Friday, 5 December 2014

Another Chapter

There is another chapter in the Scribblings Page and there is another chapter in my closet.  There are also five huge plastic garbage bags full of clothes that have been accumulating in the spare closet as I set aside the things I was not wearing or not feeling comfortable in.  I have to admit that many of them are thrift shop purchases.  It has been a way to experiment at less cost, though perhaps the cost of the overall experiment has been a bit high.  In the end I think it was worth trying everything I liked the look of on a hanger in order to confirm for myself what I really do want to wear and what feels like me.  Just because I like it that does not mean I am happy wearing it.

It's funny to me that I was less of a clothing conformist in my youth.  I wonder what happened?  Several things, I suppose but now I feel like I am back on track.  I am sure I will still make mistakes but I think I will make fewer.  I will still want a wardrobe that allows me to experiment and create layers, but overall I know what colours, fabrics, shapes and textures I want.  I know what silhouettes work for me.  When I look at my rail of clothing, at the stacks of tee shirts and sweaters, at my rack of hanging scarves, I see nothing but colours that make me sigh with happiness.  I see fabric I want to wrap myself up in.  I see that it looks like Shawna lives here.

I am wishing everyone a lovely weekend and not I must dash off and build an ark.

                                       From the Sophie Archives


  1. I also tried out a lot of styles with thrift stuff, and a lot of it went back. Although I did sell a few things so I guess I broke even. Live and learn, huh?

    Sophie is so friggin' adorable!

  2. That is such a sweeeeet photo of Sophie. How happy she is with so little!
    I'm with you on the experimentation via thrift stores. But I also realized too that much of what I was recycling out of my closet was in fact the thrift store purchases. But if it's a classic piece I will hang on to it.
    I recently did much the same thing when I started this new job. I splurged on a few things via Nordstrom but ended up taking half of it back because I just wasn't comfortable in it after wearing it once. Always learning what not to wear. haha!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Bare in mind, there are never mistakes, only lessons :D Don't be afraid to experiment, fuck the rules, do whatever makes you happy ^_^

  4. Just imagine, dear, a realm where you could paint-to-thy-heart's-content, never growing tired, never losing ideas, and always happy to draw. You maaay not like my comment, yet, I’m not out to please you. Lemme wanna tella youse Who (grrr - New Joisey accent):

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