Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fifty Shades of Bright

Well, not quite. I did have four shades of purple but the sun came out and the cardigan came off.  This is a bad mushroom hair, lounging at home sort of outfit.  Bad mushroom hair can usually be tamed with a headscarf and life is just simply more delightful when you are wearing a purple smock with pockets. I could not figure out why I was having difficulties with the tee shirt underneath the smock.  It was lumpy and sloppy and refusing to cooperate.  I know it is a size too big for me so I had just written off the problem as due to that when sometime around midday I realised it was on backwards.   I changed it around and trust me, it is much better, but I am not going to the trouble of taking another photo.

Yesterday I got more gift buying done, as birthdays are mounting up this month.  That was most gratifying and exhausting so today I am trying to not move much.  I used my brain this morning, worked on my novel, made a phone call to cancel cable television which I never watch, wrote a couple of e-mails, chatted on the phone with Mum and now my brain has come to a grinding halt.  I am sitting admiring my ankles, which are delighting me at the moment by not yet being swollen.  It is one of those moments where I think Oh wow, this is what my ankles actually look like.  They aren't too bad really.

                         Things more interesting than my ankles.....

Sophie is an installation artist.  This work is called Rabbit in Shopping Bag and is installed in my hallway.

                        One day all of these squares will be a blanket.

In real life the lampshade is not at all pink but closer to gold-beige.  This colourful wooden bead necklace called to me in a thrift shop but I found I could not wear it.  I drape all my unwearable necklaces over lampshades.  Doesn't everyone?

                       The  geraniums are still persistently blooming.


  1. I frequently have lumpy t-shirt issues. Tis annoying. You look great in double purple. I like the headband muchly too.

    Sophie is a genius. As long as she doesn't wee in the bag. Our cats always used to wee on any disposable bag left in the floor. Was v bizarre as they were otherwise exemplary in their toilet ettiquette. X

  2. Loving the purple-y, claret-y them running through your pictures, the geraniums, the knitting pile, the artfully displayed beads and your pocketed smock.
    Sophie's art installation is a triumph, she's obviously trying to compete with her Mum! xxx

  3. Hahaha, colorful blanky!!! I must see the end result! :D
    Oh, wearing clothes backwards huh? Amateur! :D Last week I wore my sweater backwards whole day without even realizing it!
    Love this purple shade on you, and the hair is actually super cute!

  4. Now this is definitely Artist Chic! The smock with pockets, the scarf, the long layers, they all say "I've just got time for one quick photo before I return to my easel"! Purple is fantastic on you. And I'm glad to see that Sophie is getting in on the art thing too, clever puss. xxx

  5. The necklace over the lampshade is fifty shades of brilliant!

  6. wonderful bright hues today!
    that smock is super cute - the right garment to do art in. like frida kahlo inspired granny squares. or decorating the lamps.
    sophie is of cause a very talented cat - how she made the bags color pop against the floor and rabbit.....awesome!

  7. Love the lampshade jewellery ... never thought of that before but I am going to give it a try!!!

    Purple is definitely your colour ~ sorry the t-shirt was being ornery!!!!

    I also delight in seeing my ankles when they are not swollen which is not often and they are also rather pretty!

    LOVE your geraniums! This afternoon when I arrived home I saw there are two gorgeous yellow roses on my rose bush which I bought in memory of my darling friend who lost her battle with cancer last year ... She was my Yellow Rose of Texas and I miss her like mad! She was just sending me a little message to say "Hi!"

  8. That installation piece killed me. I needed to take a photo of the art my pug left for me this morning...called overturned trash in the office.


  9. Shawna, you are truly blooming! Love this outfit and your hair like this. You remind me of Miss Potter! Bright colors are great on you!

    Lovely photos of home decor - that's a great idea with lamp necklaces! Sophie is sure an artist, I had a good laugh about her installation, too cute. I want to see that blanket some day - I bet it will be so very boho, just like all your home and yourself.

    Hugses! And thank you for such kind comments you left yesterday. xxxxxx

  10. So many colors in your post... I like all shades of purple (have many purple in my closet and will wear today purple with red)... You look wonderful, exactly in my style.
    If I had not run every day long distances on bicycle (I haven't car), in all weathers ... I would only always wear long robes!
    A famous necklace on the lampshade. It's a great idea - I have many neclaces, but not useful lampshades... ;-)
    Have a good time


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