Sunday, 12 October 2014


Creativity is a little bit unpredictable in my world.  I have days when I long to create but the body or the brain or both will not cooperate.  I have days when I do not feel creative but instead more receptive.  I read a lot on those days, study images and if I'm fortunate enough to have some stamina I get out.  Sometimes I want to be out amongst people and other times alone with nature.  It's rare that I both paint and write fiction on the same day; it is likely to be one or the other but I do sometimes have days of manic creativity too.  It takes me a very long time to actually finish a painting.  The process is slow because I paint what I see inside me not what I see outside of me.  I have to look with more than just my eyes.  I often make a start, shapes, outlines, colours, an idea onto the canvas and then I wait to know what else is needed.

It's a grey but mild day on Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  Today is also my son's birthday and I am looking forward to going out for dinner with him. I treasure time for just the two of us.  Not being a religious person, I do not particularly give any thanks to a deity for what makes me happy though our language does not allow me to express these feelings without some degree of belief creeping in.  I can say I am blessed or fortunate, but I am most inclined to say I am lucky.  I am trying to make the best life I can make out of what I have and to remember, on a daily basis and not just on Thanksgiving, the joys I am lucky to experience due to the many wonderful people who surround me, the beautiful place I live in, and the fact that I have the means to live a comfortable and pleasant life.  I do not wish to take any of those things for granted, though I attribute much of them to random luck.  I do believe that what you make of what you have contributes some portion of happiness to life.

Today is as good a day as any to mention the pleasure that meeting so many wonderful people through blogging has brought me.  My life is enriched by you and I treasure the comments you leave for me and the treat of reading your blogs.  You are part of what gives my inner world such colour so I celebrate your creative Goddess powers today. 


  1. I hope your Thanksgiving will be a blessed, lucky, great one for you and your family!

    1. Thank you, Glenda. I feel that it is just because of the family I have!

  2. What a beautiful painting, Shawna! Happy Thanksgiving to you, from Pam in the U.S.

  3. happy birthday to your son!

    around here they celebrate "erntedankfest" - harvest thank fest - in the churches at this time. i´m like you and be already thankful for what i have and the lovely people around me. especially DLM :-) and the actual harvest in the garden, even if its just herbs and radish and some wild berries. and two mushrooms!
    the painting is gorgeous! vibrant!
    thank you for posting it and all the other wonderful art - incl. your kind to write a post - and sharing your journey to yourself via clothes with us - and thank you for going thru the troubles of "translator" to read my blog and for letting lovely comments there.......

  4. Love your painting and your sentiment here.

    I too am not religious but take the time to show gratitude today for all that I have especially today.

    Happy Thanksgiving Shawna!


  5. What a wonderful painting, I love it. Happy birthday to your son, and a happy thanksgiving to you! It's always good to acknowledge the positive elements in our lives. xxx

  6. I love that painting! You can sure be thankful for your abilities and openness to create such a beautiful thing.

  7. Good attitude, Shawna. We differ in the gifts nature's given us but we should all savor whatever we have. Like you, I find appreciating art and creating art to provide joy and inspiration. I admire your efforts in that direction.

  8. Your art is beautiful! I am thankful for your blog too. Although I attribute my gratitude to God for thing things I have, it is good that we can all be grateful regardless of beliefs. I cam think of many people whose lives would be enriched by counting their happy things! X

  9. Oh wow, thats an amazing picture! Like the colors...
    It reminds me of the time when I even painted, but that was two decades earlier. Maybe I'll find an especially picture of that time (many are lost), I will show it in the blog.
    The means for a comfortable life I had and have not always, and my eyes want not playing with... so I lost a lot of creativity ... well, that's life.
    The next days will spend in hospital, I'll come and read your blog later again ...
    Have a great and quiet time

  10. Hey Shawna, Happy Thanksgiving ... and Happy Birthday to your son!

    I LOVE your painting! It speaks volumes to me as did your post.

  11. Happy Birthday to your son! And congratulations to you on bringing such a beautiful child into this world!

    Whatever different people might call it - God, Universe, Life, Luck, Mama and Papa... I think we all have a lot to be thankful for. I am glad and thankful that one day you found my blog and left a comment, and so our trails in life intersected. You are a very creative, open, kind gentle soul, Shawna. I remember this painting - it speaks for itself. :)

    I hope your holiday was wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving! xxxxx

  12. What a joyous painting, the colours are wonderful!
    Happy Birthday to your son. xxx

  13. I love this painting and would LOVE to have it on a wall in our house!! :)
    Happy birthday to your sun and wish you a beautiful thanksgiving dear.
    We had also Erntedankfest but not all families celebrate this and it´s more celebrated in rural areas.

    wish you a wonderful time with your family

  14. Aaaw,Thanksgiving is over? Wonder why I haven't been bombarded with Thanksgiving photos and posts :D We don't celebrate it in Bulgaria, but I like seeing how other people celebrate it :D
    I love this painting, especially the colors! It reminds me of an anime I saw...Kara no Kyoukai (the garden of sinners)


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