Monday, 23 February 2015

Good Day Sunshine

I don't care how 'in' or classic or French dark denim is declared to be, I have a preference for faded denim.  I have been known to deliberately fade newly purchased denim that is dark.  I don't like the trend where denim is deliberately made to look not only faded but also dirty.  I don't wear my gardening jeans as a fashion statement and I confess I have yet to embrace the ripped, torn and distressed denim as well.  I just like it soft, worn in and faded.  Preferably high waisted bell bottoms too.  Can we tell what era I grew up in?  The higher waist has yet to trickle down to lower end jeans available in my small town and although I am not looking for something above the belly button, because I am long in the torso, a high waisted pant will sit in just the right spot for me.  Remember how about fifteen years ago a higher waist was declared revoltingly unflattering by the bossy fashiony people?  Now it is delightfully leg lengthening.  They make themselves look such idiots when they rush to praise the latest trend and trash the passing one.  Ballet flats and leggings may have been declared so over, but I see women quite loathed to give them up.  I am one of them.  I don't care what is in, I only care about what I like, though what is in or out dictates greatly what I can find.

So it was a denim day today and I am sharing with you a photo that perfectly illustrates how to make your legs look shorter.  Just get that camera angled downwards a bit too much et voila!  Short, dumpy legs.

 I read that matching shoes and bag is so yesterday which meant I immediately wanted to do it.  The fact that they match has more to do with my taste in colours than in any planning.

It's not very visible in this rather blurry photo but on the scarf is a flower which I made from a sock and added by sewing it onto the seam of the infinity scarf. If I had any skills I would make a neat little arrow pointing to it.  I have few skills but I am really good at making rosettes from socks.

I have been alternating between crashing in bed for a day or two, and managing to get up and shower and dress on some days.  I have even had a few minor outings such as lunch with my parents or a trip to the grocery store.  I know it is an exciting life I lead and this is lifestyle inspiration blogging at it's finest.

Here are a couple of outfits I tried for those outings.  I have discovered that I love this blue skirt as an underskirt and wish I had three of them.  It makes all my cotton dresses comfortable for winter. I wore this purple dress and blue skirt twice this month!  It's a favourite.

This outfit was a bit of a miss but it has potential.  I had tried on a few things and after awhile I just had to go so as not to be late so this one had to do.  I feel that the turquoise dress is a bit too bright as all the other colours are muted tones and I would have liked to pin it up so as to better show the brown skirt underneath. 

 Since I am essentially doing a summary of February here, not including photos of me in pyjamas and in bed, I will add a painting-not quite finished but nearly there and lots of cat pictures.

              Matty-Mouse and I are wishing all of you a little patch of sunshine.

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  1. Ooh! Matty is here! How lovely. Looks like she found the sunny spots straight away. I hope she doesn't eat your knitting!
    I actually like that bright turquoise with that outfit, but maybe pinning it up would be good too.
    No skills? Writing, drawing, painting, decorating, teaching? And those are only the ones I know of.
    It's great to see your confidence blossom in dressing since I first started reading you. You look so great in your lagenlook! Especially with your steampunk boots :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I can feel the little patch of sunshine!
    My favorite here is that furry vest and the way you styled it. And of course the shoes and bag are perfect. That's my favorite leather color and has been since way back.

  3. Ooh I love that furry suede vest : )

    I must have missed something because last I heard you no longer had a cat.

    Trends are funny. They need to sell us on new reasons to buy their latest offerings.


  4. Hello Shawna! What a gorgeous kitty. You look great too in your rule-breaking outfits. Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday.

  5. somehow i missed your last post and the arrival of matty - she´s totally cute and i hope her older age makes a more quiet cat so that she fits your lifestyle better!
    to your ensembles - wearing the style of jeans that fit perfectly your personal taste while ignoring the trends is called STYLE! as opposite to fashion victim :-)
    loved the blue "underskirt" already in an older post. and the turquoise outfit is not that huge miss if some does´t know that you actually love muted colors on you ;-)
    aaahhh - and tulips!!! spring is around the corner and your beautiful painting wakes up some butterflies in my belly....
    hug you! xxxxx
    p.s.: i feel with you about the low quality stuff in the 2.hand shops out there in the wild west. here in the civilization one can find the nice tailored clothing that was usual until 25 years ago for a song...

  6. I'm more than a little in love with Matty-Mouse, what a beauty!
    Dark denim is what us older birds are always being advised to wear, I much prefer denim to look worn out and like its had a life. xxx

  7. Of course you should wear what you like regardless of "trends". Now that Seventies Chic is about to have a moment in the fashion sun, I'll be unbearably "on trend"... Ah well. Your trademark layering and soft shades and textures look lovely, though I confess to a real liking for the brighter turquoise dress too. And of course Matty is ever more gorgeous, rolling in the sunshine! xxx

  8. Welcome to our little sunny patch in the blog world Matty-Mouse ... I look forward to getting to know you better!!!

    Love your outfits Shawna ... Now even though you pointed out the short dumpy legs I fail to see them!!!! I think you look lovely in all your photos!!!!

    Glad you got to go out a bit!!!

  9. I totally agree about wearing what you love and who cares what the bossy fashion people say! I love that first look on you. The jeans look great! I do not think you look short or dumpy in the least!

  10. Yes, your patch of sunshine made it, literally, all the way to Vancouver. Thank you so much! What a boost a little light can have on one's outlook. The fashion pundits have to do something to make money but as long as we can do whatever we want, I'm happy, and so are you it looks like. Great outfits, Shawna! I'm glad you've had energy to get out a little, paint, and hang out with Matty-Mouse.

  11. HA … as if your legs could EVER look short and dumpy!
    I like faded denim too … looks great and is usually so much softer and more comfortable.

  12. So what us short dumpy-stumpy legged people are supposed to do then? :)))))))))

    Love your painting - so Spring-like, hooray! Matty is a beauty, and she even brought you some sunshine, hooray! You continue dressing up the way you like, and let those fashion people mind their own business, hooray!

    You totally own that blue and purple outfit. Do you know what's the first thing I notice while looking at outfits? The FACE of the one who wears the outfit! It's all in the face.

    Love and hugses! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I dislike trends so much. Who the hell decides what is trendy and what is not? And why? I hate when I wear something that is SO LAST YEAR and someone would even dare mention it, stfu! The fashion industry is a money making machine and that's all there is to it, people should wear whatever the hell they want!
    I simply love all of the outfits, the two skirts mix is a genius idea, and the vest is so...trendy! :D Seriously though, this vest is amazing, I can imagine myself wearing it in a cozy cafe, it's so pretty, I want to steal it! :D
    Give Matty a biiiiiig hug from me! ^_^

  14. Yes I love the skirt under the dress, but then you already knew I would!! Layering in Winter is such fun, not so in Summer, but it can still be achieved, with lighter fabrics. Now Matty cat is rather lovely and of course found the sunshine on offer, as cats tend to do.

  15. I'm sooooo last century!! nope trends go over my head but I do love the fantasy of Vogue though. I loved all your outfits, the blue underskirt layering outfit is fab, it seems to elongate your wonderful willowy frame even more and hello Matty-cat, what a sweetie! x x x

  16. I so enjoy how your style becomes more and more clear and the photos on this post are so much better. I even avoid the trendy stuff cause I know everybody will wear them. I'm in love with high waist jeans, made for a woman's body. I like this outfit and the matchy matchy bag the most!

  17. I was just thinking about you...Someone managed to convince me to join an art class and so far it totally killed my desire to paint and draw...but I'll stick it out at least until the end of the month. I'm not totally against them, but really it is not for me. I'm far too old to be treated like a child and that is how I I'm in elementary school. I remember how you said it's so cliche everyone expects one to get into one, as soon as one starts painting...On other hand, I'm thinking about starting a book club....another cliche, but I really miss talking about books with somebody, that's about the only thing I miss from my University days.

    Anyhow, I do really like all your outfits. I like how you play with lengths...and I especially like that look where you combined two maxi skirts and wore one as an underskirt...and it all works quite well with that vest.

    I know what you mean about trends...they always make a whole philosophy out of it. I really prefer flares and high waist jeans so I'm happy now they're in, I have a better selection. When it comes to denim, I like all kinds...ripped, dark, bleached, worn all works for me.

    It is true that the angle of the photo makes all the difference sometimes!

    I do like the flowers paintings, the colours are fabulous.

    thank you for your visit, I just read the comment, I was away this week.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Hi Ivana, thanks so much for all of your thoughtful comments. I hope you can get a really good book club going. I had a bad experience with one but it was just an odd mix of people and didn't work out. I recall my mum had a book club for years back in the seventies and it worked quite well. xo

  19. I like faded denim too, it just looks more summery and easy. Not sure about Canada, but the U.K. is loathe to give up on skinny jeans, which means despite bell bottoms (or "flares" as they call them here!) and more easy fits coming back into fashion, it's still quite tricky tracking them down in stores, which stock 95% skinny jeans, which suit approximately 5% of the population, so I've never quite figured out their continued popularity! GAP used to be my go to for jeans but in recent years they've fiddled about quite a bit with their fits - though I do like their boyfriend jeans (which also make my legs look stumpy esp as I'm not tall like you but I love them so wear them anyway!). I like your layered skirts look, I'd be afraid to add bulk but it really does look like you're just wearing one skirt! Do you get Joe Brown's in Canada? I think you would like their stuff if you do, lots of layers and floaty things and flattering looking denim. :-)


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