Monday, 2 March 2015

Little Things are Big

I like to find joy in little things.  I use the word joy deliberately for it is somewhat different from happiness.  Happiness is something I find within.  I make my own, it grows from the richness of life, from connections with nature and other creatures.  If my happiness were based on material things there would be too much risk of loss.  But material things definitely bring me moments of joy.  Pleasure is a better synonym for joy.  Here are some little things from around my home that bring me pleasure.

                               Little collections on my mantlepiece.

                                              Sunshine on a cat.

                                     Sunshine on my work table.

                                         Works in progress.

                                        Lavender, fresh or dried.

                                         Coffee, Knitting & Books

                                        Tokens of Friendship

And this last one brings me beyond joy to happiness.  Meaningful relationships bring happiness.  The ring on my index finger is a gift from the lovely and beautiful Natalia Lialina and I am not sure my lumpy old fingers do it justice but when I wear it I am joyfully reminded of a new friendship, of a rewarding human connection that enriches my life and such things are the making of happiness.  The ring came with this intricately decorated little box, making it the fourth in what can now be called a collection of intricately decorated boxes. 

I have been planning and collecting photos for this post for quite some time, and am hoping Natalia forgives me for taking so long to create it and share these treasures.  If you would like to see more of this stunningly beautiful birch bark art, go here where you will find the work of Natalia's talented brother, Andrei Lialin.

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  1. Shawna, you totally surprised me!!! I have just sent you a short email, and then opened your blog. I so enjoyed the peaceful pace of this post, the photographs of your cozy cottage... pretty birds... sunshine... your work table (makes me want to start painting!!), and then... so unexpected! Thank you for your kind, warm, wonderfully loving words! Thank you so much, you really touched me. I'm glad that these little birch bark treasures bring you joy and remind you of our friendship! Bark is a very warm material, and I'm so happy you appreciate it. You do appreciate warmth - not everyone does, but you DO! And I thank you for it. It makes me very happy.

    And look - I've been labeled!!! And so was Andrei! :)))

    Much love and happiness xxxxxxx

  2. I see your Polish pottery there, which you know I love too. I also love the little pitcher with lavender on top of the stack of books. Your sweet furry friend looks so warm and soft to touch. I love to pet our dog when he's lying in a patch of sunshine in the living room. Fun to see little treasures and corners in your home!

  3. Dear Shawna,

    have now looked for a while your beautiful pictures! Sorry, for not visiting you such a long time. First of all, I was sick, now it´s going better and you know how it is.. every day something new to do :)
    Your cat is adorable.. so cute!!

    have a wonderful, sunny and stressless week dear friend
    thinking of you :)

  4. Ah, these are all lovely reasons to smile every day! I'll take some sunshine, please!

  5. you´r so right! joyful little things and and happiness from our hearts and in relationships with lovely people :-)
    your little birds look so sweet with the collected foresty things. and of cause matty-mouse!
    natalia is such a sweetheart!!!

  6. Sunshine on anything these days does it for me, but especially on cats and work tables, as you say. That looks like a fine cup of coffee!
    Now the real things - the ring is beautiful and the little container is absolutely exquisite. I checked out Andrei Lialin's site. He is a staggeringly talented individual. These gifts from Liliana go beyond material.

  7. I fInd joy in kittens on sunshine too, also in playing video games and being a couch potato with a blanket :-D I'm so happy you got this pretty ring from a new friend, she is very talented and the box is lovely! Cheers for new friendships and kudos to Natalia, she is a lovely lady! ^_^

  8. Natalia is a wonderful woman and her gifts are tokens of a very valuable, and valued, friendship. Like you, I do gain great pleasure from treasured objects but I know they are only things; people (and cats!), relationships, experiences, these are the real source of joy for me, I think. xxx

  9. The ring is beautiful! I'm lucky to see the work of Andrei first hand after receiving the most wonderful gifts from Natalia too, exquisite detail, Andrei is an incredibly talented man and Natalia a wonderful, generous woman - you are right, gifts like these are joyous and of course your precious collections and your pretty kitty! relationships and kitties make me very happy too! x x x

  10. Your bird collection and the coffee, knitting, book photo do it for me! And of course the little container with the ring! Enough talk of lumpy old fingers...I disagree! Will be over to read the next chapter tonight in bed. Tantalising! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

  11. I like all the same things you like :0)
    Your ring is divine ... lucky Girl ... btw your hands look elegant ... not a lump in sight!

  12. Gorgeous ring from Natalia, her brother is so talented. Just catching up with how Matty came to you, is she staying? She's beautiful, hope she is settling in well and will be great company xx

  13. I think it is the little things that are often our hold on sanity...It is so with me. Number one being coffee:)
    It is wonderful to have something to remind us on meaningful relationships and friends.
    the cat is a beauty<3

  14. Love this post and thanks for sharing your photos ... Love the ring and what a sweet thing for Natalia to do ... I think your fingers highlight the ring perfectly!!!

    Love the pictures of your new baby!!!


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