Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rainy Days and Long Skirts

What a surprise; I'm wearing blue!

      Staring off into space, I don't think I even knew the picture was taken.

While a rainy day seems like a good time to bundle up in layers and long skirts, some of my skirts are so long I don't dare wear them when the ground is wet.  Layers came off and went on again as I tried to figure out how much was required today.  The under skirt came off and a coat went on.  It tends to vary throughout the day as the weather and my personal climate fluctuate.  The presence of boots and bag tells you I went out and I did, but have to admit to being so damned tired I didn't really care much how I looked so accessories were the earrings and rings I never take off and my watch.   I had to go to the bank and was meeting my parents for lunch at their favourite local cafe.  Friday is mulligatawny day and they make the best one in town.  I can't have it because it is thickened with flour but it's mum's favourite.  Dad has a slice of the pizza and a date square after, which is so enormous he cuts it in half and takes the other half home.  The people working there know what mum and dad will order but I am less consistent other than aiming for something gluten free. 

I love this little cafe too, and it is indeed very popular.  The food is good, everything made on the premises and the owner and cook is a woman who seems to be doing this out of a love.  Among her staff are people who are differently abled, everyone is cheerful and friendly and the atmosphere is colourful and eclectic.  The mugs are not fancy and are quite varied.  I believe that last time we were there Dad's coffee mug had a Santa Claus on it.  While sometimes one might wish not to be a patron of a popular place, this little cafe deserves its popularity so I am glad to support it and that so many others do too.  One of these servers in particular always seems so happy to see us and today she announced that we are her favourite trio. 

After lunch I went to one of the two local consignment shops because my new accessorising strategy is to go shopping to embellish what I am wearing that day.  I bought a silver and onyx ring (which I will show in another post), pau shell earrings, a lovely purple waterfall cardigan (also for another post) and a blue velvet hat.  I love this little shop and I hope they can hang on in this economy and this world of WalMarts.  When I entered the shop a woman I know though have not seen in a good decade was trying on a pair of boots.   She looked up and said, "Oh we know each other" and immediately made to give me a hug.  In case she had not remembered my name, I said "Hi Pippa, yes it's me, Shawna."  I was then informed that I look great and smell good.  This made my head big so I had to buy a hat in a larger size.  A nice squashy blue velvet hat.  I am most pleased with it!

The earrings look like this. One is not actually darker than the other, that's just the lighting.

Surprises came in the mail so I am saving those for another post but I will tell you that Val is amazingly talented at wrapping parcels.  Unlike myself.  If you receive a parcel from me it will look like a toddler wrapped it.


  1. Hey Shawna, I am happy that you went out even though you were tired ... sounds like you needed the distraction.

    The cafe sounds awesome ... I love small businesses especially when their service is great. We went to a little place in Winterton called The Pig & Plough and my boys ordered tea and they got them in different old fashioned tea cups and saucers ... which was very pretty.

    Love the new blue hat ... you are going to get good us out of it.

    Hope you are having a restful weekend.

  2. do you look cute in that hat!!!
    seem that it was a great day out despite the feeling of not want going out in the morning :-) your parents fav café sounds "gemütlich", something i miss in my small town. and your new shopping strategy was successful again! and you got compliments! (hope you´d take them with manners ;-) )
    the earrings are beautiful, really like thoughtful used "natural" materials in jewelry.

  3. That cute hat doesn't look big on you one bit. We all can use a head swelling once in a while. So gracious of you to mention your name to make sure she remembered.
    You do love blue! I should have sent you a blue scar instead of the green one. Well, maybe Sophie can wear it? ;D

    1. I also love green! Blue, green, purple, red and brown are the colours I shop for other than black and grey. I end up with a lot of blue but that's not for lack of searching for green. I love that scarf and thank you so much for sending it to me.

  4. Fabulous layering for a rainy day.
    Thank you for your lovely comments, they mean a lot to me.
    See you tomorrow sharing your style.

  5. It's good to see your face up close! The hat is great on you, and you look wonderful in blue! You also look very slim - I think you lost weight, yes? Lovely earrings, they will look good with so many of your outfits.

    Glad that you had a good time with Mum and Dad, and the cafe sounds truly cozy. I love places like that. Santa mug in Summer - why not? :) Walmart mentality affects people in the most weird ways - there is so little appreciation in some towards fine art or fine services which are done with love. I got so burned out by that.

    Your parcel was wrapped just fine! I can witness. :) xxxxxx

    1. LOL-no I am the same weight as always but I look slimmer or not in various photos depending on how the light hits me and what I am wearing. My love of voluminous clothing is probably not always the most slimming and I have a face that looks sort of puffy in bright light. Well I shall probably never need botox.

  6. I'm glad you made the effort to go out as you found that gorgeous velvet hat, the perfect topper with your outfit. How nice to bump into Pippa after ten years, too. Could it be the rekindling of an old friendship? She's obviously a woman of good taste, complimenting you and shopping second-hand!
    Love the sound of that cafe. Individually run places doing well are quite a rarity around here, people shun them for soulless holes like McDonalds or Costa Coffee. I wonder if your Dad is the chosen one to get the Santa mug? There's a fair we sometimes work and the favourite seller gets the Barry Manilow mug. xxx

  7. Very long skirts and rain, they are not very compatible for me either. And I laughed when you said your head grew another size bigger. Ha! I always enjoy your posts, Shawna. Your cafe sounds very welcoming, especially on a rainy day.

  8. What a cute hat! It's perfect on you. I like the idea of buying accessories to match what you're wearing that day. Maybe that's the way to buy clothes and shoes and everything. Good tactic - I'll have to try it when I go shopping again.

    I'm glad you're impressed with my parcel wrapping! I can't remember what I did - I just use what I have on hand - but I'm glad it got there.

  9. I absoluteley love that hat!!!! You look super in it (are you linking up to Hat attack?!?!!)
    The earrings are super too x


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