Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I was Exhausted but I Got Dressed

                                  Hocus, Pocus, Waist out of Focus.

                                             Business Casual Witch

                                                 Sexy Witch

This little dress feels like a party outfit to me, but I am testing out how I feel just wearing it at home.  It's getting colder and I am having troubles with my heating so I had to add a layer.  The unfinished Goddess is in the background.

I still felt cold so the more layers I added the further away we got from sexy!

                                            Birthday Witch

                                       Thanksgiving Witch

                               Stay at Home Witch giving the Evil Eye

                                 Cold Witch Piling on the Layers


  1. Shawna, I really like how you styled your hair in the last two photos. You look very cute! I also like how the green skirt is peeking from the black layers. I have a mental picture of myself when I get creative - I am in messy working type of clothes, like overalls or something, my arms are messy in wet clay, all the way over my elbows, my face is all messy with clay, an artist at work. That's how I am with all my blogging/clothing experiments now. For some reason, that's what came to mind here - an artist at work, trying, experimenting, searching... Happy birthday to all of your birthday bunch, I hope you'll have a wonderful time with good people! xxxxx

  2. Thanks Natalia. I cut my bangs recently have been letting my hair do its natural sort of wavy-sticking out thing. :-) I am a messy creative too. I usually have paint on my hands which I am not even aware of.

  3. I really like the "stay at home evil eye witch" outfit ... I would totally wear that :0)

  4. So many beautiful creations! I love them all!!!
    Are we obliged to show our waist and be sexy? It seems we almost apologise for not being sexy, or showing ourselves off to our best ability.
    You look gorgeous, and getting the full value out of your clothes :-D
    I think the first shot and the black and red shots are my fav.
    Did I miss something? Did you have a birthday?

  5. Ooh, you keep outdoing yourself in making new layered creations. I am so enamored of the black & green and the blue ensemble made out of the lace dress.

  6. Wow, so many special outfits!!! Omg! The sexy witch & Thanksgiving witch are my favorites ^_^ I love your layering, you're a master!

  7. Love the black and green outfit, and the blue lace dress is amazing on you - rock it up with some tough boots and a leather or denim jacket, and it'll look less party, more everyday fabulous! xxx

  8. Blimey, I'm not surprised you're tired, all those outfits! The birthday jacket is lovely, reminds me of the Nepali stalls on the tourist markets in India. The colours really suit you. xxx

  9. looove all that witches!
    but business-casual-witch is super! i´m sooo bored by all that B-C-style tips around the internet. in the end they all mean "be unvisible". but we want to be very visible witches :-)

  10. There are so many enchanting witches in here, I don't know which witch I like best!

    Did you make that chalkboard wall? I love it!!

  11. Which Witch do I like best?? All actually. See how layering changes the look completely, such fun and such a great way to wear your clothes all year round. So enjoying your photos Shawna!!!! And I have always wanted to be a witch, one that rides a brown and practices white magic of course!!! I do have the black cat.

  12. Ooooops! That would be a BROOM!!!!


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