Saturday, 4 October 2014

Insert Amusing Title about Green Here

Green is one of my favourite colours and mother nature was very wise to use it so liberally.  It goes with everything.  I have not found many green clothing items in the shops lately and by lately I seem to mean several years as my collection of green items had quite dwindled.  There are many shades of green and I love them all but not all of them suit me and then when you consider that I also have to find something green in a style and fabric I like, well, somehow green had been eluding me until recently.  My favourite green is bottle green, with dark forest or pine green being quite acceptable in its place.  However, the forms of green that I mostly have are that shade which is either a blue-green or a green-blue depending on the mix.  On camera they all read very blue or aqua and then my darker greens can be so dark they read almost black the same way navy blue can.  This is all my way of saying that when I made this post I felt I was sharing some green outfits which now that I look of them don't seem all that green.

This dress is jade green but looks more aqua.  I started with a tee shirt under a basic jumper style dress, added socks and leggings, a cardigan and then a second skirt.  The scarf is also wearable as a shawl....

     Just like in this picture above, where I have not yet put on the second skirt and thus found that I felt a bit naked.

I am quite pleased with these arm thingies, which we can call gauntlets, arm warmers, fingerless gloves, or old tights which I cut up.  The tights were thick cotton with a nice texture to them but would never stay up so I re-purposed them.

The next supposedly green ensemble was also a combination of blue-greens and black. As the owner of two black vests and a dark grey one, I could not quite decide which I liked better with this outfit and wore them each at various times during the day trying to decide.  I must clarify that I wore them separately and did not at any time wear two vests.

Yes, I do wear this skirt often.  The trousers are dark green though read almost as black in this photo.  The draw string ankles have white strings, as you can see here on my right ankle (my right and your left)  which irritate me in their whiteness.  I would like to replace the white strings in all my drawstring trousers with colour- matched ribbon.

I have officially recovered from my guilt about my wardrobe size and thrift shop habit and I shall tell you why.  Thrift shopping is in my genetic makeup, I am quite certain.  My parents have long done it and were also once very avid attenders of the weekly garage sales.  The popularity of garage sales has dropped off and Mum and Dad don't attend them any more but they are just as, if not more so, addicted to thrift store shopping as I am and I think it is now possible that Dad has found more trousers at the thrift shops than I have skirts.  Add that to his golf club finds and not only do I see that I cannot help having great thrift shopping skills, but clearly I am also not the only one with a full closet.


  1. I am also addicted, but nowhere to thriftshop aroun, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Gorgeous in blues, dear Shawna

  2. You look beautiful, Shawna! These colors really suit you.

    I enjoy counting layers on you! It's like a fun game. The color combinations here are so striking! I loooove the re-purposed tights, beautiful and smart and probably really cozy! Mornings are quite chilly here... I wonder if the green you show here is only translated as blue on my screen (which happens to some complicated colors like some shades of bluish purple or bluish green)? But very beautiful anyway! I am a huge fan of green too.

    Glad that there is no more guilt in your thoughts of your wardrobe. I am sure it helps to realize that your parents enjoy this kind of playing as much (or more :) as you do. My parents are more of a minimalistic kind, and I have way too much stuff for their preference. :) But they are very kind and supportive, anyway.

    I love seeing your variety of thrifted clothes and really enjoy seeing you creating all these brave and expressive, bold artistic combinations! Great job! xxxxx

  3. You look amazing in this colors (may it be more green in real - ), thats my favorite look! Like vintage clothing...
    And you have many real books, how lovely! I like books on paper much more thand e-books... I have piles of books on the stair, in this post you can it see

  4. congrats to the recovering :-)
    .....and what can we do against our genes????
    interesting coincidence - lately i was thinking about that green is my fav color but i have more blue (which is not a fav at all) in my closet then green. in the 2.hand store i find mostly lemon green - don´t suit me, don´t like it. but a lush forest or grass green - nada. hm. and i have only one green fabric in my stash, a tartan with black/wool, between 10 rolls of other colors. must change this.......

  5. We don't have many thrift shops in SA and it is not something that I have been exposed to ~ it is always very interesting to hear what all you have found at a thrift shop.

    You look really pretty in green!

  6. Love your layering Shawna and those arm thingies look so cosy xx

  7. Looking lovely in your green ensembles, Shawna! Green is such a luscious, rich hue. It's a fave of mine as well. Sadly, I don't wear enough of it. Truly, I need to change this! xx T.

  8. Haha, mom and dad buy everything second hand as well. Especially old second hand furniture and home stuff!
    I love green too, especially the dark grass green which is so popular during Autumn.
    And those were tights? I thought they were real gauntlets, they look awesome! I'm gonna steal this idea :D

  9. What is guilt but a form of self punishment and hatred that serves no one. I'm glad you've gotten over it. Life is too short.


  10. There's two types of people in this world, second-hand shoppers and the others! If I can't get something second hand, I'm not interested. Even my pets had previous owners.
    I call those beer mittens, perfect for cold nights are festivals where your hands go blue gripping on to your pint of cider.
    Love the colours in your outfit. I like all greens but bottle green (my school uniform colour), celery and cabbage! xxxx

  11. Ohh, there are so many things I love about the top outfit. You are a master of layering! I feel like I could take notes from your posts. I love the look of fingerless gloves/arm warmers so much. Yours are gorgeous! Finding they were a DIY job was icing. :D


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