Monday, 23 March 2015

I'm Going Where the Weather Suits My Clothes

 I asked my Russian Supermodel cousin, Shawnya McCombrenova to come by and model a lagenlook for you.  It is definitely a very suitable cafe outfit and that is, in fact where it went.  She has some sassier poses for you than I do.

When it's just me posing you only get door frame leaning.  I asked my cousin to demonstrate that.  You know, just to illustrate the contrast.

The boot socks made from sweater sleeves must be shown off to.  

Rainy windy, grey days have continued.  March has decided to go out like a lion.  My son, who is off on a trip to Cuba with his Dad's family, came around a couple of days ago for a visit and haircut. We went out to dinner together, to a cute little Italian bistro with great food and more than just pasta.  At one point we were discussing personal appearance and the perceptions of others and I said, well some people think I look like an elegant, nerdy, intellectual.  (Thanks Jan, I do love that one)  I waited for him to say oh yes, you do.  And he did.  Sort of.   He said, 'Oh yes, you have always reminded me of Velma from Scooby Doo.'

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He's my son, so I am guessing he meant the one on the left.  She does have the doorway pose mastered, I must admit.


  1. i actually like you door leaning poses! maybe because it´s authentic...
    cool blueish outfit - the blue shoes are pretty fab! had you and your "cousin" fun at the café? ;-)
    that anime version of the cartoon character is disturbing, not to say horrible. uuh.

  2. Velma is cute, so that's not a bad comparison. Besides, looking like an intellectual sounds like a compliment to me....I never get that one.

    I just now realized what happens to my body during my period, I'm somehow turned into an anime version of myself. Fortunately, not for long...

    The sassy poses are great...and I really like how you layered this look. Bits of blue showing now and there (underskirt and vest)...and wonderfully matched with that dark green scarf.

    Green and blue is one of my fav colour combos, shame I don't wear it more often. Speaking of which, I think I've been neglecting grey. Your outfit is a lovely inspiration for how to wear it.

    Thank you for your comments. Indeed, some people seem to need the pain....we all learn in different ways. I think today it is modern to always be happy and dynamic...and if there is a place for sadness in our soul, it might be there for a reason. That's what I think anyhow.

    I also love the smell of rosemary, it's a bit part of our diet and culture...but when it comes to sniffing it, I usually carry lavender with me. I love to have it with me to be able to sniff it when I feel like it. Does that sounds weird?

  3. Your supermodel cousin is very sassy and classy! I love it!

  4. You made me laugh with this one! Alas, I'm not familiar with the character, but I believe your son said a compliment, and yes, one side of you is very intellectual. The other one is very soulful (you know by now it is the greatest compliment from me). Which made me think... lots of Westerners go to the so called third world countries searching for soulful people and soulful, genuine living... while some people in those countries admire the intellectual, "figure-outable", measurable ways of the West. Aren't we people a complicated bunch? :)

    This outfit is lovely, especially the blue skirt peaking and your booties. I'm glad to see your Russian supermodel cousin and you! Hope you had a great time in your cafe, and your son - in Cuba! xxxxx

  5. Vilma is the brains. You've gone a long way in your poses and I totally enjoy your writing everytime and i absolutely love your sweet comments!

  6. You and your Russian cousin look quit a bit alike I must say! I love the layers, I love the colors, and I really love those boots. Good idea to make boot cuffs from sweater sleeves. I've cut off long socks for that purpose too and they work great. Now let's see some tennis playing shots! Oh wait, that's Martina Navratilova....wrong Russian. ;)

  7. Well we all know Velma was the real star of Scooby Doo so I'd be pretty happy with that comparison :0)
    You're rocking the lagenlook ... or should I say Shawnya is rocking the lagenlook.

  8. Such a catchy name...Shawnya McCombrenova!
    Guess what, I see a huge similarity between you two. So that means you could be a supermodel! At least with the doorpost poses.
    All I can see in this post is the boots!!!!
    The sleeve socks are cute too. But I need all my jumper sleeves. Hmmm. Maybe search some out...
    Glad your funky selves got to show the cafe their wonder and beauty.
    And your son in Cuba! How amazing...and with a cool new haircut by you.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Well, здравствуйте to Shawnya McCombrenova! I only studied Russian for a year and was very poor at it.
    Love the flashes of blue in your outfit and the lace-up boots are right up my street.
    What a brilliant person to be compared with, she was way cooler than the blonde. xxx

  10. Gorgeous layers, fab boots, and looking like Velma is definitely a compliment! (Though what the hell happened to her bosom in the anime version?) My eldest daughter proclaimed very proudly that she and her friends are called nerds at school - she agreed! xxx

  11. Nice poses from Shawnya!!! Although I think yours are just as good ... so yes! you could be a super model too!!!

    Love the outfit and those boots!!!! Want me a pair of those!

    I would certainly not be opposed to be compared to Vilma ~ don't like the anime version but the one of the left is just perfect ~ and I certainly think it was a compliment from your son!!! Hope he enjoys Cuba.

  12. HA! Your Russian doppelganger is HOT, young lady. Looking very knowing and worldly and superbly layered. I do get the Velma thing, but she's to short to remind of statuesque you! Love it all. Lean all you want. You sure can wear those blue hues, lady!

  13. While I will never be a fashion blogger, my supermodel door leans are very sub par! I really love those blue boots, great "Cafe look!" :-) I'd take the Velma comparison as a compliment too, Velma's look is far more current than any other Scooby Doo character!

  14. My comment went missing. I'm glad I check these things once in a while. I just said nice things. And how the new anime Velma makes me sick.

  15. PS. Sorry, I forgot to say that I think you're way cooler than Velma! YOU definitely don't make me sick!!


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