Monday, 26 January 2015

I've Run Out of Coat Hangers But I've Always Got Art

What would you do if you had my dilemma?   A self respecting mediumist may only have one closet filled with clothes but she isn't going to pare down to anything that resembles minimalism.  I am limited in my skills as a medium. I can foresee that I will buy more coat hangers because I also see more trips to the thrift shops, but other than this bit of vision, and although I like to chat with strangers in cafes, I am less inclined to seek out conversations with the dead.  So, not a medium but definitely a mediumist.

What is a mediumist?  I am so glad you asked because I would love to explain that to you.  I am an embracer of all things medium.  I am a very medium sort of person.  True, an extreme creeps in once in awhile but not often.  I am neither a maximalist nor a minimalist.  I wear medium sized clothing, have a medium sort of income, like medium toned colours, and general take the middle path.  My personal look is sort of medium, my shapes and colours, my body language.  How do I like my curry?  Medium, of course. How do I take my coffee?  A little bit of cream and sugar, nothing extreme.  I am neither this nor that, but somewhere in between.   And as a good mediumist I tend to keep my extremes out of this blog.  I am, after all, here to reveal less than you think I am revealing.  That is a mediumist sort of trick.

Of course, I would have a few coat hangers to spare if I weren't one of those people who hangs her tee shirts.  They get so wrinkled if I don't, though I shouldn't care since I usually only wear them layered under other things.  What self respecting bohemian cares about wrinkled clothing?  I care, but I also can't be bothered to iron and I am rather poor at folding.  Hanging them up is my solution. 


Not Me (Dare I admit a nude from my imagination?  It means admitting that I even HAVE nudes in my imagination.)

                               The Objectified Body, a water colour


  1. Hi Shawna,
    It seems I'm not around lately, so hard to set up your priorities, choose what you want to put your spare in...but slowly figuring it out, i will let my heart to the thinking for me.

    Anyway, all this to say, i think i'm am a mediumist too! I'm always kind in the middle...well as far as outfit some people would say you are extreme, right? but for the the rest i'm a mediumist!

    I love your paintings, this is something i can't do right but will when i cut down to 3 days of work per week- I'm working 4 days a week right now and busy the whole 3 days off!



  2. This was an interesting read. I am NOT a mediumist. I'm sure I didn't need to tell you that though. I'm most certainly a maximumist. Maybe I need to hang around with minimalists just to balance myself out.

    PS the painting is cool!

  3. both paintings are very interesting from a analytical point of view :-)
    even more for someone who reads your text.....
    ahem :-)
    i´m an extremist. in some ways i´m minimalistic - in other i go for the maximum. up to the extreme sometimes. doing things medium means "half done" for me. all or nothing!
    i know this can be exhausting for the people around me...... sorry all!

  4. Shawna, I LOVE your artwork. I see a lot of power in both of your self portraits (in the previous post and here). Nude is always fun - human body is an amazingly complicated and beautiful shape.

    I was surprised to read this text defining you as a mediumist. But I guess I understand what you are saying here. You are a gentle person.

    Thank you for your kind words, you always warm my heart! I think forgiveness means "I feel for you"... it's about compassion. It's not easy because we people tend to focus on our own pain. While when someone hurts us, it's really not so much about us as it is about them and their pain. To forgive, to me, means to have a compassion for that person. It does not mean that we need to invite them back to our life. But we can think kindly of them and have light heart about the situation that used to bother us.

    Love xxx

  5. Interesting point Shawna ... We always think in terms of maximum and minimum and not much about what comes in the middle. I think I am a mediumist in all things except my body which is unfortunately on the maximist side.

    LOVE you paintings!!!!

  6. taking the middle way may be a very sensible way....and resulting with more than medium achievemts!

    I do like both paintings a lot. It's been a while since I painted a nude. I used to paint them all the time, ever since I was a kid, but for me they're somewhat of a difficult subject. Human body is just a world of its own, so hard to capture it right.


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