Sunday, 5 April 2015

Granny Chic

Two posts on the same date, just because I forgot about Visible Monday and wanted this one for Visible Monday.

You thought I had given up colour didn't you?  You thought that by embracing muted tones I meant grey and beige all the time.  I confess to liking grey and beige and to often preferring them in winter.  It seems I select colours to coordinate with the seasons rather than to combat them.  In spring I always want pink and purple- rhododendron colours.  Come summer I will gravitate more towards the blues, greens and teals that feel a bit cooler.  But as the sun gets stronger my colours get more saturated.  This purple dress is a find from my favourite consignment shop.  It appears to be home made and well done and the colours and subtle pattern called to me from across the room.  It's still cool enough that I need layers, so a peplum shirt over and a cardi for going out do the trick.  This cardigan, which you have seen a few times already has become a favourite.  Not only is it a favourite colour but the style and fit of this cardigan are just perfect.  Sometimes I have favourite items of which I wish I could have multiples in several colours and this cardigan is one of them.  I wear a lot of cardigans year round as easy to take off and put on again layers are a must in this climate.  With my penchant for cardigans and lace up booties I suppose I have a tendency towards granny chic.  Especially when I wear my reading glasses half way down my nose.  At least now that I am no longer teaching I have stopped wearing them on a cord around my neck.

Pink and purple together suit my preference for analogous pairings and also mark a return to a childhood favourite, though I confess that the eight year old me liked a pink and purple somewhat more suited to a Disney princess.  I begged my mother for a fuchsia and violet shag rug in my bedroom but she vetoed it and chose a blue one in regular cut pile.  I was given frilly purple and mauve bedding and curtains instead.  Something more easily changed when my teenaged self wanted an upgrade.  Now I have my favourite versions of purple and pink, which I like to describe with words like violet and rose or Victorian plum.

The basic at home look is more like this....

And I really like sitting on the floor so I am often found there.  Just hanging out with balls of wool, as Grannies do.

I miss my garden full of rhododendrons (25 of them at last count) but at least I can dress like one.  What is your favourite Spring colour?

I am linking up with Patti's Visible Monday because I am all organised and ready for it and it's a good place to hang out with fantastic women.


  1. You have a great, relaxed style and it looks like the Real You, Shawna. I always look over the top of my glasses, too. : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. These tones of blue and rose are beautiful together! Especially with the purple flower. I'm hungry for bright sunny colors - can't wait when I can finally wear flirty skirts with bare legs. :) xxx

  3. My eight-year-old palette was burgundy and pink; teenage self would have hurled. :) Your are lovely and floral indeed, gorgeous colours and layered hems. I'm with you on the wanting one in every colour, and sometimes I go ahead and get 'em if I can!

  4. Rofl, if you're a granny you're one sexy hell of a granny! :D I love your color combinations, they're always so tasteful and subtle! You know, cords for glasses are totally trendy, hipsters are dying to get one :D
    I missed your posts so much Shawna, I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

  5. if i do the math i easily could be a granny! like you my dear! :-)
    although today grannies wear tight pants and printed t-shirts with puffer vests and sneakers....would´t be caught dead in this.
    the new dress looks lovely - the muted mille fleur pattern fits perfect in your style!
    i don´t have a fav spring color - weather here reaches from snow to sunny 20°c - so i wear all colors from muted or saturated winter tones to bright or light pastels.
    but i´m totally offended that you think that we think you abandoned all colors!!! ;-P
    hihi!!! xxxxxx

  6. Ah...I remember the rhodos of Vancouver Island. There always seemed to be some in bloom.

    I love that you're hanging out with balls of wool. LOL Your kitty must love them.


  7. I've always loved teal and turquoise. Any shade of blue, actually! You look cozy and chic!

  8. Love the colour of that skirt and those silver earrings are gorgeous.
    I like the same colours all year round regardless of the season. xxx

  9. I adore purple, and have finally come around to pink, after years of vetoing it as too girly! They are lovely shades on you, Shawna. I don't think Imchange the colours I wear according to the season, although I am loving yellow at the moment, which does seem suitably Spring-like. xxx

  10. I love all the colours Spring has to offer, I can never just pick one, you know me I love all the colours especially the bright ones! You suit the purples.

  11. that blue skirt is a treasure!


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