similar to this. I should find it for you, if you feel like reading it. I like posts like this, because when people stop to think about what goes through their heads on a normal basis, it usually ends up being really funny!

  3. LOL...it's a bit wild, disjointed and scary inside there : )

    PS I'm one of those who rarely if ever remembers to go back and read the response left for a comment.


  4. You should be a stand up comedian. I love it Shawna. It was great peeking inside your head :)

  5. I love your head commentary! I understand it a lot! and I love Sophie's use of rabbit in the food dish, not only is she beautiful but very, very polite - and shaving legs? I'm down to once a week, it's Autumn for goodness sake! and I don't even know what my blog is about!! and always coffee first thing.......always x x x

  6. Ha ha, my brain is like that!!!! we are ECCENTRIC my dear!!!
    I'm only half an inch shorter than you which I don't mind but for trousers thing!
    Sophie is a discerning lady!
    Oooh, must remember to leave you replies now I know you check them!! I sometimes feel I'm not sure anyone goes back to read them wo I don't. I will be sure to check here. I've read a few replies of yours and you ARE good!!!
    Post the outfits!!!
    Cat earrings count as accessories. X

  7. FYI I have stopped replying to comments on my blog due to exhaustion, even though I would love to sometimes. I try to write answers on others' blogs instead. I sometimes come back to see your answers and sometimes forget.
    I really understand the pain and exhaustion in the morning! And the rest of the day:-/
    I am currently still in bed at 10:00 am, and I really need to do a couple of things but Bushy will be out tonight so I need to be there energy wise for the kids, so knitting in front of a screen sounds pretty good over here as well! Ready...steady...knit! :-D Like we have the energy for a knit off ! XO JJ

  8. Coffee and cat earrings! Works for me! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  9. :-)
    me: coffee, muesli, cleaning bed & sewing room, painting a banner (don´t ask), mowing the lawn (please don´t rain), washing sheets and hoping they will dry outside before evening......
    i feel like climbing K2.

    1. update:
      done. and had time and brain left to cook and eat dinner with a friend - but i fear i chatted to much and to fast - all the adrenalin.....

  10. Lol!!! :D Made me giggle so much! :D The shaving legs part, I always wonder about it. Should I or shouldn't I? It depends if the weather is hot and if I have to wear short skirts :D
    My whole apartment looks like a hurricane! Would prefer to stare it in disgust than to clean it :D
    I chant to my hair to grow as well, but she never listens.

  11. Me? Up, throw on the clothes I chucked on the bedroom floor last night, let the cats out, load up the washing machine, switch on the Wii Fit & exercise for 30 minutes, do last night's washing up, feed the cats, jump in the shower, get dressed, hang the washing up, make tea, take one upstairs to Jon, catch up on blog reading and emails and by then its 8am.
    Thanks for the clearing up the cafetiere confusion. Did you know that the optimum time for drinking coffee is between 8.30am - 9.30am? xxx

  12. Thanks for this very insightful post!!!

    It sounds very much like what goes on in my head along with the disturbance of the constant hum of tinitis!!!! This afternoon my mind was going 100 to the dozen and I forgot about the last speed bump in the road I was traveling and I nearly launched my car into outer space!!! LOL!!!!

  13. I often come back to read your replies because I know that you usually reply. I am inconsistent with my replies these days.

    Inside of my sleepy head is a little similar I suppose. I sometimes write "morning pages" (before coffee and any reading or conversation). It's interesting how thoughts/impressions jump from one to another in no order at all... :)

    Love xxxxx

  14. This is hilarious. I can do this even in the middle of the night. It's hard to fight it sometimes, so I just let it drift.

    I too check to read your responses when I can. Sometimes I forget and then go check later when I've come back for a fresh post. I think it helps build communication and more joy in blogging. I get lazy doing it on my own blog though. And really, I just found out how to enable comment replies as I had somehow had it turned off.
    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  15. Started reading and thought.. HA!! just like me.. read.. HA! like me... reading.. HA!! yess.. same here.. it´s like we were twins and had the same thoughts!!
    And then.. oh nooo... 20. Coffee... the end... come on Shawna.. end? I want to read more!!!! :)))))
    You are gorgeous!! :)

    I can dot this thoughts in the morning, while working, talking on the phone, eating, standing under the shower, in the middle of the night.. sitting at the dentist with all his fingers in my mouth.. having lunch with friends.. sitting in the car standing in front of a traffic light and hypnotise the red light.. and fly away and don´t see when it´s turn green! ;)))

    have a very nice and sunny day dear
    Dana :)

  16. Speaking of responses! I know I left one earlier for this post ... or possibly not.
    We grind our coffee the night before (half espresso roast, half french roast) and set it up for the AM ... Dan pushes the button before feeding the horses. He'll often do his "fancy pour" with my milk a little foamy and bring me a cup. What a love he can be.
    I drink English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast in the early evening (wait .. what? Time has less meaning when you get old, it seems) when I'm starving and it's too early for dinner. I have huge mug with a queen bee on it that I almost always use, and always brew a very strong cup or two and take it with just a little milk. It's better than a solid snack for killing hunger pangs for another hour or two!
    I'm so slow at getting to replies ... I have yet to find a workable system. I know it sounds really lame, but I often save my favorite blogs till last as a treat, but sometimes wind up never getting to them. Bad Jan, Sad Jan. I really do need a system.
    Love to you, Long-Tall-and-Gorgeous!


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