Saturday, 8 November 2014

It Could Happen to You

We've all heard the stories but we think it isn't going to happen to us.  Or at least we hope it isn't.  It took forty seven years but finally it did happen to me and of course I am going to tell you about it.

I had a lovely time at my monthly session of coffee, catch up and inflicting my writing on my dear friend Sheila.  Before I say any more I am going to publicly thank her for all of her reading (eleven chapters so far) enthusiasm and support.  I saw the fantastic photos of Sheila's recent special birthday celebration and we had our usual combination chat in which we did not manage to solve any of the world's greatest problems but we asserted out own philosophies on life and Sheila was the kinder and gentler version of the two of us.

While Sheila read chapters eight through eleven I slipped off to the Ladies' Room and that was when the first disaster occurred.  Not that I knew it right away.  About an hour later, as we left the cafe and progressed up the street a very kind woman hurried up behind me and informed me quickly that my skirt was caught up in my leggings at the back.  Oh horrors!  All I can say at this point is feck it, if leggings are passé.  I wear them like tights and thank the gods and goddesses that I do.  Of course, because I do I likely didn't feel the breeze on my backside.  This is what Sheila kindly pointed out to me while I was expressing my horror and then my gratitude for leggings.  Nonetheless, I praise the deities for leggings and heap blessings upon the kind woman who rescued me.  In defense of Sheila, she had not at any stage been behind me in order to notice this horror.  She hastened to point this out to me, but I must have intuited that for it did not once cross my mind to wonder why she hadn't said anything.  OF COURSE she would have if she had noticed.

The indignity of this survived, I completed my few errands and drove home.  Upon arrival at home and safely parked in my assigned spot, I realised that I had closed the door on my skirt.  Significantly.  So that anybody driving past me would have seen some skirt hanging out.  Good grief it is a relief to know I am home now and off the roads.  A woman who cannot manage  her own dress should not be out menacing society with a car.  In addition to these assorted mishaps, it was a really bad hair day and no headband could save me.  Although I bundled up for a chilly morning it got progressively warmer and was not a hat day.

                          Good hair days are a bit hit and miss these days.

After pairing red with turquoise, one of my favourite combinations, I paired it with aubergine for Dad's birthday dinner.  This dress is the only item left from my teacher wardrobe.  I think I've had it for around 15 years and I love it.  It's very well made, and very comfortable.  I bought it new but on sale for 70% off because maxi dresses were not in at the time and it seemed to beg for a tall person to wear it.  The shop owner just had not been able to sell it.

The details don't show up well in the photo but the dress is corduroy, has a fringe on the bottom and is a very deep aubergine or plum.  We could say this outfit is cranberry and plum if we wish to be fruity.

I have difficulty dealing with the flapping ends of belts.  Sometimes, with a narrower belt I can tuck the loose piece under the belt and let it dangle down, as I did with the red belt in the first outfit.  With this belt being stiffer and shorter in length I had some troubles .  Eventually I resorted to a less than chic solution which is hidden by my cardigan.

It's a black twist tie from a vacuum pack of coffee beans.  Usually it is amongst Sophie's toys but I stole it from her.

And here is a sweet little turtle pin I found at the thrift shop recently. This close up also shows the colours I am wearing, including the shadow stripes of the tee shirt.  The dress is a jumper style and must have a layer underneath.

And....I have my doubts about the wisdom of putting this photo on the internet, but for the sake of showing my thrift shop earrings-I don't usually wear costume jewelry but these don't seem to irritate my ears- I am breaking the no profile photo rule.  I suppose it is not a full profile, and I am somewhat fascinated by it since I never see myself from this angle.  I don't recognise myself. I always thought my nose was too small and here it looks positively huge.

Note:  I have added a couple more chapters to the Scribblings page.   Some days I like where it is going and other days I am certain it is total crap.  Ah well, it keeps me occupied.

I am linking up to Sheila's Shoe Shine to share my favourite red shoes.


  1. I can't find your scribblings page. All it says is Pages and Home. Are you updating it?
    Give this addict a fix...i cant go any longer....i need to know what happens!
    I love red and aubergine. I dont think i have anything in that colour. Will have to rectify that! I love the gorgeous little turtle brooch. I wore my fly earrings the other day. Flies done in silver! They look like they've just landed on my ears.
    Your profile is fine! Stop stressing. And your lovely alabaster skin...swoon! xo JJ

  2. Hi Shawna, Firstly ... Your semi profile picture is GORGEOUS!!!!! You certainly do not have a huge nose!!! and your earrings are very pretty.

    I like all the outfits you posted and was really sad to hear about the dress in leggings incident. I think your twist tie invention for your belt is genius!!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  3. The old skirt in your tights huh!! You handled the situation well, and it could have been worse, I have known people to have toilet paper hanging off shoes and other places. SHOCKING!! Love both the outfits and the colours are beautiful, so soft for Winter or is that Autumn?

  4. Amusing post. I understand the horror women feel at wardrobe mishaps like this, but oddly I envy them the opportunity they have for such experiences. It's part of female life. You seem to take it in stride, which is the best response.

  5. Well you caught my interest and I thought you were going to tell us you had a heart attack. I was in suspense but am glad it was only a hem grabbing waist band. I too love leggins, they hide the roadmap of viens that have decided to show up on my legs. I was once a teacher too am retired now. I love the combination of aubergine and turquoise but sometimes I add orange instead of red I will have to try your combo. Glad I found you at Shelia's she is so much fun to watch and read I think you are too.

  6. Both dresses and colour combinations are lovely, and definitely make the most of your long, lean silhouette. Whoops to the arse flash, but at least it was be-legginged! Ha, I'm quite sure we have all done, or will do, something similar, you've just gotta laugh! xxx

  7. We missed each other for some time but we are back now. You are so lucky you are tall. You can find great long dresses for the fraction of the price. Not so many tall ladies around so the prices usually drop quickly. The way you discribe your adventures with your skirt is hilarious although what you experienced wasn't. But can happen to anyone! You look beautiful and I like the close up photo very much!

  8. Hilarious!! Brings back memories of going out dancing when I was newly single. I was feeling pretty hot until after a trip to the ladies room attached a long wet clump of toilet paper to my lace up boots!!! While dancing under the black light I realized most of the people in the bar were laughing and pointing! All I could do was laugh and kick the clump aside. ugh.....humiliating!

  9. it did :-)
    love the earring pic, your profile line is beautiful and classic!
    and both ensembles are wonderful in color and proportion - the corduroy dress really is a keeper. for adjusting broad belts i use a thin hair elastic in a fitting color as belt loop on the belt itself.

  10. Egad. I've always been worried I would do something like that. Thank heavens the woman came out and told you. That is akin to walking around with toilet paper trailing.

    I love your solution for the belt. I have the same issue. There is an idea! Someone would make millions off of creating a solution for that.


  11. I love both outfits! So cool that you go that dress for cheap too! Ha, omg! embarrassing? yes, but at least you got to make a funny blog post about it!

  12. This is why I love women, they know when they need to say something, no matter how embarrassing it might be! Hopefully she was the only one who noticed!! It's always beed a fear of mine. That and the TP stuck to your shoe!

  13. I think we've all been there, sharing our arses to the world. At least it was leggings and not a skanky 10 year old pair of knickers, which is usually my case! xxx

  14. I love your profile, you look royal! And not ugly royal! The type of royal that is aristocratic and sexy! And omg, I laughed to hard at your story, I can't remember if this every happened to me, but I can beat you with my even more embarrassing story. Friday at the Halloween party I went to the toilet to pee and as I got up, I discovered the ribbon which was placed on the back of my dress, was in the toilet....the whole thing! It started dripping on the floor and I thought "probably a good time to stop drinking now".. I was drunk indeed..
    As always I love both outfit, especially the red dress, you're a tall hottie!

  15. Once I was out and about a car pulled up, the driver told me my skirt was tucked in my knickers, it's not the only time either. Now I have a thorough regime to ensure full coverage! both of your outfits are gorgeous, I love the colour combination, styling and your beautiful profile too - and thank you for your most lovely comment on my blog, it was a hand on chest, jaw open and Oh my Gah, reaction, I'm giving you a big hug right now x x x

  16. I walked out the bathroom back to a dinner hosted by a very respected wushu coach and her husband with the back of my dress caught in my underwear. One of my teammates gently pointed it out as we were leaving. Le sigh.

    Masterful layering, as always. :D I love your profile pic, actually. You have such lovely features; it's funny how we look so different to ourselves from another angle, isn't it?


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