Thursday, 2 October 2014

Delightful Little Bits

I am not one to get terribly involved with seasonal decor, since I like what I like and I like it year round, thank you very much.  I do change my mantle decor about twice a year, giving it a beachy summery look half the year and a warmer, heavier look I consider winterish for the other half.  I am still living with that gold I don't like but hope to change it soon.  My mantle always features candles, the large oak framed mirror and the painting by my great grandfather.  The summer theme includes driftwood, beach stones, shells, coloured glass and a lone little air plant pretending to be sea grass. By the end of this month I will have changed the mantle but before I do that I'd like to show you something new.

Recently I added something just  perfect for my theme, it delights me to no end and is made by the very talented Val, Queen of Miniatures. Her marketplace page is on her blog here.  My little treasure just over there by the tall blue bottle, but let me zoom in.

Here is my little beach hut.  I can just imagine sitting here and sipping something cool, the smell of salty air, the sound of gulls and if I'm lucky a light breeze.  It was the seahorses that first caught my eye when I saw Val had this for sale.  My grandmother loved seahorses and so they always remind me of her.  There is something very very appealing about them, I agree.

Here is a better look at the beach as seen from the beach hut.

There are many people enjoying the sun and sand.  Just like the view out my window we can see sail boats with colourful sails and fluffy clouds piled up in the sky.  Val's talent for and patience with conceiving of and assembling these miniatures amazes me.  I have always loved miniatures and in childhood fantasised about both large realistic dollhouses and electric train sets with detailed landscapes surrounding them, but I have never actually tested my ability to put such things together.

I love how the reds of this little beach hot pop out from all the blues and greens I have on my mantle and yet balance the warm tones of the painting at the opposite end.

In keeping with this theme of little things, I thought I would share a couple other incidentals from around my home that are pleasing me right now.  They are nothing like as impressive as a miniature beach hut, but for what they are worth, here they are.

Sewing is not really my thing so this is still pinned and who knows when I will get around to properly sewing it.  I actually have two identical such curtains placed in two different doorways where a solid door was not useful to me.  One is a storage room which also contains the litter box.  Thus I want it easily accessible by Sophie but hiding the contents.  The other is a tiny laundry room off the second bathroom.  Again, I wish to hide the contents but this time I want a bit of air flow that I don't get when the door is closed.  The 'curtains' are thrift shop bed sheets and I have pinned them onto a tension rod.

Sophie also loves to hide behind this curtain and then leap out at me.  Her timing is a bit off and she tends to leap out when I am half way down the hall.

My other little bit of pleasure is also curtain related and is an upgrade to my bedroom curtains.  I once tied them back with twine but have since done something much more clever.  (shameful boasting)  On the day I went to Qualicum with my sister-friend, I dressed and put on my red leather flower bracelet and thought to myself, 'I need a pair of these to use as curtain tie-backs.  They were magic words I uttered because I happened upon some in a shop in Qualicum that very day.

And there you have some little things making me happy in a big way.  The parcel from Val contained something else in addition to the miniature beach hut but that is yet another post.


  1. This is such a sweet post. I enjoy looking into how others decorate their homes. The miniature scene is delightful. I have always loved miniatures. When I was young, I remember traveling to San Francisco with my family and visiting a miniature museum. Everything was so cute. At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library there is a miniature replica of the White House. Every little detail was in place. It was so amazing. My sons always ask why girls like little objects. I really don't know why. Other than the fact that maybe small things remind us of babies... Who knows.

    1. Glenda, I would have to tell your sons that many men love model trains and the whole miniature landscape that goes with them. I love this too but it usually involves very masculine and non baby type scenes such as logging camps, dockyards, sawmills and the like along with the train stations and the tracks running through mountains and along rivers.

  2. I, too, have found fabric serves well as door coverings convenient for laundry access and feline ambuscades. Both my utility closet and my laundry are situated in the heart of the house -- read "poor air circulation" -- and the original folding panel doors were a nuisance even when folded. So. I bravely installed rod pockets on either side of the openings, had PVC pipe cut to fit, then simply hemmed lengths of fabric and hung them on pop-it shower curtain rings. Voila!
    (The shower curtain rings slide very easily on the PVC, especially when propelled by a cat.)

    I, too, love miniatures. Have you seen Queen Mary's dollhouse? Or Colleen Moore's? Yes, of course the cats would destroy them. Your charming vignette of a beach house is an ideal solution to the challenge of busy paws!

  3. Dressing the house according to the season is something completely new to me until I started reading blogs. Its not something we tend to do in the UK. I'll put birthday cards up on the mantelpiece or some greenery I've picked from the garden when I've been pruning but usually its the same.
    Val's little box is very sweet. I like your curtain, too. We have a curtain behind the front door to draw across in the Winter as it gets so cold. xxx

  4. What lovely curtains inspirations you have here, Shawna! The rose bracelets look like hugging hands, and the red curtain doors are so vibrant and whimsical, love them! I'm sure Sophie appreciates them too.

    The beach hut is adorable. I keep an eye on Val's art for sale, she is very talented, and I hope to find something for my collection that speaks directly to my heart one day.

    Your approach to home decor is a little bit Russian. :) When I first came to the US, I was so surprised to learn that people change their home decor seasonally. In Russia, we usually do New Year decoration, but that's pretty much all. Though it's all changing rapidly these days, and Russians also want to be trendy and change their decor as they please, with all the Westerners, for seasons and holidays. I am a bit lazy to do it myself, even though I am not against the idea. I decorate with pumpkins this time of year - and cook them too!

    Hugses! xxxxx

  5. I too decorate my imaginary mantel that is... Gosh, I want a mantel so badly! This is like, the best thing in life! I want a mantel and a house in the woods and some wolves too!
    Adore the tin can, it screams vintage! Love the little seahorses, so darn pretty!
    The flower bracelet used to tie the curtain is super clever, you deserve some boasting indeed!

  6. Oh my, the miniature beach hut is amazing! I love the tiny seahorses. I will definitely check out Val's shop!

  7. When i lived alone i used to change my decor all the time - I used to find objects at the charity shops that would a great addition to my decor or it gave me other decor ideas, hence the perpetual change of decor - Now i keep it pretty well the same around here - Now the the decor is pretty well gone because we are selling the house, we have to keep it clean and simple -
    I used to do put curtains in doorways as well, it such a charming detail in a home.

    Tks Shawna for your comment on my blog - I will visit you still, i get your posts by e-mail, btw, i'm glad i did that -

    Take care


  8. I love the fabric you have as your 'door' ~ I agree that sometimes doors just get in the way!!!! Our study and kitchen doors have been removed because they take up space unnecessarily!

    Your miniature beach hut is absolutely adorable!

  9. i adore val´s miniatures!!
    and seahorses. cute creatures.
    the bracelet/curtain tie-backs are fab - what a great idea. and you´r definitely a witch - just sending the words to the universe and finding the very same day what you want......
    nobody can see that the curtain door is only pinned in place :-)

  10. Dearest Shawn, I lived in England next to a woman from Norway and she change the house around for Autum and winter: I suppose that is the Ikea idea. You have inspired me to get a few pumking of something for Autum; although we have a wonderful weather all the year round, it does get chilly at night in winter, it can get as low as 9 º c, but never lower that is the reason tropical plants a fruits grow here.
    Tons of love

  11. Seriously love the curtain tie back, very clever Shawna. Funnily enough I came across a ring like that yesterday and debated on buying it or not, I didn't in the end, but now I see the other uses I kinda wish I had. The beach hut is so gorgeous. One summer when our day light savings was about to end I got a jar and saved my own day light - for winter!!!

  12. I don't change any decor seasonally (maintaining it takes all my time! things break way too much in our house) your mantle changes sound lovely though and Val's beach hut is gorgeous, the details are incredible - I really like your curtains and I love that Sophie plays hide and leap! x x x

  13. OMG everything is so cute! I love that little tin, and the curtain tie back is super sweet! I can't wait to see the fall/winter version of the mantel :)


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