Sunday, 5 October 2014

Deep Psychoanalysis For Monday and More Green

Shopping became more productive and much more fun once I knew what I was truly looking for.  That may or may not be a good thing, I suppose. Discovering my true style, like discovering my true style as a painter, was more a matter of giving myself permission to be who I am.  I have always tried to be all things to all people or at least all the people in my life.  I did not always do this consciously and I think I also did it more as an adult than as a child. Letting go of what anyone else might want me to be, which is good because it's not easy to try to be a sexy, conservative, sporty, preppy schoolteacher-wife-mother-daughter and all of those were doing battle with my inner hippie-artsy-bohemian-earthmother-witch.  How exhausting!  So I let go of all that nonsense, said a few magic spells and stirred stuff around in my cauldron while my witches cat played with the toads.  Then, Poof! In a big cloud of smoke, purple smoke of course, I decided to wear what I wanted to wear and that meant two skirts at a time and not a lot of skin showing because that is what I like.  So there, hah!

It got briefly complicated when I discovered there were independent designers out there in the big wonky world making specifically designed pieces and calling it Lagenlook.  I like Lagenlook and I like what I see in many of the pre-assembled designer outfits but in the end I prefer to assemble my own from disparate pieces. That means no matching fabrics  in identical colours and textures for me, though it did inspire me to try monochromatic dressing a bit more.  When I had put designer-laganlook back on the shelf after a thorough examination I came across a Japanese street style called Mori Girl.  I cannot describe what Mori is in any even remotely brief way and it has variations and sister styles but it is also a layered style of dressing that is generally both earthy and feminine so that aspect appealed to me.  It is, as all Japanese street style seems to be, very young looking and I think one might need to either be under 25 or at least look under 25 to really pull it off.  That being said I believe anyone can and should wear whatever he or she wants to.

With Mori style the clue that it is intended for the young is that is has the word "girl" incorporated into it.  Not woman.  A Mori Girl is supposed to look like a girl of the forest.  The look is appealing to my inner ten year old but it is far too sweet and young to look anything other than like a costume on me.  Many of the concepts the Mori Girls try to embrace do apply to me though and are essentially what I already instinctively gravitate towards.  Something called Dark Mori has evolved for those who find the regular Mori just a little too sweet and innocent looking.  It has a dash of Goth to it and looks more like the forest girl's older sister is dabbling in dark magic.  I enjoy admiring the images in the same way someone might admire the look of a pin up girl but not dress the part on a regular basis.  It would come across like a costume and that is something the Japanese appear to enjoy doing. I do not happen to be my  town's resident eccentric, at least not yet.

Today's layers are a bit reminiscent of Christmas, but I say why should only Christmas enjoy red and green together and not let us have it any other time?  The green shawl is yet another of my scarf-shawl hybrids, which I have in many colours.  I could not wear something that bright all over but enjoy a dash of it like this.  Then I have a black cotton dress with a red tartan skirt underneath it.  The camera has emphasised how the grey stripe over red on the skirt looks a bit like purple so I will experiment with wearing the skirt with purple as well. 

For going outside, I decided I need a hat today.  It's cooler, yes, but if I am  honest it is more want than 'need'.   Not that it matters.  I am just inclined to be honest.  And here is the shawl-scarf worn the other way I typically wear it.  I am cleverly posed with a red and green painting behind me and we are going to pretend I did that on purpose.  A friend told me I look like a French school teacher.  Or perhaps it was a teacher of French.  Either way I only have enough skill with French to convince an English speaking kindergarten student that I am bilingual.

This last photo is to help Natalia count the layers, which she tells me is her new game.

I am linking up to Patti's  Visible Monday  over at her wonderful blog Not Dead Yet Style


  1. Shawna, this outfit is really pretty. You remind me of the movie Princess Bride. You might live inside a tree with Billy Crystal. Brewing a delicious gluten free stew and conjuring up some spells for the evils of the land.

    It is hard with all the options and different looks to narrow things down a bit. I'm always swaying because I like to try different styles. But I'd like to stop buying clothes so much so I feel like I need to just stick with one look in order to do that. IF I could afford Eileen Fisher I'd probably wear lots of that!

  2. This is such an interesting look and suits you perfectly. My favourite part it the green shawl and the plaid skirt peeking out.

    Only a tall person could pull this off I think. I'd just look like a heap of dirty clothes walking around.


    1. Ahahahaha! I was admiring your layered look too and wondering if I could pull this off when I saw Suzanne's comment. I'm her height, so I must agree with her. Tee hee. :D

  3. I am a fan of Lagenlook as well, but I am not as skilled as you in recreating it - our outfit is so appealing and authentic. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and for the referral to Mori Girl!

  4. maybe you´r not the town eccentric but you are the queen of self composed lagenlook!!!
    (i prefer self composed over ready bought!)
    to say it clear - you look very cool and fabulous in that outfit! it is so well proportioned and the colors play nicely together! applause!
    the mori-girl stuff reminds me of a look a dabbled around in in my early teens - which were the early 80´s too - lots of oversized tweed and lacy turn-of-t-century underwear, hats, lace-up boots, fingerless gloves. the world moves in circles.....

  5. I LOVE your shawn/scarf!!!! You look lovely in green.

  6. I do love all of the layers of this look! That scarf is so cool, I love how it can be worn different ways, that is what sells me on items: how many ways I can wear it.

  7. Oooooo I love this outfit, Shawna! I can't erase a smile off my face as I look at you here. It's one of your most expressive outfits yet, elegant and powerful, and all the proportions are beautiful, in my humble or not so humble opinion. Colors are very strong! Love seeing you in such bright color combinations - you really shine! The skirt is a piece of art, and thank you for showing it off like that! Those lines need to be seen. :)

    Mori is a beautiful, sophisticated look, love it. I think Japanese culture has the most expressive forms of arts and crafts on the planet - and perhaps it has something to do with their traditionally very modest and conservative upbringing when your own personality does not matter as much as society, family, elders, rules and customs. The beauty and freedom which are inside of each of us need to have some sort of expression in the outer world. Japanese forms of expression always blow my mind.

    We all have a baggage to deal with. I was never really a "people pleaser", I have a very strong sense of myself since I can remember me, and my parents are very gentle souls who love no matter what, love without conditions. It gives you wings for life, and it is such a rare gift as I am starting to understand as a grown up. Though because of my a bit insane capacity for empathy I do fall into traps at times to put others before myself and give so much more than receive (unhealthy imbalance). It burned me at one point of my life. I also was raised in the culture which seems to only recognize one way of doing things - there is the right way and everything else is wrong. Orthodox religion, communism (which basically replaced the religion), studying great literature which is really a mixed blessing for sensitive people. We all have to deal with our baggage, to heal from it in order to become who we want to become and feel happy and free on the inside - not "fake happy/successful" or superficially "I do whatever I want to" free... truly free, in spirit. And I see that this is what you are doing in your own way - seeking for inner freedom, and I celebrate it with you. Do what feels right to you, Shawna! xxxx

  8. I love it that you know your style, even if you can't quite define it. Looking at this outfit made me nod my head in agreement that it suits you beautifully!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this outfit!!! Especially with the hat and scarf done differently! SUCH a good look! So pretty and bright yet earthy! And you look v young in it Ms Mori Girl!
    I once met a mad lady called Mori. She wanted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to play this Christmas song of hers and it was a tune only. She asked me to arrange it for orchestra. Anything I did she told me was too classical or opera like. I tried to tell her she couldnt turn up to the RPO with a one-line tune but she didn't have a clue. I escaped as soon as I could, by crying! X

  10. Shawna I Love that outfit on you!!! You should check out this web site

  11. I agree with the comments from Joni and Natalia very much. This look suits you well. The proportions are oh-so flattering on you. The hint of tartan is a great addition to the entire look. It's nice to see you enjoying your new found lagenlook!

  12. It's funny that the green of your shawl is not a colour you would usually wear ... cause it really, really suits you :0)

  13. It's a lovely look on you, Shawna, and clearly shows that you have found an aesthetic which suits you, and makes you happy. And yes, a self-assembled original outfit will always triumph over ready-made versions! The Mori look reminds me of a blend of New Romantic and buffalo girl styles from back in the early 80s. There's nothing new under the sun, is there?! xxx


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