Monday, 12 January 2015

As Long as I Have Tights I Can Go Anywhere.

I am just as comfortable knocking about home in a swishy midi skirt as I am in a pair of jeans or my pyjamas but at this time of year I am always cold.  Layers are guaranteed  and I think I am having circulation troubles as my extremities are often chilled to the bone when my torso feels normal.  I am very seriously considering knitting myself some leg warmers for layering but for now I am inclined to put thick wooly socks on over top a thinner pair of tights.  Leggings or tights with my skirts are a must, even indoors, though I am also likely to add a scarf and some fingerless gloves.  There is nothing wrong with the heating in my home, it is the heating in my body that is a bit wonky.  I love where I live but it is admittedly a damp climate and I am really feeling that this winter.

I've done a bit of experimenting trying to find a better photographing spot, with a good background and good light.  I tried the front door, but could not escape a very yellowish cast to the light, so the colours are just not quite right in this photo.  The best I could do in photo editing was to get the lighting a bit more peachy toned. These layers are a typical set of at home lagens, and I am on my way out to collect the mail so I've got my boots on.  The middles layer is a cotton dress that was once black but I bleached it to a rosy brown and am quite pleased with it.  The under layer is a red dress which I am tweaking, trying to get the colour a bit more cool and muted.  I over-dyed it grey and that has helped (though it still looks very bright in this photo) but I may play a bit more with it.  the cotton tunic on top was once beige but I dyed it a mauve rose colour which I love. The scarf is a raspberry pink, not properly represented in this photo either.   Black tights have been replaced with brown ones (or grey or navy as needed)  I don't have any brown leggings but if I did I would have likely had those on with this outfit. Hair is awful but growing.  Face is the same old face.  The arm warmers were also once black and have been bleached.  I am toying with over dying them as well.  So why am I showing this photo? No idea.

This location is a bit better.  Now we are in my bedroom with light from a north facing window and a white backdrop.  It looks a bit creepy if I leave a camera set up on a tripod near my bed, but this might become the new photo spot.  Yes, the hair is even worse.  Literal bedhead. 

                        So let's put a hat on it.  Preferable a squishy hat.

My dark colours to replace black are usually navy blue and brown although to be honest, while I love this outfit it is still feeling so very dark.  I think I am moving away from dark and not just black, but that is a lengthier process and as I am always saying, the pictures are making things look a little bit darker than in reality.

Shortly after taking the first few photos I decided to get out and go to a neighbourhood cafe.  My neighbour, who fancies herself a singer, was taking her online lesson and painful is describing it mildly. This required a hat for the awful hair, some boots and of course a photo of the new arrangement.  I took off the fingerless gloves and didn't put on the regular pair until after taking photos of course but this time I actually remembered to include my bag in the picture.  My laptop fits into this satchel quite nicely and I managed to fit my wallet, phone, glasses and keys in too.

I've learned a new pose.  I must have been moving a bit since the skirt is blurred.  I am one of those people who cannot stand without rocking the imaginary baby.

The cafe adventures and the story of the singing neighbour, I will save for other blog posts. 


  1. You look so warm and cosy. While you have to pile on the clothes to keep warm, I am stripping off to keep cool. You definitely suit the dark colours, love your arm warmers.

  2. I'm always cold in winter, too, and wear at least two pair of socks every day. I love the first look with the many layers - I see lots of that on pinterest and it's really cool.
    I rock imaginary babies, too.

  3. Hi Shawna! I really really like those berries and plums on you, and those cascading layers!
    And yes, those are the Soho Skinnies, which I own 2 pair. They're my favorite and about the only jeans I'll try on except for Kut brand once in a while.
    Let's see some more paintings!!

  4. I don't think I feel the cold anything like as much as some people; I mean I do, but I'm not one of those people whose hands and feet are always freezing, and I definitely couldn't handle as many layers as you have in your first outfit! That's my peri-menopausal thermostat for you... Lovely colours, the maxi has my heart, of course, and I am now considering what my neighbours must think as I belt out Show Me Heaven along with the radio. Ha, I don't much care! xxx

  5. delicious colors my dear!
    and i like your hair so full of life!
    sitting in a similar climate like you but in a old house with oldschool coal oven i would freeze too in cotton attire! from october to march i never wear cotton near my skin. wool&silk, a bit poly keeps me warm and dry. yesterday i sat outside the café, 2°C & no wind in just a woolen shirt, norwegian sweater, and shawl, with wool longjohns and socks under skirt+underskirt. no jacket. felt cozy and comfy.
    ok - one thing - i walked 3km to the café. this makes warm too.
    once i did read that´s are the good functioning muscles that help to keep one warm. i know that "sports" are a problem with your illness. maybe you can find a kind of movement for you to warm up?
    i´m curious what you did with your singing neighbor! ;-P
    stay warm! hugses! xxxx

  6. We're sweltering here at the moment ... I long for a bit of your cold.

  7. Hope your internal thermometer adjusts to a better setting real soon!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your photos ... You sure do a lot of work on the colouring of your clothes! Love the layering.

  8. I really like these long layers on you! And that hat is friggin awesome! I am with you, I am normally cold. My feet are ALWAYS cold. I have a space heater on at work, just for my toes.

  9. You posted that photo because you like the outfit! And you should, it's so wonderfully layered. Knitting legwarmers sounds like a great idea - simple enough, not very long project, and you can make them fun with colors or details. I love the satchel, very classy and just right to have a laptop, notebook, art journal or books - all the stuff Shawna might need while on the go. :)

    I'm so glad that you started posting more again. Don't worry about pictures - just post whatever you like to share. My first blogs almost never had photos - we're wordsmiths, that's the priority.
    With love xxxxx

  10. Some your arm warmers with the diamond pattern, can you overdye the red dress with green to make it more muddy?, and have you tried adjusting the white balance in camera before taking the shot (might reduce the yellow tones in the first location).
    I feel for you with the screeching neighbour. I sometimes wonder what mine think of my students. Fortunately we have some land between us!
    I feel colder when tireder, so maybe you are suffering from tiredness...oh yeah we know that! :-)
    Warm baths or spas and hot drinks are wonderful to heat your core. I love them in Winter. Warm hugs! Jj

  11. Beate's right, it is movement that keeps you warm.
    My daily 30 minutes on the Wii Fit get the circulation going and unknots my arthritic limbs.
    Love the maxi. Get on old jumper (or do you call them sweaters?) and cut the sleeves off - instant legwarmers! x

  12. I love that lagenlook sort of style you have! I'm seriously considering some legwarmers for myself because my ariat's are so roomy in the calves I get drafty. You look gorgeous, and I hope you keep warm! <3


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