Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dressing For Spring Weather

Where I live Spring can be one of the most challenging seasons to dress for.  There is a psychological component to this because with Spring generally comes more sunshine than we have had all winter and yes, it is warmer but it is not necessarily warm.  One longs to shed the winter clothing but clothing suited to the summer temperatures are still not warm enough unless worn in layers.  Admittedly I live in the balmy part of a Canada, and while I am trying to figure out what to wear on a sunny but still cool day, my brother and his family in Nova Scotia are still getting snow.  Here, I am just getting brave enough to bare my legs and I generally forgo a coat or jacket when I go out.  I wear some of the same things I wear in winter but leave off a layer or two and switch to shoes instead of boots.

Brown is for Spring because I like brown.  This outfit was for a sunny but cool day and I changed my shoes to flats before going out but I wanted to show off the new to me pair here.  Being a higher heel these feel like formal shoes to me.  Extra conditioner on my hair has it in slightly bettter control than the frizz-lumps of the photo below and here my bare legs are not too far off the ivory coloured tights in the second outfit.  My ancestry is British and Icelandic.  I am inclined to think I can see a bit of the Viking Woman in these photos.  Must get myself a horn helmet.

Grey is for Spring because I said so.  The day I wore this outfit it was cold, grey, windy and spitting.  I couldn't go bare legged so I dug out the lightest coloured tights I own, which are an ivory colour that is not actually far from what my bare legs look like.  Not too many people would think they were buying nude tights when they bought these!   Frizzy lumpy hair is getting annoying.

I have hair that is a mixture of loose curls in some spots, waves in others and then spots that are straight or have one bend.  I have not yet found the right product or technique  to prevent it looking like a fuzzy mushroom when dried though I have scoured the internet and tried several things.

I am also quite undecided about my bangs/fringe.  I suspect that I look better with one but I hate hair on my forehead.  What to do?

Smiles are for Spring too.  This is my dear friend, Meg who has a very lovely smile but can also be very fierce if she needs to be.  She is also much prettier than I made her but she will forgive me.

Now I have three on my shelf of Hot Babes  I like painting flowers but I like painting women even more.  I have mentioned before that my process tends to involve a major stopping point and then a month or two of examining and tweaking so the babes on the shelf are just hanging out in case they want a tweak.  They tell me what they really want is wine.

Linking up to Sheila's Shoe Shine with my new-to-me shoes.


  1. I love your portraits Shawna! I should try doing something like this again. I love pencil work for myself but admire others who use color. I'm just not comfortable using it I guess.
    I'm all for brown any time of the year too. You look like a yummy chocolate dessert here! And you know what? I almost bought that same stripe skirt at a shop in Seattle last year. It's so cute but it's a bit too much fabric below the knee for my pear shape. It looks great on you!

    1. Joni, I bought that skirt from Val, who obviously decided it was not right for her either! So it's my American skirt-lol. Yes you should do pencil work if you enjoy it. I love sketching with charcoal too though I do it all smudgey and expressionist and not in nice neat detail. I rather like making a mess. I also love playing with colour and am just as happy blobbing it randomly all over a canvas. Or giving people purple faces. xoxo

  2. Your portraits are fabulous … do more :0)

  3. I had such a cool line which now escapes me. How annoying!
    I like your horned helmet idea. Maybe your hair does too?
    The babes on the shelf are gor jus!! xo Jazzy Jack

  4. Your trademark layers and soft colours are working beautifully, Shawna. The weather here has gone from warm enough to be bare-armed to blowing a gale, so it doesn't pay to retire the tights and boots too early! "Ne'er cast a clout till May is out", as the old saying goes.
    Love your portraits - beautiful babes indeed! xxx

  5. Brown and grey are not colours I necessarily associate with spring, but you certainly have changed my mind. These are great outfits! And you wild-fair-ride hair, ha. I always wanted a bit more boing in my own locks. If you get a horn helmet do let me know! And I laughed about your portraits wanting wine. Beautiful work. (Third try is a charm)

  6. thanks for putting me on the hot babe shelf ;-) and white wine please - because its spring!
    actually nobody used to wear pastels in spring here some years ago. not even little girls. but with the barbie-fication coming over the pond mags putting candy colored images on the front page two weeks before easter.... i stay with classic spring attire of light wool in somewhat "lighter neutrals" with my fav colors thrown on top - like the green in your second look.
    which is the one i like most - because that green of the cardi is the perfect green in my book! but beside of my likes both ensembles are super chic lagenlook and very very shawna! and maybe its because its a photo - but i think your hair is really pretty even in the second set. why would someone want to look like a - photoshopped - shampoo ad when one can have hair full of life??? with random and charming flips and waves :-)
    hugses! xxxx

  7. There is a lot of brown and grey around - the rain clouds, the frisky collared doves causing havoc with the cats, the early morning frost and the deciduous trees which are still bare from the long winter. My colours never change, I'm an optimist and wear brights all year round. Love the green shawl in your third outfit. xxx

  8. Ah I always think I must be part Viking too! (well my Dad looked like one but other than that no evidence!). I'm quite fond of The History Channels' Vikings, very gory but it has grown on me. I think soft muted colours of any kind are good for spring, I like both of these looks and their layered easiness.I really like the gray and soft greens, love the drape overlay effect of the skirt. Frizz is the bane of my existence, I turn to oils but my hair is huge and can handle them. Maybe a lightweight mousse? I like the Phomollient one by Aveda, no hold but it did help frizz a bit. I think it has marshmallow and aloe which is good for frizz, if you have any aloe gel on hand maybe mix it with some water to make a spray (I think there are recipes for this online). Most frizz serums are just so heavy, even for my hair. ;-0 xo

  9. Grey is for Spring because I sadi so. I love it!! I love you with your bangs growing out. I think it suits you!

  10. This portrait is amazing, Shawna, no - AMAZING! She looks so alive, it's probably your most realistic portrait yet (of what I've seen) - not that I don't like your more stylized portraits, because I do love them too!

    The stripe skirt is fab! The green scarf which you draped and wore as a cape is fab! I too don't like hair on my forehead, so I either have long bangs or super short like in a pixie now. It's never easy to grow hair, but you look wonderful even in this uneasy stage.

    It's funny - I just called myself a viking woman yesterday, with my broad shoulders and all. :))

    Have a wonderful creative and peaceful week! xxxxxx

  11. I wish I had your layering skills! You always look so romantic and magical.

    1. Thank you, Meghan. I am sure you do have layering skills. The secret is to actually have the right pieces . If you think instinct doesn't work for you, you can use a simple formula like you see on Pinterest for Mori and lagenlook styles. Your upcycled dresses would be perfect with leggings or bloomers and a little cardigan. xoxo

  12. WOW!!! We have the same taste Shawna!! I have that hoodie! I love brown and gray too. You look fantastic! Great layering. Gorgeous skirt and dress. I live in Ontario and we've had some nice days but now it's cool and dreary with some snow flurries. Spring is much like fall, the weather varies, so I have the same clothes for spring and fall.

    Have a happy day!
    ♥ carmen

    Here's my hoodie ...

  13. Hi Carmen, thanks for reading and commenting! I have a more brightly coloured version of that hoodie which I bought several years ago but it has faded quite a bit by now. I was thrilled to find my latest one with lots of brown and teal in it. I would say our spring is a bit more inconsistent than fall but I know what you mean about the same clothes generally working for both. My brother lives in Nova Scotia and I am just happy not to be having the snow that they have! xo

  14. what an amazing portrait! again, I feel as I can sense the personality of this (I'm sure) lovely woman!

    great outfits as well.


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