Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I Did Not Wake Up Like This

This is what happens when I try to give myself a blowout.  Helmet hair!  Many attempts to calm it down and make it less round-helmety ensued and without sticking my head under the tap and starting all over this is the best it gets.

And this is the pose that happens when all my photos make me think that the skirt I bought is not the best length and needs to be shortened to be more flattering.

This is what happens when I take a dress that looks silly on me and turn it into a skirt and dye it.  Ignore the stupid hair and the silly expression.

More rule breaking is going on here-a horizontal band of colour across my middle!  Watch me thumb my nose! I didn't actually leave home in this outfit I was just trying the skirt on.

Groovy leggings with texture-this is what they look like close up only they look more in focus in real life.

Okay, Okay, this is what happens when you insist that I show you the photo of the terrible hair and the skirt that is probably too long. To be honest the length looks fine when I have bare legs and am not wearing the leggings but it's just too damn cold for that. This skirt is a warm muted red, but since I am not wearing it next to my face I am getting away with that.  Because it is still muted, it works for me.

And finally, here is another favourite red skirt.  I wore this one grocery shopping and a man said to me, "Oh don't you look casual.  Women don't wear sweaters anymore."  I had no idea how to respond to that.

A wind storm blew over the tree but Miss Mathilda still managed to get onto her favourite chair.

I've been feeling very ill and tired-sleeping 12 hours a day, writing and editing poetry in bed when I am awake.  A trip to the grocery store seems to have done me in.  I am still hoping to get to the She Said event tomorrow night but soothing myself by remembering that if I am not up to it there is another one in a month.  I can't say I won't be disappointed though, if I don't make it.


  1. Some fab layered outfits here, Shawna but I'm loving the second look with red skirt the most.
    What an odd comment from that man.
    Hope you feel well enough to attend the event. Give Miss Mathilda a cuddle from me. xxx

  2. I hope you get some of your energy back soon.

    Women don't wear sweaters anymore? How do they keep warm? Especially on the Island? I think that guy was a bit out-to-lunch. Unless he thinks it is all polar fleece. He might be 50% right on that one.

    Your blow-out looks as good as mine. Except my bangs stick out at weird angles.


  3. What women don't wear sweaters? What a weird comment! I love how candid you are on your blog! And I happen to think your hair looks nice!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill, Shawna! Hope you'll get better soon. Please don't hurry to events - there will be more in the future, just get better first. I'm glad that you keep experimenting with your clothes. You've got red skirts - they are wonderful on you! Just in case you'll decide to change your mind about bright colors some day... they look good on you! Here, I said it. :) Love the textured leggings, and your hair looks 1920-ish! Cute and adorable. What do women wear these days, you should have asked that man! He knows! :)

    Love and hugses! xxxxx

    1. I consider those reds to be muted. No colour is totally off the table but I avoid black, keep warms away from my face and use the muted (greyed) version of any colour. So it's okay. You can cheer for the red. I love red. :-) I did ask the man, and he asked me if I was joking. At that point I considered the conversation over. LOL xoxo

  5. I really like this! The colours go well together! I recently discovered red and turquoise together, it made me happy!
    I'm sorry you haven't been well, I hppe it improves for you soon.
    The hair is cool- what's not to love about it!x

  6. I am as befuddled by the "women don't wear sweaters anymore" comment as the other girls ... I wonder which rock he climbed out from under??? LOL!!!

    I love the red skirt and I certainly don't think your blow out looks like helmet hair.

    Hope you have enough energy to visit your She Said event and I love the photo of Miss Mathilda.

  7. Enjoying the red in these outfits, it's a lovely shade on you.
    Ahh, look at gorgeous Matty, she's such a beauty! xxx

  8. why do some men think they know something about the way women dress? I'm always perplexed by how just deem themselves to be experts on the topic.

    Good to see you experimenting with style and engaging in some DIY with that skirt that used to be a dress. Sorry to hear you've been feeling devoid of energy, I can relate with you in that...I've decided to blame it on the change of season.

  9. I had to come back to this post, the women don't wear sweaters anymore comment. Does this guy have vision problems? Maybe he just liked your particular sweater on your particular self and couldn't think of a better compliment at the time and then went home and cursed himself...? Plus, I don't think you look casual at all, definitely well put together. Funny how comments stick in our craw.

  10. Your hair looks great … helmet hair must suit you ;0)
    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Oh I love your silly expresions, they're kind of sexy quirky! You did the skirt? I likey! How did you dye it?
    Rofl,the women don't wear sweaters anymore must be the worst pick up line in the world! Was he handsome? *wink, wink*


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