Thursday, 30 April 2015


I hemmed and hawed and then I cut my bangs.  Short.  I have a love- hate relationship with bangs but for the most part I guess I love them.  I love really short ones.  Baby bangs, a choppy fringe.  My ex used to hate it when I cut them really short and he would say "You've cut your bangs again" in that certain way that really meant "damn it woman why do you like to make yourself look bad."  I will probably complain about hot sweaty bangs on my forehead when we have a heat wave this summer, but just ignore me.

I went to the Poetry Night looking like this.....

Although, at least half the time I looked more like this.....

....because my arms are not long enough for so many tasks these days.  Also, after taking these photos I added a fringed navy cardigan because I was not warm enough but taking more photos would have been asking too much of me.  I was not able to take the doorway with me, but having rested in bed the entire day, I was just happy to summon up the adrenaline to attend this event and thankfully they had a stool at the microphone.  By the time I got up there I was shaking with just a wee bit of trepidation so I was happy to sit instead of stand.  I do dislike microphones, though I coped. 

Did I read any poems?  Yes I did!  When I am in front of an audience they tend to disappear, even with my glasses on.  That's an easier strategy than imagining them all in their underwear and it works fine for me but I am more accustomed to singing or speaking off the top of my head, not to reading something from paper and I discovered that while up there my papers tended to disappear too.  Depending on how you like to view things, it would be fair to say there was nobody there who was better than I was, BUT you could also say that I was no worse than anyone else.  It was a relaxed, supportive, encouraging environment with a crowd that gradually grew to about forty or fifty people but not too many of us presented anything.  

 I made a note of a few more events mentioned, more poetry nights in other locations and an opportunity to display my paintings in early June.  This is a community that is very supportive of amateur arts and I tend to resist being part of that crowd but maybe it's time I mingled a little.  I don't mingle well.


I made a new best friend for the night.  We sat together and chatted before the poetry got going and you might have thought we had known each other forever.  She said she was not a writer and was not presenting anything, but lived in the neighbourhood and just thought she would come and listen for a bit.  She couldn't stay for the whole thing but she became my ardent supporter and said she definitely had to stay until I was done.  When I was finished and returned to my seat she was practically jumping up and down and told me I had 'nailed it'.  I am most grateful for this support from my temporary best friend and thanks to her I can see the appeal of being friends with an extrovert.   Perhaps I will meet her again some day. 

I am both tired and wired from this outing. Now, I think I will need to spend a long time sleeping and when I wake I will lie in bed, drink tea and visit blogs. 


  1. I a so so so happy to hear that you went to your She Said event and that it went well!!! And you looked super cute by the way ~ The fringed cardi sounds like the perfect addition to your outfit. So exciting that you will be able to show off your art in June.

    When you do wake up from your long sleep I hope your enjoy your tea and blog visits.

    Sending love, light and strength your way today as we start out the month of May ~ Here is South Africa it is getting progressively colder as we hurtle into winter so I am going to jump in the shower now and get to my scrapbook table as we have a public holiday in our country.

  2. Good for you Shawna getting up and sharing your work. Sounds like a great, supportive community to be part of and explore more and how fab to meet that lovely lady on the night xx

  3. Yee hah! Yes, you did it!
    So glad you managed it and found some support as well!
    Hope the physical fallout isn't too great.
    Cute shoes and bangs. I love and look good in really short choppy bangs (or fringe as we say) too. Love the title!
    I have made some jewellery from your beads...a bracelet and necklace. Will post some time hopefully soon. Life has exploded a tad at the mo. xo Jazzy Jack

  4. That's good news, I'm so pleased you went to the event and read. Mingling might be tricky at times , but I guess it brings opportunities for friendship and support from like-minded people.
    Your fringe looks great! xxx

  5. Sounds like a good night! Well done for putting yourself "out there"! I love the shorter bangs, I think you completely pull them off! As someone with hair and frankly a face that doesn't do bangs I have always been partial to them. Some of my best friends have been extroverts, they help bring introverts out of our shells I think! :-)

  6. I'm so glad it went well for you! Yay! I hope you decide to show your paintings in June, too.
    Great outfit, too. I love the denim vest.

  7. I'm so happy you were able to go! You look adorable and yay for new friends. :-D

  8. so great you went to this event! I somehow don't see myself summing the courage to read any of my writings in public, even if such events existed here, I'm not sure I would attended. I think it's always good to mingle when we feel like it...and don't when we don't feel like it. The trick is just knowing when we do feel like it while we're actually feel like we don't..I'm not sure am I making any sense.

    Anyhow, I really do like your outfit. The leggings are a bit shorter and this makes the look more interesting, I should say. Great styling of the skirt and the denim vest...In my view, denim vests are an ingenious invention. They look good with anything.

  9. I'm glad you managed to get to the event and enjoy yourself. xxx

  10. How absolutely WONDERFUL, Shawna! Fantastic! Love you and admire you for doing what you've done! I haven't read the post about your plans for doing the poetry night - I will go and read it right now. I'm in awe for you! The only time I was offered to read my fairy tale in front of the audience (children and parents), I chickened out. It's out there, and I know people read it, and I get a very positive and supportive response. But to actually read it myself in front of people - too scary for me.

    You started doing what I wanted to do when we planned to move to the island - a very supportive art community. We still think that some day, we'll live there. Here... not so much art support. But there is some. I need to get out more. I need it. I need to meet people who do what I do - you are absolutely right that most of us do not worse than others, and in some way each of us is better at something than others - it's only natural, isn't it? What to be so afraid of? The worst thing that can happen, somebody won't like it. So what? :)

    Hugses! You are adorable with short bangs - you look 20ish! xxxxx

    1. LOL-lying here on my bed, looking 20ish and feeling 90! If you mean the fairy tale I think you mean, tried to read itin translation but google translate takes away all of a writer's voice and style which is so frustrating. Reading in front of people was scary definitely, but it was an extremely supportive audience and to be honest I think they would applaud and cheer on total crap. I am not even sure that I read my best poems. I sort of panicked at the last minute about selecting which to read-lol. Oh well. It was more an exercise in getting up there than anything. Thank you again for all of your enthusiastic support and encouragement. It means a lot and helps give me the courage to read in front of an audience. xoxoxo

    2. You are absolutely my hero. Very inspiring.
      My dearest, I'm happy to offer you another platform! I was thinking a lot about it, and yesterday while swimming, it all finally came together in a form that I like. I wrote about it here. I would be so happy if it interests you!!!

  11. Hurrah! Not only about your body cooperating enough to let you attend the evening, but for having the gumption to read your poems. And even better, you have a friend/fan whom you can count on for encouragement, which is so very important and not easy to come by. So it was meant to be. You look suitably artsy. Again, hurrah!

  12. Good on you … I am in awe of anyone that can get up like that in front of others and speak … not something I feel comfortable with, at all.

  13. How wonderful that you met someone so quickly and connected so quickly. I'm delighted you managed to get out and do this. It'll keep you motivated to go to more. I'm impressed when other people can do this sort of thing. I would have been throwing up.


  14. Your new bangs give off a lovely roaring 20's vibe. Good for you on your poetry night debut. Remember me your e- mail pal? I finally figured out how to comment and make it stick.

    1. Diana! I got all excited when I saw your name and thought, oh is this MY Diana? LOL How are you?

    2. I am fine dearest, and by the way loving your novel. Can't wait for the next installment. You look great!

  15. I'm so proud of you. You exposed yourself and everything turned out greatly. We all need support and communities like the one you describe can push things a bit. I have to say I like your style, jacket and all. There is a rock vibe to it but also enough artistic atmosphere.
    I love extrovert friends but sometimes I wonder where all this energy comes from?

  16. This sounds like a perfectly fulfilling night. I would love to do something like that. But for one I don't have the guts it takes to get up there like that and read from my own collections. Good for you Shawna, and your bangs are very cute!

  17. i´m sooo happy you made it!!!
    congratulations!!!!!! a big hug for the writer of the day!!!!
    and your bangs are very cute and suit you well - your ex seems not a styling expert to me ;-P

  18. Look at you being all social, I'm actually jealous! :D I am so happy you're going to events like these and can't wait to hear what the art opportunity is, your paintings always make me smile!
    And yay for reading your poems, I'd chicken out and would be too self consious to read anything mine, unless I think it's absolutely amazeballs which it always isn't!
    And love the new bangs, your ex doesn't know what the f#*&@ he's talking about!
    If you have sweaty bangs problems you can always pin them upward, I bet you'll look cute as a stylish button!


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