Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The One You've Been Waiting For

Well it's not perfect and of course it will never be 'done' but it makes me happy and I am the only one who need be pleased.  Here is a little tour around my redone bedroom, the project of the summer that might have nearly killed me.  The walls required three coats of paint and the ceiling two.  Basically I bit off more than I could politely chew in good company but it was worth it.  Here I will share with you my pictures and the reasons for my choices.  I tried to use mostly what I already had, though it's a mix of old, new and new to me.

This is the view I have from my bed and when first walking through the bedroom door.  The dresser is pine, from Quebec and is antique by Canadian standards, which means it is around a hundred years old.  I love it and it was the first thing I piled in the truck when I left my previous life.  The rocking chair is a thrift shop find and has hideous upholstery so I cover it with throws.  The pinkish looking shawl on the arm is also antique and belonged to my great grandmother.  It's Scottish mohair and bears the label Glen Cree.  Considering that it has been in my possession since I was five years old it is in excellent condition and only recently has it acquired a few moth nibbles.  It doesn't really 'go with' my colours but it has immense sentimental value.  You can see Joni's art, the crescent moon calligram up high where a moon should be.  You can find Joni here on her blog, but her Etsy shop is currently on a break.  The abstract and pink roses are my own art and the art over the mirror was made by son when he was small. The vessel attached to the wall will eventually hold branches and peacock feathers.

 The view in the other direction looks like this.

 Hmmm is that a smudge of paint on the carpet or just the lighting?  I suspect the former.  Pretend you don't see it.

  Above the bed is a stained glass piece my mum made about 25 years ago.  She didn't pursue it as a hobby, but took one class in order to make this piece for a specific purpose.  When she no longer needed it she was going to throw it out so I grabbed it.  The two paintings flanking it are my own.  The bedside tables, which have baskets full of books on their lower levels, were bought new last year and I am very pleased with them. I'm quite drawn to Arts and Crafts style hard furnishings and I liked that these were small and worked with the space I have and the height of my bed.  The lamps are thrift shop finds which I painted and on the left that odd looking scribbley mess in the corner is a vase with twisted willow branches.  I'm waiting for more to fall off mum and dad's tree so I can add some taller ones.  The pillows on the bed are  new though the round one is one I've had for over ten years.  The bedspread is from the thrift shop and the blanket was bought new but dyed a deeper colour.

Why yes that is a pile of books.  Those are the novels I own but have yet to read.  It's my candy store.  The little table in the corner draped in textiles is actually a drum.  The drum was made by a local artisan and I purchased it during my vegan phase so the top is wood as I refused to have a drum made with animal skin.  The curtains are cotton voile and the colourful bits on the side are scarves I bought because I fell in love with them, they were large and on sale and I just knew that some day I would have a good reason to be in possession of four of them.  I need those wall mounted curtain holdbacks but for now I have tied my curtains with twine.  I am quite fond of twine. Just under the window on the right you can see an uncovered electrical outlet.  I need new white covers and switches and that has been added to a small list of reasons why I need to hire an electrician soon.  The bed was purchased over 20 years ago from Ikea and has long since been discontinued.  It's very solid though and while I no longer love it as my taste has changed, it does the job.  In a perfect world I would paint it black gloss but that won't happen.

The closet door seems a good place to hang the next day's outfit.

Yet another socket that needs addressing.  I bought this tee shirt in a thrift shop despite it being too small for me.  The hanger is one of two I have which were apparently pilfered by my grandmother from the ship they took when they emigrated from England to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  It was a Dutch ship but the hangers seem to be printed in a Scandinavian language.  The ship sank the year after my family travelled on it. 

Okay now on to the cat.....

The evil beast.  She follows me from room to room to make sure I'm not having fun without her.

Jumbles of baubles, burnt matches and incense ashes.  I adore the fragrance of 4711 cologne and the bottles are so pretty too.

I am rather mad for textiles so for any other textile-o-philes out there I've thoughtfully provided some close ups and some of them are even in focus.

                                              Not this one.

And here is a look at some of the art you may not have seen before.

Joni's delightful little moon looks like this close up, but it's a rather poor photo with a bit of glare.  Sorry, Joni.

Well there you have it.  I won't be having my decorating work featured in any magazines anytime soon but I have achieved a room that makes me happy.  I am sure that more plants, more books, more art and definitely more things that are blue-violet will make their way in.  I have lots of red-violet and teal-blue.  I am lately craving hanging plants so a few rooms are likely to get some of those and I would love a colourful rug beside the bed but have yet to find the right one.  I much prefer home decor that evolves rather than an all done at once and too well matched look.  The off white walls are making me very happy and so is my abundance of jewel-toned colour.  What soothes one person irritates the next.  While I could have enjoyed walls painted in any of the jewel tones, I would grow tired of having my colours dictated to me by the walls.  I have achieved what works for me and the psychological effect is significant.  The room feels clean, fresh, uplifting and yet also soothing.  And if I splotch more paint on the carpet perhaps that will be a good enough excuse to replace it soon!


  1. apart from the fact that you apologize once again in the very first sentence - the new bedroom is beautiful!!!! :-)
    all the fabrics, colors and great art, the wooden furniture and and vintage nick-nacks build a inviting warm cosy room - right for an artist to relax!
    i´m a huge fan of 4711 too, actually it´s my signature fragrance since ages. "real" perfume i find often to much, especially modern ones.
    thanx for sharing the lovely room with us - and for your anniversary wishes!!!!

  2. Your bedroom looks delightful, Shawna - a clean fresh background of white to display your treasured art and textiles and beloved colours. It works a treat! And Sophie clearly agrees. xxx

  3. Shawna you've done a great job here. Looks great. Cool dresser and paintings. Thanks for showing us around. xo

  4. So glad you found a solution! Colour can be a boon or a bane. I love white on white but like you, struggle to keep the colour out. I love your solution but I probably would have put colour on the walls too! I think I am slightly more chaotic in my living and decorating :-) I too love textiles. Thanks for the closeups! My favourite is the teal green one. I looove all your artworks around. They really capture your colour mood. By the way your paint job is exquisite! Now you'll just have to keep marks off it. No furniture near the walls or gardening fingers !! I bet you just walk in and smile now. I would! Just sit there staring at your wonderful not goldy green walls. Xo JJ

  5. What a beautiful room. I love the mix of colors, and old and new. The stained glass piece is my favorite, especially knowing your mom made it!

  6. Your bed and the colours on it are fantastic! Very luxurious looking. Bit of a Moroccan vibe.


  7. Oh my gosh Shawna!! WE even decorate alike. So much!! I do the scarf thing over a mirror too. And that perfume you have on your dresser, I love that stuff. One of my favorite shirts from my past was a t shirt with that print all over the entire thing. I bought it at a thrift store in Alaska back in the early 80's. I forgot all about it until I saw this.
    Your art looks gorgeous too! Now you've got me wanting to make some changes. I need a silver tray for my dresser!

  8. You are bohemian! What a cozy and whimsical bedroom, Shawna! Congrats on completing the work - it's a lot in my book. And I agree that interiors always evolve (much like outfits, really). I love it that you have so many personally meaningful items around you - something from your ancestors (which I have NONE, sadly - the very little they had, they did not save). Happy for you! And thanks for sharing your world with us!!! xxxxx

  9. I think your bedroom is a triumph! it's just beautiful, gorgeous natural light and lots of rich texture and depth, it's serene and relaxing - decorating really is a loathsome experience, but what you have created is beautiful (and I love you have family pieces in there too! makes it even more comforting) and paint on carpets? I hear it's the next big thing! I have a few artistic splodges too! I have missed you! x x x

  10. It looks lovely and comfortable and welcoming ... well done.

  11. Well done on your "summer project" ... it looks gorgeous with all the different colours and textiles. Hope you enjoy it for a long time.


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