Friday, 26 September 2014

Tie Dye and Toughness All I One Day

I woke up to weather pretending to have returned to summer.  Oh it's still cooler but the clouds and cleared and the sun was out so I decided to put on some tie dye for one last time before I put it at the back of the closet until next summer.  If fashionistas everywhere are not confidently breaking the no white after Labour Day rule surely I can break any possible rules about tie-dye too.

Digression: Friends in the UK, do you or did you have that rule in the UK?  There is no Labour Day in the UK so is it no white after summer?  Or are you free of such tyranny?

For a day staying home, I eschew accessories and footwear. The tie-dyed tee-shirt dress is one I wear a lot in summer as it is so comfortable and contains my favourite colours.  What more could I want?  I usually pair it with a layer or two and in this case I've got a purple peplum top (try saying that fast a few times) from the thrift shop and some cropped leggings.

Then I decided to play a little game of What If I Were Going Out.....

I may be breaking more rules here by chopping up my legs but I don't hate this.  And I love the leather jacket which I found in a thrift shop last spring, apparently new and not worn (still had tags).  I decided it was a bit too stiff and crisp for my liking though so for the past couple of days I have been scrunching it up and sitting on it.  I have since successfully hatched a softer and more used looking jacket.

My favourite orange cowboy boots!  Actually my only cowboy boots!  The magic waist thickening wool zipper sweater with the faux-fur hood is also a thrift shop find.

And then something odd happened to my head.....

It has something to do with the painting behind me, refelctions in glass and odd angles, but I now seem to have extra lumps on my head which detract from the lovely shawl and the stylish bandage on my arm.

I popped on a nice fuzzy blue beret but remained somewhat lumpen...

The navy cardigan is merino wool and features draped sides and a hood which you cannot see.  The cardigan remained on for much of the day as the clouds and autumn weather reappeared in the afternoon.

And Sophie, who had no interest at all in what I wore, happily played with her bubble wrap.

Oh I nearly forgot....yes I was tough today.  No easy feat for me, The Queen of Too Nice.  I employ a woman to help clean my home as I am not able to take on the tasks beyond cooking, dishes and laundry, or if I did I would have nothing else to my life at all.  Unfortunately, although she was very nice, she was not very good at cleaning.  For awhile I looked the other way, telling myself it was good enough, but after awhile I got frustrated with what didn't get cleaned and her apparent eagerness to leave ten minutes shy of the two hours I paid her for.  Was she taking advantage of my niceness?  Was she just sort of clueless about cleaning?  Is it some sort of combination of both?  I don't know but I called her and told her I no longer required her services.  I confess I did not have the courage to tell her it was due to sloppy work, but alluded to no longer having it in my budget to hire her.  My theory is that I don't.  I no longer have it in my budget to pay for a poor job.  I have hired a new cleaner and will do a better of job of making my expectations and standards clear and of speaking up if it is not good enough.  This will be easier because I have hired a company instead of an individual taking cash under the table.  If you are tougher than I am you might have handled this sooner and with more confidence but for me it is an accomplishment to have dealt with this.  As a parent or a teacher I have no problem being assertive but in many other areas of life I do.

This deserves a glass of wine and a nice bubble bath.  Oh okay I would have those things anyway, but at least I can feel proud of myself while I indulge.

Note:  I wrote this yesterday and then posted my gratitude post instead.  


  1. I love this!! I think I have that same leather jacket too. There we go again. And I WISH I could hire a cleaning lady. I'm so tired of the build-up. Probably why I have allergies.

    I love zooming in on your stack of books when I'm on my tablet to see if I recognize anything. I love them displayed like that. In fact, I just love books on their sides. period.

    You know, the skirt with the "highly in fashion" peplum top and mid length leggings looks so much like how I saw the women in Barcelona dress when I was there in 2005. Then you threw on that beret, and I was there all over again!! But actually, not to take the show away from Style Crone...who is actually there right now.

    By the way, I play "what if I were going out" at home all the time. I figure that way I'm ready for anything. More than half the time I end up going nowhere except maybe a walk to the store or take the dog around the blog, I mean block. By 3pm I end up taking it all off and putting my cozies on.

  2. I like it when you are such a rebel. :) That leather jacket is pretty cool, and I love the sweater with fur - I had a similar one in a warm oatmeal color, but donated it a few years ago. Lovely scarf too!

    Hope you feel better after your decision. That's how I know whether I made the right (for me) decision - only if I feel lighter inside after all. I am so so irrational. I had a cleaning lady one short period in my life. It was heaven! I don't really care how well they do cleaning, I just love the fact that someone does it, not me. :) I almost never have energy and time for cleaning. Thank goodness I am fine with that, and so is my family. Though we sometimes combine our efforts and make things a bit nicer. :)

    Much love xxxxxx

  3. Oooh, I like the fluffy collared cardie!!! Cosy! Ive never been able to reconcile myself to leather jackrts jyat because i feel they lack the softness and cosiness of other materials. Sophie!!!

  4. I didn't know there was a rule about tie-dye. Here in Eugene tie-dye is a clothing style that defines our hippie heritage and refusal to grow up (they also use any excuse to wear fairy wings here - on old ladies).

    I like your outfit best with the sandals and shawl. That's the way I'd wear it.

    Good luck with the new cleaner. I also have a tough time telling people hard truths, but I hope you'll stand up for getting a better job done. Or maybe you won't have to!

  5. I don't think that we have "Labour Day", although I could be wrong! It sounds too much like hard work to me! ;-)

  6. I just realised that you already said that there is no Labour day in the United Kingdom! However, I know of no such rule about no white after the summer!

  7. vavoom - love your leather jacket outfit! you should wear this when you talk first time with your new cleaner :-)
    our labour day is may 1st. and we have no rules for wearing white. in fact, white clothes in winter were always very in fashion around here - with all that snow it looks trés chic!
    i had too much dead today - a headless mouse in the garden and a very! dead dormouse in the basement.......... i need more than one glass of wine.

  8. I love your leather jacket and all the different "looks" you made with the same basics.

    We are fortunate to have a cleaning lady twice a week for a full day ~ she does all the cleaning and the ironing and my Mom, who lives with us, does the washing and also other bits and pieces of cleaning as it takes her fancy.


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