Monday, 30 March 2015

I Have Something To Say: When Do I Not?

I have composed a little limerick just for your enjoyment.  I am sure it is a prize-winning limerick.  

There once was a girl
with a little curl (cowlick)
on either side of her forehead.
Her eyebrows were crooked
and her smile and her ears,
and her swollen ankles were horrid.

But she got herself dressed
and to the mirror confessed
the effect wasn't actually too frightful.
She just tossed on a cardigan
over her dress and declared herself
truly delightful.

I have not been dressed for the past few days now.  Mostly I have been sleeping but I have gotten up to get food and found that I had a few good hours a day and could paint.  Then I collapse back into bed.  So there are no exciting outfit photos to share and instead I bring you a pretty blue anemone on my windowsill.  And some of my art work.  Do you recognise this person?

                                  Beautiful Beate on a wood panel.

                     The blobs get brighter as more paint gets layered on. 

I am always a bit suspicious of quotations found on the internet.  Some are definitely not authentic and I have not verified these quotes attributed to Van Gogh.    I love Van Gogh's work and am saddened by his suffering.  I am glad that art consoled him when he felt broken but I have to amend this idea:  Art  helps prevent life from breaking you.  Find your art.


  1. ha - you did it! although thats not my nose - artists freedom eh? - i´m really impressed how you painted the fur and fluffy beret!!!! vince would be proud of you!!!!! i feel very honored!!!!!
    with that stormy april-weather it´s best to stay in bed and only get up to eat or do some art. outside one could get hit with a roof brick or a branch.....

    1. LOL-yeah, the nose is too wide and I am blaming that on getting tired and giving up. I will probably fix it later. xoxo

  2. Oh this was a great post! I have days like that, where I stay in my jammies, only to brave the kitchen for food. I love that painting and writing are good outlets for you! And yeah, I have to double-check internet quotes ;)

  3. Art can certainly comfort people.

    I hope you're feeling better soon!

    I always love your colourful paintings.


  4. You are so right about art.
    Beautiful paintings.

  5. I love this, especially your empathy for Van Gough! I felt sorry for him too.x

  6. I'd recognise that beautiful face anywhere! Your art is so cheery and colourful.
    The anemone and pretty teacup would make a wonderful still life.
    Feel better soon! xxx

  7. Of course I recognize! How not to recognize Beate? You did a wonderful job here - love the textures, the colors... just beautiful! I would be so thrilled if you painted my portrait - if you feel inspired by the idea of course (and if no, that's totally fine).

    I don't think many people figured out why we are given creative abilities. But that's OK. We learn as we go. :)

    Feel better, dear Shawna! Hugses! xxxx

    1. Thank you, Natalia. I am so exhausted, I have to admit, and keep pushing myself because being exhausted is boring. I will absolutely paint you. You are delightfully colourful and have such a lovely face you are a perfect subject. xoxo

    2. You need some low key, yet exciting hobby... hmmm... I wonder what that could be... :)

    3. What frustrates me is being too exhausted to paint or write fiction or read it. I am going to have to start painting while lying down but how to keep the paint off the bed sheets! xo

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