Tuesday, 20 January 2015

OH The Efforts of Getting Dressed!

About a month ago when I was so cold all the time and couldn't get warm I bought some tights in a cashmere blend.  Of course now seem to be over that really cold phase and am bare foot most of the time.  I got dressed this morning thinking I might like the cosiness of these tights and decided also to give my denim skirt a try.  I am still on the fence about this skirt.  I am never happy in it when I wear it and yet can't yet get rid of it.  I want to like it.  So I began dressed like this.  The shoes are for the benefit of the photo and were just handy so I put them on.  I would probably wear boots if I went out.

However, I didn't get that far because half an hour after taking this photo I decided the tights were too hot and I was definitely not comfortable in the skirt.  Too tight, too short, not enough give or swish.  And yes there is a very slight dark discolouration on my sweater drawing the eye to THAT spot.  Oh dear.  So off came the entire outfit and the tights went back into the drawer for a day when I am chilled to the bone.   The shoes, by the way, are new, purchased on sale with Christmas money and so comfortable I could live in them.  I will only wear comfortable shoes.  I refuse to suffer for beauty.

Here is a nice cluttered photo in which you can barely make out my new shoes.  See how well they go with the decor?  Yes, I planned that.  Totally.

Back to the closet and into some clothes that feel right.  Not too hot, swishy, comfortable, and very me.

You think you have seen this skirt recently, the one where the camera doesn't like to focus on the embroidery.  But I have two of them, slightly different.  The colours are the same but reversed.  The sad thing is that I may have accidentally ruined one.  The good thing is that I am strange enough to have bought two in the first place.  I spilled a splotch of something on the other one that left a bleach spot.  Efforts to fix this did not go well.  In the end I immersed the whole thing in bleach which helped but turned it into a dark grey and peachy-orange skirt which really does not suit me.  Big Sigh.  But I still have this one.  The true colours are indigo and marsala.  Though I would not have said marsala until recently.  I would have said it is a reddish brown sort of burgundy in some light.  So marsala is much easier to say.  It is paired with comfortable and colour matched shoes from the thrift shop.  

In an effort to get a close up photo that would better show the colours of the skirt and show off how well I coordinate with my room, I took this one and several like it, adjusting the view slightly each time.  I thought it was turning out okay until I spotted the toilet right in line with my head.  Of course, I did this just for you, Sandra!

Showing off the bling Sheila Style.  I almost never do this because my bling photos turn out so badly.  First of all I can never deal with the sparkle which seems to make the photos come out blurry every time even if I use a tripod.  Secondly, I can never arrange the pieces nicely to show them all to advantage.  Thirdly I usually forget a piece and keep having to re-take the photos and then get fed up.

See what I mean?  Since I am one of those explaining sorts of people, also called a teacher, I will explain my silvery bits to you.  I am always wearing three of my rings, all the time, even to bed and in the shower or when I wash dishes or if I were to go camping-always wearing them.  Two are in the photo but the third is currently determined not to come off my finger.  They are basically silver bands with designs of some sort etched, carved, molded or otherwise formed into them.  Then I often add one fancy ring, something with stones and the one I am wearing today is made by a somewhat local silversmith from the town of Qualicum just south of me.  The earrings were purchased at a stall during Music Fest several years ago.  The story of my marriage is within them.  I saw the earrings, wanted them, my husband said no you have spent enough money here already.  Then he bought them when I wasn't looking and gave them to me as an anniversary gift although supposedly we were not to buy anniversary gifts for each other because it was too costly and so I didn't have anything for him.  I used to tell myself that behaviour was romantic, but eventually saw it as manipulative.  I still love the earrings though.  The bracelet is a thrift shop find and I would only keep that one on if I went out.  I find bracelets annoying when I am writing or painting or doing at home things in general.  Not included in the photo are two white gold stud earrings also in my ears and there all the time.

Now, fortunately for you, I think we are done here. 


  1. I must admit I really do prefer your second look. Not only is it more "you" it's just better all around.

    Love how you choose your shoes to fit in with your home decor. I'm totally going to use that as an excuse next time I see some cute shoes that I obviously do not need.


    1. Yes, definitely more 'me' and I think that denim skirt is going to have to go. I have been trying to wear it for at least a year and always giving up. Definitely choose shoes to go with your decor. It increases your options greatly. xo

  2. Ooo I love a good toilet photo bomb!
    What a shame about the bleach on your skirt. I would never have allowed myself to buy a second one, and would have been bereft. Well done you!
    I know what you mean about photographing jewellery. The autofocus has trouble with the shine in my house too.
    Every time I see you I admire your skin. That's what happens when you live under cloud, as opposed to the tropics and Australia!
    Cashmere tights? Yes please!...but wait a few more months. xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes, genetics, a dislike of lying out in the sun and moist and cloudy climate all contribute to good skin. Because where I live is a place known for water sports and mountain sports many people actually do get lots of sun damage since the snow and water intensify the sun's rays. You could have compared my porcelain skin to the toilet but you are too kind.

  3. Sometimes you can trow an outfit together and it looks really good but it just doesn't FEEL right. I have to feel right in what I wear so I get you changing into some more 'you' clothes. I do it often!!

  4. >> I love both your outfits ... and I think you look awesome in the denimn skirt.
    >> Maybe you could re-dye the skirt that you spilled on??
    >> I had to go back and look for the toilet ... didn't see it at first!!!
    >> I also think you have amazing skin.
    >> Love your shoes ... I certainly go for comfort over fashion any day!

  5. I don't think we should ever meet. We have so much in common the room may explode! I also have that table runner and I bet we have more things the same from there.
    I love you in that skirt, but I also need to be confident and comfy foremost so I would have changed too. In fact, I'm so hasty at times I immediately throw things into a donate pile if I slightly don't feel good in something.
    Your hair is looking good too!

  6. While my #1 rule for dressing is make sure you are comfortable, I would be remiss to say that you look fabulous in that denim skirt. You have legs for days and it looks great on you...for what it's worth!

  7. I'm with you on shoes - I too only wear comfortable shoes, no matter how "cute" and "sexy" heels are, I just do not wish to be in discomfort, even for pictures.

    I actually really like how you look in this short denim skirt - great legs (but you know it!), and with these cozy looking tights, it's a great combo. With boots, even better. But of course - if it does not feel good, then what's the point. Wear swishy skirts - your face lights up when you wear what you love. And this is a beautiful skirt indeed! Much love xxxx

  8. "Since I am one of those explaining sorts of people, also called a teacher,..."- ba ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!! So that's why I am the way I am!
    I really like the soft floaty Shawna outfit. And the other one too but this one is ubiquitous Shawna!x

  9. I love both outfits! And those shoes look amazing. If they had them in black, I'd be all over those. ;-)

  10. Well the denim skirt does look great, but I totally understand the got to be comfortable thing. Comfort made it to the top of my "clothing must have" list a long time ago.

  11. The toilet shot is very much appreciated! you know I'm fond of a loo pic haha! and you look wonderful! I do like both outfits a lot, I'm into different silhouettes depending on my mood, I think it's good to have options but I get the 'feel right' outfit, when it's on it's perfect and right and *breathes, all is well* - I LOVE your shoes btw and your jewellry shot is great! I can't really photograph anything close up and I don't really wear bracelets (weirdly small wrists and hands, whats that about!!) hope you are having a great start to the week (I say that, it's Friday tomorrow!!) x x x

  12. I can't say I prefer the first look as you said you're not comfortable in it but I do like it. The maxi skirt, however, I also really like....long story short, i like both outfits.

    The jewelry is beautiful..I love silver.


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