Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Prepping for a Poetry Night

Spanish bluebells plopped hastily in a green jug.

I never plan a blogging break, but end up just falling off the face of the blog world once in awhile, hibernating and coping with the usual set of symptoms.  It's generally a break from many things and not just blogging, as my love of people is perhaps equal only to my tendency to be exhausted by them.

I am working on building up courage and physical stamina to participate in a woman-celebrating poetry night at one of my favourite cafes.  I'm told other art forms are welcome too so I am thinking of bringing some artwork along as well. It's in a week and in that time I hope to complete one more portrait, edit my poems and select a few to read.  I thought I would share a few early drafts  here.

Martha Stewart

Of the wisest words the sages tell
It's "Pick one thing and do it well"
That to me is only senseless babble
Because I rather like to dabble.

So yesterday I took a class
On how to build a house with glass.
Then later on I had to learn
Just how to use a butter churn,

Because I've been watching Martha Stewart
And she makes it seem there's nothing to it.
Just make a gourmet feast for ten
And learn to keep Rhode Island hen.

Plant a garden, build a shed.
It's a good thing, Martha said.
Sew a quilt and paint the walls,
Hook carpets for the entry halls.

There's one more thing to do today-
Go out and pick a fresh bouquet.
Arrange it in a hollow melon.
Why do we listen to this felon?

Lessons From the Women

Be you, be fierce, be strong
Be bold and loud-laugh and talk
Wear red lipstick and green eyeshadow

But only if you wish to.

Be fat, be thin, be bald, wear hats or bows
In your hair.
What you look like isn't who you are

Unless you want it to be.

Be gentle and still, be quiet.
Crochet blankets, tend the garden
Speak softly and carry a large paddle.

If this is right for you.

Stay home. Go out. Dance or sleep-
Be who you are and love who you are....
Then love others.

Be kind.

Embrace your sisters for they
Are as you Are: All of these things
Or none of these things.

All women.


I expect my brain to work miracles, I think.
I sit down and say to it, ‘Okay now, write something brilliant’.
Because I know there are some brilliant thoughts
And deep insights in there somewhere.
I sense them. 
Mostly just when I am about to fall asleep.

I expect other people to be nice.
Really nice, because I am nice and it seems so easy.
I don’t take any credit for it so if I can do it
So can you.
But some people aren’t nice.
And I am always, ALWAYS surprised.

I expect my body to be perfect and I don’t even
Know what that means really but
I have a vague idea based on models and fitness and
Photoshopped images but it’s more than that.
I expect health  and stamina and vigour
And it eludes me.

I read that we should let go of expectations
And just be grateful for what comes.
Don’t do that-you can get hurt that way-really hurt.
We have to figure out what to expect and what not to
We have to figure out who we are and where we are
I expect this to take a lifetime.

Against Photoshop

I love you, chubby ankles
I love you, thickened waist.
Shhhh-yes I am lying-but
At least now I am trying
And refuse to be erased.

How I Carry On

Oh, I do drugs, you know
But just the legal kind,
Or else the daily ebb and flow
Would wash away my mind.

The pit so dark and deep where I
Sit slumped in the bottom slime and
Slippery, muddy walls so high
Prove impossible to climb.

Send me a ladder, or at least a rope.
Don’t leave me to struggle in vain.
Each one of us must cling to hope
And get on our path again.

My journey’s one you do not know.
The path I take is mine.
Each one of us has our way to go
And we find that way in time.

I just take each day as it will come,
Expect nothing beyond a new dawn.
I know it’s easier said than done
But it’s how I carry on.


  1. For some reason this post has me in tears.
    Somewhere between the pain, the talent, the ideas, the performance opportunity, and the beauty! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank you JJ that is a lovely thing to say and I am very touched. It helps, somehow, to know that even while lying in bed exhausted, I can connect emotionally with other people. xoxo

  2. Your poetry is amazing. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you decide to participate in the poetry night. They will love you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment, Bobbi! That is much appreciated. xoxo

  3. Your work has great rhythm. You must be one brave women to do this. I think about going to poetry readings here near my home but I just don't have the guts to get up there and read my poems. But it's very inspiring going and listening. I hope you have a really good time!

    1. Thanks, Joni! Brave would be crossing a suspension bridge. I can't do that. I have panic attacks. I just tell myself that this is so much easier. :-) xoxo

  4. Loved this!!!

    The last one is probably my favourite. But Martha Stewart was hilarious.

    Props to your talent lady!


    1. Thanks, Suzanne! The two you mention feel the most polished to me, but I am not one to shy away from rough and raw. Thanks for reading and commenting! xoxox

  5. fantastic poems, some I love for their rhythm and playfulness and some for their depth and sincerity.

  6. Your poetry is amazing ... hope you got to read some of it! And that your exhaustion didn't stop you from taking part in the outing.

    I love the Spanish bluebells and that green jug is GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. can´t explain how much i enjoyed your poems!!!
    they are like a fresh breeze! chapeau madame! fantastic!
    wish you lots of fun at the event!!!
    thanks for that bundle of lovely comments! :-)

  8. They're great, thank you for sharing your work here, Shawna. I hope you go to the poetry/art night, that sounds right up your alley! xxx

  9. Shawna, I just LOVE them! They are truly your children - from the very depth of the person that I know as Shawna. Beautiful, sincere, genuine - that's the very best kind of poetry. Loved all of them. You are very talented, and you have so much to say in so many different forms - painting, writing, blogging, dressing up, being a good friend, being a philosopher! I so need a friend like you right here. Why do we live in different countries?

    I slept in "my parents' room" after they left. Each morning, I opened my eyes and saw flowers - the wall in that room is my flower art display. And yours bring me so much joy and just a delight to see when I first open my eyes. I smile every time. I meant to say it in a letter, but here it is for you!

    Love the Spanish blue bells (did not remember their proper name) - they are everywhere in my yard, and all around. So cheerful. Love the bouquet in a green jug! So lovely!

    With lots of love xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you for these sweet, kind, uplifting words. I laughed at the comment that I have so much to say. I have been told that before but not meant as a compliment. You must miss your parents so much now. I am happy that my painting is helping to bring you joy. Loveses and Hugses.


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