Thursday, 23 October 2014

I did it again; I wore stuff.

It is part of my overall plan for general well being, to treat myself to wearing clothing I like even if I am doing nothing but staying home and writing or reading, to wearing something that lifts my spirits even if my big adventure of the day is grocery shopping.  That sometimes, or rather quite often, leaves me with outfits to share but no great story to go with them.  Oh well, such is the nature of this blog: It's random and I wear clothes.  If you thought maybe this was a naked blog you will be sorely disappointed.  Or perhaps thankful.

 First, I am excited to show you a skirt I bought recently.  Or perhaps not so recently but I finally have a photo I felt ready to share.  I bought this skirt from Val, and it fits me perfectly.  I was so excited that she didn't want it since it just happens to have my name all over it.  I really love the way it can be cinched up and fastened with the buttons.  I'm sure there is a name for that but it escapes me.  I would love more of that feature in my skirts.  I don't like sticking pins into them, always afraid of leaving permanent holes.

I am wearing another skirt underneath the skirt I got from Val.  One can never wear too many skirts, I say.  Or maybe one can but I have yet to do it.

On one of our warmer and drier days recently I started the day in this outfit.   Then I changed my mind when I saw the clouds rolling in.

Boots and arm warmers went o first.  Then the coat and scarf.  I am someone who always felt privileged to own a different coat for each season.  Now I have more than that and so can be found standing in front of the open closet pondering.  Do I want the red one or the red one?

                         Love that hair!  Yes, my paintings are crooked.

I know it is quite passe to match footwear and bag but most of mine just do match; mainly I use black in winter and brown in summer.  So predictable, I know.  Recently I coveted a pair of purple suede boots but they were not in my budget. 

Sophie and I are seasoned super models.  In fact, we are super model astronauts.


  1. Oh, that new skirt is so gorgeous! I love it and I'm so glad that it's in your wardrobe now. :D It suits you so well.

  2. Shawnochka, you ARE goddess in the sky! I always look you up there! And in this fantastic skirt from Val you'l fly to all the universes you choose! The video touched me to tears. How much junk goes regularly through our heads? We just all have to make our best effort to stop this junk from flying. There is nothing "not good enough" about any of us, we are wonderful just the way we are, in all forms, sizes, shapes, ages, abilities, talents... We only need to remember to treat ourselves as kindly as we treat all the precious creatures in our life - our children, our pets, our elders... There is so much lie in the statement that "better give than receive". If we'd be only breathing out and never breathe in - where we would end up and how soon? It's the whole cycle that makes sense. Love others and love yourself. Give and receive. All the time. That's healthy. See you up in the sky! xxxxx

  3. The skirt from Val looks great hitched up and layered, and red and black is always a wonderful combination.
    Yeah, I wear clothes every day too, but don't always have anything that interesting to report - I just blather on anyway! Of course you and Sophie are supermodel astronauts - aren't we all?! xxx

  4. Hey Shawna, I remember that skirt you have from Val and it looks great on you. Love the photo of you and Sophie being supermodel astronauts - you are both stars xx

  5. If I had my way I'd probably never wear clothes but sadly I was born in Northern Europe so I'd freeze to death if I had my way.
    Val's skirt looks great. Wouldn't that be a simple look to replicate with the loops off an old suspender belt? Wonder if you can find one in a thrift shop.
    Good to hear that you had a lovely holiday and yes, you and Sophie are supermodels. xxx

  6. Love that first outfit, woohoo!!! Looking good Shawna!!

  7. You know you have lots of books in the house when you need to start stacking them up against the walls. LOL

    That skirt is perfect on you.

    It is funny how as women we are constantly needing to tell ourselves we are good enough whereas most men are always saying they are the best.


  8. hey supermodel!!!
    that skirt from val is trés chic! such unique cut and a very subtle pattern and color - sooo much possibilities to wear it! it fits perfect in your "lagen-mori" personal style.
    a bit turn of the century england, a bit witchy...
    and the black/red/purple combi ist fab tooo!

  9. So I'm just skimming through a few blogs (I don't do it every day anymore) and saw the picture and thought That skirt looks familiar! It does have your name all over it - it looks way better on you than it did on me. That said, I really love your black and red layered tunics! That outfit has my name written all over it!

  10. You're so Stevie Nicks in these photos and outfits! I love the layering!

  11. Oooh Val's skirt is v pretty!!! You look great in all of these! X


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