Friday, 27 March 2015

Miss Mathilda and I Carry On

I don't know what Matty's name is short for but I have decided that surely it must be short for Mathilda.  She is Miss Mathilda without a doubt and she knows which colours suit her best and selects her chairs accordingly.

                       Sometimes I am allowed to sit nearby and worship.

When not tending to the needs and desires of Miss Mathilda, and when not in bed recovering from anything I may have done lately such as grocery shopping, I have been doing as much writing as I can and happily have been back at my easel lately too.  When spring arrives I always find myself wanting to wear more pink and purple.  I strung this necklace of purple, pink and white glass beads one day on a whim and on another day I happily piled on the pink thrift shop lagens and went off to hang out at a cafe and pretend I am a writer.

I call this look Little Bo Peep Flapper.  The dress is a happy thrift shop find but it does have a wee hole that needs mending.   Here is the indoor look and the bundled for outside look.

I have decided that while I am slimmer than my clothes sometimes make me look, I am getting tired of caring.

And now, the latest blobs on a canvas:

A work in progress as always, this still life I'm working on actually sort of had a model.  I work from my imagination mainly but once, a few months ago, I arranged some fruit in a bowl and thought it looked nice and took a picture and then lost the picture.  This painting is based on that.

It's the weekend and while that doesn't really mean much in my world, for some reason it is the time when I try to get around to visit my favourite blogs.  I am hopelessly behind, I know, but then I am hopelessly behind at everything.

May you and yours have a lovely weekend.  Miss Mathilda wishes fish on a dish for you and I wish sunshine.

Oh My Goodness I am linking up to Sheila's Shoe Shine to show off these shoes which I love and to just hang out with all the cool people.   Come on over because Sheila is pretty amazing and her blog is awesome.


  1. Mathilda is a perfect name for such a refined lady as your Matty. So pretty and so very obviously content with her new mistress. I love that picture of you and her, you look like a cool 1920s sleuth.
    Gorgeous in pink and that satchel is to die for. The art is wonderful.
    Arggghhh, the big blog catch up. Don't wear yourself out, we understand if you don't comment. xxx

  2. I think Mathilda suits her perfectly ... its actually one of my favourite girl names and was on the short list if I ever had a daughter ... but we know how that turned out :0)
    Are those acrylics you're using? I'm thinking of giving oils a go ... something about the thought of the clean up has always put me off in the past. Do you use them?

  3. I'm so behind, my blog posts haven't even been anything personal. The days go by too fast.
    Little Bo Flasher? Or did you say Flapper, ha! Your dress is really cool with the extra trussle bustle coming out from the front. If you wanted to be a flapper the slit could come in quite handy.
    You need to teach Miss Mathilda how to morph into the colors wherever she sits. But the soft grey palette does suit her.

  4. She looks a real lady and thus Mathilda is an apt name. I really rather love your red flapper look.x

  5. Mlle. Mathilda greatly resembles my own Mindy Melrose (aka the Malignant, aka the Malicious -- she loathes the other cats). One suspects Mathilda is a born muse, destined to strike poses and inspire you to paint her in sufficient variations to stage a one-cat show... The chic flapper look suits you! Add a Borzoi and you've got the Erte look down to your strappy shoes!

  6. Hey Shawna ... Love the beads and the Bo Peep outfit!!!

    My friends are doing a trip to Alaska in May and I have asked them to pop past your house and pick up my paintings!!! OK???

  7. I hope you and Miss Mathilda have a stunning weekend!!!

  8. fish for dinner sounds good!
    i´m glad that you´r painting - love to see your magical colored work! and yes - you look like a writer in the boho-flapper outfit with the "briefcase"!!!!! not caring if we look slim is soooo freeing!
    give miss mathilda a hug! xxxxx

  9. You and Miss Mathilda look wonderful and so color-coordinated! Our cats, we noticed, also pick chairs (or people) to color-coordinate with their fur! I love all the layers - looks great to me, especially with that briefcase! You don't need to pretend to be a writer, you already are!

    Once when I was slim, cough cough, I remember a comment which made me scratch my head. "Finally you show your figure!" I was so surprised to hear that. Firstly, when there is a figure to show - it is visible in any outfit, period. No need to wear slenderizing clothes. Secondly, there are more to clothes than showing your beautiful figure. Otherwise people would probably just go around naked - that way no one would miss how beautiful our figures are. :))) Have fun with your paints, writing, cafe-ing, clothing and playing with Mathilda!
    Hugses! xxxxxxx

  10. Oh forgot to mention - I love your still life! Happy colors, wonderful composition and shapes! Did I tell you that I intend to take a class and paint a still life in our local community center? I wounder how that will go - I haven't taken art classes since 6th grade! :)))

  11. Love your pink outfit. I want to wear pink and grass green in Spring! I love your tights and amazing. My cat Smart-Blue is ginger and seeks out anything black to show off his fur (and leave some behind!)
    Your still life seems more sedate than usual but still bright colours. I wonder if it's the change in process. Still wonderful.
    I wonder where we got the idea we had to show the slimmest profile we could?...oh yeah!..society! You go ahead and be comfortably glamorous, goodness knows your body needs it. Not that you need my permission :-) i'm loving the bloomer under skirt under long top lagenlook idea. If the layers have structural interest the whole can be very striking, and still comfortable! I just need to get used to lots of fabric flapping. Some days I love it, especially if it's silky. And others I loathe it, and want nudity!! 😉 love, Jazzy Jack

  12. I love that Mathilda is colour-coordinating conscious. Heh. Great outfit! I love the layers. People in your coffee shop, who don't know you already, must wonder who you are - artist? writer? And they would be right! I'm glad you're writing and painting. We must create!!

  13. Matty is so lovely! I adore your wine-y layers - so pretty and yet also so snuggly-looking. Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine, Shawna!

  14. I'm positively sure that cats know what make them look even more glam...and Mathilda must be what Matty is short for! Miss Mathilda has an especially nice ring to it. She really is adorable!...isn't it fascinating how cats and dogs are adorable for being exactly one another opposite. We adore the cats because they seem fit for worship and we adore the dogs because they worship us.

    Anyhow, I do like how you're introducing colours in this outfit...such a lovely the layering effect...and that bag is fabulous!

    The still life looks great, I would love to see it up close.


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