Sunday, 15 March 2015

Little Bits of Weekend

 Subtitle:  A Rambling Post

 My outing to see Ivan Coyote exhausted me but was well worth it.  I have spent the past three days recovering, mostly in bed with a bit of staggering around to get food and tea or coffee.  I have some pretty delicious things in the freezer so I've had near gourmet meals which is unusual for these mini crashes.  Usually it's scrambled eggs if I even have that much energy.  Let's pretend I actually arranged this delicious food nicely and photographed it in beautiful lighting and posted it here. Let's pretend I am one of those lifestyle bloggers who models a perfectly gorgeous life worthy of magazine pages.  Let's pretend my armpits aren't throbbing.  Yeah, I know, it's one of the weirder symptoms I get. Let's move on from that and admire Matty the supermodel.

  I have just taken this photo of my amaryllis blooming now despite my having planted it in late November.  I got up off the sofa, picked up my camera and took a few shots.  Then I sat down again feeling like I had just spent a day of physical labour.

                                       I love this deep, dark red.

The up side to this is that it forces me to slow down and appreciate little things.  I am naturally a fast paced person who is busy and just goes and goes and does and does and makes and makes. (You will find this type of multi-tasking, creative, busy person populating the staff of any given elementary school.)  After two minutes of sitting down I will spot something that needs doing and hop up to do it.  Or at least that is what I do when I am in remission.  I am not doing that now.  So I try to be grateful, or if not grateful at least to see the positive aspect of a disease that can slow me down drastically despite my intentions.  My body sends me regular cease and desist orders and I have to obey.  It's a prison sentence if I don't.

Let's get back to that bit where we were pretending I am a lifestyle blogger with a perfect life.  The great thing about perfection is that many times it is not an absolute standard.  Ask three people what the perfect meal is and get three different answers.  So in order to have a perfect life there is not actually much pretending involved.  All you have to do is take the life you have and declare it perfect.

Spring is coming and the birds are bonkers.  I am celebrating that with two of my very favourite early spring blooms, flowering quince and viburnum with bug eaten foliage.  These are from Mum's garden though I once had them in my own.  The paler pink quince blossoms are from a bush I dug up and divided, rescued from a neighbour's vacant lot with permission.  I gave one to Mum and kept one for myself. 

As winter works its way to a close, a transitional wardrobe is required.  For those days when you are feeling more than your age and looking it too, just toss on a cosy cat-scarf to really make your look polished and pulled together. 

Here I will add a visual reminder that I do know how to smile.  In no other way that I know of am I like Victoria Beckham, but with all my non-smiling selfies I will sure give the impression that I am aspiring to be just like her.  Honestly, I do smile often.  Fatigue and being self conscious in front of a camera are the main reason for all the grim looks.  By the time I set the timer and get into the picture spot I completely forget that I need to smile.  This smiling outfit was a trial run and I did not wear it all day.  The skirt is new to me and seems like a keeper for those rare fancy occasions I may encounter.  It is a very dark navy in the print, as is the tee shirt I am wearing, though it looks black in the photo.  This photo was taken prior to going out on Thursday night.  I am not exhausted.  I have just enough energy to go out and get myself exhausted.

                           Some day I am going to paint those floors!

My life is one great big never-ending long weekend.  I like to make a cup of tea and curl up with a good book and I am happy that in the past month I have been managing to read fiction.  I read and loved Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett though encountered puzzling grammatical errors.

                                               image source

Recently I finished reading this one:

                                                 image source

I thoroughly enjoyed it and do not feel the need to watch the CBC mini series version.

I have just begun this one and so far enjoy both the plot and Elizabeth Gilbert's style.  

                                                 image source

 The last two books here are historical fiction, which I sometimes enjoy and sometimes really do not.  Like any novel it depends much on whether the plot and writing style appeal to me but I have also found that I prefer historical fiction with mainly fictional characters and the characters who really did once exist only minor figures in the plot.  I attempted  The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B and could not finish it.  My dislike of the book seems to have involved both a lack of engagement in the writing style and the characters as well as a vague discomfort with a historical figure as the main character. 

A pleasant weekend pastime is to compose a brief poem:

Taking Out The Garbage

I walk the waterlogged-worm- strewn driveway.
On the long, slow return from the bins
bare feet in rubber boots make fart-like noises.

I didn't say it would be a good poem.

It is late Sunday afternoon now, though I slept until 12:30 so I am a bit disoriented when it comes to time and it feels like it should be around 10am.  I am looking forward to my daily game of online Scrabble with my dearest friend and it's time to go and make myself a cup of tea.  Matty is lying beside me purring happily.  She has been with me for three weeks now and has settled in so well.  We are a good match. I am a woman who needs a cat companion in her life and Matty,  a cat in her senior years who needed relief from the stress of an unfortunate circumstance.  When I go into the kitchen to make tea she will follow.  She will talk to me the whole time, telling me of her dire need for meat and how it has been positively hours since she had any.  I will pick her up and she will snuggle against my neck.  I will carry her around like that as I make the tea.  We are happy.


  1. How lovely are the simple joys, especially when they are so hard come by.
    I have a beautiful picture in my head of you and Matty making tea.
    Your poem is excellent! It describes it perfectly, and made me laugh!
    Beautiful flowers!! I'm glad your brain is well enough to manage reading fiction. Sometimes I struggle to make sense of words. That's when I inhabit Pinterest :-D
    Have a lovely day/night. xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I want a cat scarf! My pug moves too much.

    I hate it when my feet fart.


  3. Matty is far more compliant than our beasts, I want a cat scarf, too.
    Gah! Elizabeth Gilbert, despite her writing about three places I'd visited - Italy, India and Bali I loathed Eat, Pray, Love.
    Love the foot farting poem. xxx

  4. Love the cat scarf!! And that is a very lovely photo of you sitting on the floor smiling, no VB happening at all.

  5. that cat scarf is much prettier than my dead fox!
    for literature - at the moment i have a hard time to find a book that i will not trow away after the first 10 sentences.

  6. Shawna, you're making me laugh! You caught me on the last line of your poem.
    Love that photo of you smiling and sitting next to your pile of books. You look like a piece of that amaryllis.

  7. Matty is such a poser. Look at him doing all sorts of angles for the camera. Beautiful flower too. Haha, farty feet, annoying. xo

  8. So true about perfection!
    I don't know who is Victoria Beckham.
    I'm totally with Beate on books. It's a little better with movies though - my recent discovery is Finding Neverland. But most of movies or shows people are crazy about, I can't watch for more than 5 minutes, seems like waste of time/energy.
    Does anyone help you with preparing meals for your periods of crushes?
    I'm such a lazy bum myself - I don't even understand why anyone would like to go out and do stuff all the time. Sometimes, maybe. Once or twice a week. But not all the time. If you're always out doing something, then when do you have time to live?

    Enjoy your creativity, words, flowers, friends who care about you, slow flowing life and peace.

    Much love! Hugses! xxxxxx

  9. Matty is adorable!!! I love blue cats!!! Not seen a longhaired variety for a while! The smiling photo is beautiful and the skirt is Spring-like and attractive! xx

  10. Aaaaargh, the cat scarf is too good!!! I wanted to wear one myself, but my stupid cats are so traumatized by life they can't even stay still for one second!
    Always wondered about bloggers with perfect lives, there's just so many spread across the internet. If I had to photograph my meals I might as well name my blog "Stuff no one should eat".
    I love historical fiction too, but it's hard finding good's hard find good writers of anything. I've been looking through goodreads and all the "popular reads" are ridiculous -_-
    Aaaw, wish my kitties were so snugly like yours, I think cats from official breeders are sociopaths...they really are!

  11. I'm so happy that Matty is settling in well as I really felt for you when things didn't work out with Sophie ... as they say "when one door closes another door opens".

  12. I'm so pleased to hear that you and Matty have bonded well and are proving highly compatible flat-share partners! She's gorgeous. None of my four felines would consent to being draped around my neck, I'm afraid, although they are certainly talkative.
    I am usually loathe to watch screen adaptations of novels I love, but the recent Wolf Hall was an exception; the 2 books on which the TV series are based are historical fiction of incomparable quality, but the adaptation was fantastic too. xxx
    Lovely outfit too, the deep red really suits you.

  13. That photo of you seated on the floor and smiling belongs in the place of honor on the 'fridge. I used to wonder about women who kept photos of themselves looking well -- until I experienced a bout of serious illness and learned that there's much to be said for self-encouragement. Your floral arrangements are as beneficial as vitamins and far more beautiful, as is your lovely long-haired 'neck piece.' Nothing like an elderly female feline for nursing one through a session on the sofa!

  14. Matty is a super model those shots of hers. I'm glad to hear you're happy together. I don't have a cat right now, but there is one stray that comes occasionally and asks for food. I like her even if last time she scratched me for no reason whatsoever and my leg was swollen for 3 days.

    lovely outfits and photos...I like the one where you're sitting at floor, wearing that wonderful maxi....and tons of books behind you. My home often looks like that, books just pilled one on top of other.

    I smile on photos when I'm honestly enjoying myself because I'm someplace nice or something like that, but I don't try to smile when I don't feel like to.

    I haven't been reading as much as usual lately, because I had a lot of translations...not as fun as those I do for blog, more technical stuff.


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