Friday, 16 January 2015

I Am In the Pink and Peachy Keen

                                Feeling Peachy Keen in Pink and Cream

Today I am wearing a jumper with a jumper, depending on which version of the English language you speak.


The dress is a style I have always known to be called a jumper and I usually end up with corduroy versions of it as this one is.  It's a style I have worn often in my life and frequently wore it in high school in the eighties, causing some eye rolling amongst my jeans and tee shirt clad peers.  It's a bit of a preppy look and I don't usually go full on preppy but I suppose I do dabble in it.  This one is originally from LL Bean, American made and came my way via a thrift shop.  I like this pink paired with cream and for just kicking around at home I wore it like this.  This could be considered a tinted version of marsala, lightened with white but of the same brownish-pink(red) colour.

Later I added a few pieces for warmth though am still fairly minimal with accessories.  I am wearing my usual earrings which you can't see and  three of my never take them off rings.  I don't really like any more than that for around home.

With the sweater and scarf for extra warmth and my dark taupe (though not as dark as they look in this photo) suede western style boots I feel this is a very American Preppy look.  I suppose a bit of makeup would help but I'm too tired to bother.  The hair has reached a point that could be called a very short, layered bob, but photographs rather chunky and blocky.  I have a lot of hair and have had to take thinning shears to it to get it to behave moderately.  This outfit is all second hand except for the long sleeved tee under the jumper, the socks and tights and the underwear.  All of which probably come from Target.

                                       Some Thoughts on Pink

I used to wear pink often but tended to shy away from it over the past twenty years, mainly because I associated it with youth and frivolity, which were two things I did not want other people to associate with me.  I both love and hate pink, which I think has much to do with the type of pink that it is.  The saturated pink plastic found in the girls' toy section and in Barbie's Dream House makes me want to scream profanities.  Neon colours of any sort are not my friends and I have always had difficulties getting along with pastels.  I avoid  anything that seems sweet or which I associate with candy floss.

And yet there are pinks I love, as evidenced by these images which I pinned to my Pinterest board for their colour.






 Pink is a very good colour for roses, for lipstick and for toenails if I can get the right shade of pink and in those three things I never did abandon the colour.   I have embraced it again in my clothing and since realising that a certain shade of mauve-pink is inherent in my own natural colouring it makes sense that wearing this shade suits me.  Guidelines I use when selecting a pink item include the use of specific terms.  If I would describe the pink as a blush, shell, dusty pink, a mauve-pink, dusty rose or raspberry pink it is likely to work well for me.  I can even get just a bit peachy with my pinks.   Identifying particular shades often works best when they are compared with other shades so I find making collages on Polyvore is useful to train my eye.  I pile on everything I think is 'the right' pink and then when I see them side by side I eliminate some which are too peachy or too Barbie.

This collage includes what is my best version of red, a dark raspberry colour, more of a dark pink than a red but not quite reaching burgundy.  Burgundy usually works for me as well though and I suspect some variations on Pantone's Marsala are going to work also. 

A Google or Pinterest search shows marsala represented as a range of deep off-reds, some of them warm and some cool but all with a bit of a brown undertone.  Some interpretations of it look more rust and some more burgundy, making it widely suitable for many people.  The rusty version is probably the more accurate one but I am happy to benefit from any mistaken veerings towards something rosier.

This interpretation of it would work for me.  It is more of a rose brown than a rust and my understanding is that this polish colour is called Marney.


I know I have purchased similar shades from other brands and while it is a bit darker than I typically wear, I do dabble in it from time to time.

Do you love pink?  Hate it?  Feel ambivalence?  Are you like me and inclined to specify which pinks?   Do tell.


  1. love pink - all!
    i have no fear to be misinterpreted for barbie or miss piggy :-)

    your jumper - in german "kleiderrock" (skirtdress) - looks cool! pretty color and cut. chic and comfortable.

  2. Now if you actually jump, you'll be a linguistic tongue-tangler.

    I was always attracted to -- and forbidden from -- pink because of its cultural association with femininity. And that probably affect many women's relation to it as well.

  3. Love this post Shawna ... I love all kinds of pinks.

    I love the nail varnish colour however had to giggle as my hunny would say it is too brown ... he hates brown nail colours and I LOVE them!!!

    We would probably call your dress a 'pinafore' ~ Beate's English translation is also pinafore. I love what you did with it as you added the layers.

  4. Beautiful shades, and they really suit you! You look so gentle and dreamy in your cream and pink outfit. I'm not a fan of pink in general, but there are a few shades which visually are very pleasing.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Shawna! We'll talk soon! xxxxx

  5. I pretty much feel the same about pink as you do, but even a little less tolerant. But as I scrolled down and reached that nail color, WOW. Back in 83 I had a mauve purse just that color and sometimes think about that beautiful thing. That nail color would be beautiful as a lipstick as well. My bedroom walls could be considered marsala.

  6. Yes, I would call that dress a pinafore too. And the long-sleeved top underneath is... just that, and the short-sleeved top on top is a jumper. Or sweater, if I must! Whatever the semantics, it's a great outfit on you.
    I didn't wear pink for a long time, because of the Barbie/all-things-girlie associations, and I still don't much care for pastel pink or very muted shades. Stronger, deeper shades of pink, raspberry and fuchsia, I like. And that nail varnish is lovely. xxx

  7. Hello Lovely Shawna!! your dress is amazing, I really like it, it's so pretty and layered with the long sleeved tee and also with the jumper and scarf gives two different looks, I like that versatility with a garment (more bang for your buck!) - I do like pink now, all tones and all shades even though our house at one point was a bit of a hot pink mess (3 daughters, they liked pink....a lot) I too have warmed to it and especially adore a hot pink lippie! *sending big hugs and kisses!!* x x x


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