Monday, 15 September 2014

Layers 'N Stuff I Love

 I like to play with proportions, and here I am clearly doing long over long.  On my five foot tall sister-in-law this tunic would probably be a dress and the skirt would be dragging on the floor.  This may be the only thing I like about being tall.

I put on this outfit and just couldn't get excited about any of my necklaces so I went without.  It was some sort of sign from the necklace gods because while taking some items to the consignment shop I came across this gorgeous blue glass bead and silver necklace which begged me to make it mine.  I obliged and wore it for the rest of the day but I did not take a photo of myself.

Another item that recently held me at gunpoint and made me purchase it (for $5) is this delightful furry bag.  Large furry coats may be the latest thing but I won't be impersonating a Muppet anytime soon.  A handbag that pretends to be a cat definitely appeals to me though.  This bag is so soft I could just spend all day cuddling it, and it doesn't drool like Sophie does.  I suspect it will collect white lint though, which Sophie does not.

Apparently my camera lens needs cleaning but let's pretend it's a special effect and very artsy.

And last but not least, Stephan Fry.  I adore the man.  So sad he is gay as I am sure he would be very happy as my second husband. 

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  1. long over long is fab on you! and of cause blue! and finding the perfect pearls! lucky gal!
    the bag looks like its fun to carry it, but it screams "winter" so much - i´m not ready for that......

  2. I enjoy watching your love affair with the color blue. It's obvious it loves you, too because you always look so great in it ;-)


  3. You can definitely do long-over-long because of your height - it's a blessing, be happy! As always, blue is a great colour on you, and those new to you beads are delicious. Cool furry bag too!
    I'm sure Stephen would speak highly of you too if he met you, but no, I fear marriage is not on the cards... xxx

  4. I clearly have to embrace the blue. I thought it might be boring but blue just seems to find its way into my closet!

    It may be insane but I am madly in love with that furry bag. And I would get a matching one for Stephen too. He could put his pipes in it.

    1. Ha!!! I'll suggest it to him!!!!
      I have a furry bag too. My one is silver coloured like my Sophie!!!! X

  5. Another wonderful outfit, Shawna! Love everything about it - the length, the layers, all. The blue glass beads are perfect for it, I imagine they added a sparkle. What a lovely purse! You will look so Sophie-sticated wearing it! Hey, I just had to do it! :)))

    I did not know SF is a gay. Well, lucky gays then! But there is still one great straight one for you out there!! :) Hey, maybe he is reading your blog right now!!! Hello there!

    Love xxx

  6. That purse is fun! I love things that I can pet all day. LOL

    You can most certainly do long over long. Me...notsomuch. Love the blue.


  7. Hahahaa, the bag camouflaged as a cat is priceless! I don't like how furry coats look on me, like Chewbacca! Some girls really make them work though!
    Adore the new necklace too! You look lovely in blue, I love your layering techniques! ^^

  8. Surely you like other things about being tall … like being able to reach the top shelf in the supermarket … being short has some major disadvantages ;0)

  9. I love that furry bag too! I want one, but I don't want to be held at gunpoint. Well, unless the bag came with cash inside!

  10. Great layers outfit and the colors are made for you, but I also like your outfits with dark red and dark purple or green shades. Happy you.. I envy you.. because I´m a dwarf! ;))))
    Every outfit looks better on taller people. :)

    have a wonderful and sunny day dear
    Dana :)

  11. I bet you and Stephen would get along famously but no, marriage definitely wouldn't be on the cards!
    Love the layering and the new beads and who wouldn't want a cat-alike bag? xxxx

  12. You look gorgeous in blue and that necklace is a perfect addition to the outfit.

    Be careful that Sophie does not "adopt" the bag!!!

  13. Large furry coats are the next big thing? I'm so unhip right now. But your bag is cool, and is a fantastic substitute. I thought Canada had laws against bags carrying guns, but at least you were held up by a good one.

    I love Stephen Fry! I rode in an elevator (a lift) with him when I first lived in the UK, in his moody days. My husband was sooooo afraid I would say something stupid, but I was very good, just a polite, British nod of the head. He's really tall!

  14. Blue another of my fav color, but don't wear it often, funny isn't? Maybe it's just not colorful enough for me but on you my dear it looks wonderful -
    I love all furry thing and love to impersonate any muppet character anytime, hahaha!
    Got one furry bag from fellow blogger i have met in Paris, it has the Eiffel Tower on it, how good is that?
    Lots of stuff hold me at gunpoint but i have to restraint myself, once in a while!
    We got the wedding pics, but wonder what my husband will let me put on line, he's camera shy and don't like to be appear on the blog, but i will try to convince him, he was so cute that day -


  15. Great skirt and lovely you everytime dear Shawner
    Thank you sooooooooooo much for being part of the Share-in-Style family.


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